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Face Off s6e2  Cosmic Conspiracy  21 January 2014

Last time on the premier of Face Off we met 15 new contestants.  

The Foundation Challenge was to create a look inspired by a model with an elaborate or unique hair style.  George won, earning immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.

The main challenge was a take on Beauty & The Beast.   Using a particular "Belle" model and castle, the contestants, in teams, created a corresponding "Beast."  Chloe won over Rashaad, and George, Graham & Daran.

Bottom four were Tyler & Bethany, and Matt & Margaret.

Margaret is the first of the season to be eliminated.  Her bio/resume posted online was so stellar, or at least the most filled out.  If she went first, can the entire season be of a higher quality than we have seen in the past?

It's morning in L.A., CA.  George and Matt are missing eliminated Margaret.

Or maybe they are celebrating the moments of their lives.

The makeup artists all meet host McKenzie Westmore in the middle of a crop circle.  

I keep expecting a baseball player, or Kevin Costner to appear.

Or the "We call it Maize" lady.

The Spotlight Challenge this week is to create an alien who made a crop circle which indicates a particular predicament.  The pairing goes down as follows;

Niko & Corrine are dehydrated, Rashaad & Tyler are hungry, George & Bethany need detoxification from their environment, and Tess & Daniel want to be cured of disease.  Cat & Matt's sun is dying, Daran & Tanner's ice caps are melting, and Chloe & Graham are not responding to gravity.

They sketch in the cornfield, and then head to the work room for the first of three days (including the judging.)

Now all I can think of is that Richard Marx song,
"We are the Children of the Corn."
Or something like that.

Sorry, I'm back.  Daran & Tanner get right to making their special hand molds.  George says he and Bethany are synchronized.  Cat & Matt didn't finalize a concept, they are making it up while they sculpt.  The rest of them seem like they are getting along, but Cat & Matt seem to the couple most likely to need marriage counseling.  Cat interviews that she is already worried about going home.  Um, it's just a few hours into day one!

Michael and McKenzie Westmore come through for a bit of mentoring.  Daniel and Tess hear that they need to focus on the paint job of the mushrooms, so they don't look like something else.

Cat & Matt get tips to keep from looking too animal and not enough alien.  Matt mentions a dark paint, which doesn't go over well.

Rashaad & Tyler are told to avoid human flesh tones.  They can push the frog/toad aspect even further.  Wait, C&M need to avoid animal, but R&T can embrace it?  Maybe it's just what their original idea boils down to.

Corrine and Niko's guy looks too well hydrated.  They get ideas from Michael as to what to do to make it more believable.

George & Bethany get advice on how to make the metal area (on the back of the head) better.

At the end of day one, Chloe interviews she didn't finish her face sculpt.   Yes, they are behind, but she doesn't want to proceed till she's truly ready.

On day two Cat & Matt alter the ears to look less elephant-like.  Chloe can't decide how to make the wrist weights that the alien will wear to combat lack of gravitational pull.  Graham tells her that her first set look too much like jewelry.  However, later he is complaining that it took her too many times to settle in on something.  Nico wonders if he and Corrine should have lights in their alien.  She says no, just do high quality work.

First thing on reveal day George has to deal with a ripped cowl.  Most teams are quickly applying prosthetics to their models and painting right away, as opposed to saving the painting for the last minute.

Don't look at me!

Joining judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is Scott Stewart (Priest, Legion, Defiance.)

Chloe & Graham

Daran & Tanner

Rashaad & Tyler

Bethany & George

Daniel & Tess

Cat & Matt

Corinne & Niko

McKenzie calls out Tess & Daniel, Graham & Chloe and Rashaad & Tyler as safe.  Aw, I wanted to see more of G&C's lavender/gray alien.

Glenn is impressed that both Nico and Corinne painted, and calls their work advanced.  Ve likes the back of the head and the green fingernails.  Scott calls the work cohesive and strong.

Ve rips on Bethany's paint job.  Neville notices the cowl rip.  Scott doesn't like their thought process.

Neville tells Daran & Tanner pushed the envelope.  Scott applauds the use of soft color.  Glenn calls it reasonable and rational.

Scott calls it Cat & Matt's alient one-color.  Cat has to correct things immediately, and insists she didn't agree with Matt's color choices.  Atta girl, jump ship.  There was no need for that.  The judges are smart enough to be figure things out.  Later during deliberation Ve mocks Cat for throwing Matt under the bus.

 The top two teams are Niko & Corinne

and Daran & Tanner.

Corinne is the ultimate winner of the Spotlight challenge.

Bottom two teams are George & Bethany

and Cat & Matt.

Bethany is eliminate for her poor face sculpt.

Did it go down as you thought it would?   I didn't call it right this week, but I can't argue with the judges putting all of the focus on the face paint work.

I'm looking forward to next week:  Dragons!

... but not divorced Dragons.


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