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Face Off s6e01 Sexy Beasts 14 January 2014

Last season on Face Off
eight returning contestants competed
along with eight rookies.
The top 4 were all veterans.  

Season 3's Laura won over s1 Tate and s3 Roy.

The finale was a take on Swan Lake.

Did you catch the marathon of season five, airing right before the premier of season six?  What was with all of those mental health ads repeatedly aired?  Does that speak to the kind of person interested in Face Off?  Or more to the person who has off all day?

Does his name "Pax" really mean "peaceful farm?"

Don't you love all of the side effect legalese in the drug commercials?
The most common side effects are difficulty speaking, drooling, loss of balance, muscle trembling and stiffness, shuffling walk, uncontrolled body and face movements.
Also causes blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, nervousness, trouble breathing and swallowing, and loss of eye movement.  Don't you wish you had those now?  Take Abilify and get them today!

Nice remix of the theme, yes?

The fifteen new contestants meet each other at the California Market Center on 9th, in L.A., bien sur.  (They're not called malls anymore?)    All of them come off as nice, sane and friendly enough.   

Just like me.

Some are instructors, some have lots of experience. 

Do you want fries with that?

Florida is underrepresented this time around.  Puerto Rico will have to pull up the slack, I guess.

The contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at some runway.  Soon, models with huge wigs walk out.  Is it a mini-challenge?   Sorry, Foundation Challenge.   Woo-hoo, it is!   They have to choose one of the models and create a look that honors the wacky hair.

Guest Tami Lane (Narnia, Hobbit) is here to judge.

Graham interviews during the challenge that he fractured his hand three weeks ago.  We have that nearly every season, don't we?  Being a makeup artist is dangerous, huh?

Top two are:



George wins the Foundation Challenge, garnering immunity for the upcoming Spotlight Challenge.

The next day they meet up with McKenzie at a castle.  She gives the name, but I can't understand what she says.  Eight female models in various gowns walk out, and McKenzie explains the Spotlight Challenge:  Choose one of the "Beauty/Belle" models and create a corresponding "Beast" look, inspired by a picture of a castle landscape.

The teams are randomly preassigned:  Rashaad & Chloe, Daran & Graham, Bethany & Tyler, Margaret & Matt, Tanner & Corinne, Cat & Daniel, and Tess & Niko

Since George won the Foundation Challenge, he can pick with whom he works, and he chooses Daran & Graham.  Then each team selects a model and corresponding castle.  The one not chosen has a castle that looks a little surreal, sand, squares, floating portions.

Stephen Sommers (Van Helsing, The Mummy) is brought in for some advice:  Must be scary AND sexy.  Belle kissing the Beast near the end of the story is specifically mentioned.

The teams sketch and explain their ideas to the camera.  Then it's off to the work room, with tons of oohs and ahs.  When they sculpt, it seems like everyone delineates to one person the face, the other the cowl.

First thing on day two is the Westmore Walk-thru!

Corinne & Tanner are told to take advantage of their ice scene, since no one else has it.  In other words, put lots of icicles on him.  Okay, that makes sense.

Tyler & Bethany hear that they have to pay close attention to how they paint the face.

Michael Westmore thinks Matt & Margaret's work will shrink so much the face & cowl won't reach each other.

Niko & Tess need to pop the scales, to make them stand out.

And that's it.  So, we know who is top & bottom, and the edited out have to be safe, eh?  That's annoying.  I wanted to see every critique.

Rashaad & Chloe are dealing with a mold that didn't have the burlap on the edges (to make for easy separation when dry.)  However, they make it work.

Cat & Daniel get a not-working-well-together edit, but next day they seem just fine.  Not sure whether there IS a story there, or if it's merely re-writing reality.  Tess & Niko forget to do the cleaning of the face mold at the last minute, and have to change substances used on reveal day.

Reveal day is a flurry of work as usual.  Tess rips the cowl piece, under the neck in front, but she figures out a way to disguise the rip.  No one seems to think they are on the bottom.  What a difference from Miranda, or even Wayne not finishing his painting, eh?

Joining Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is guest judge Stephen Sommers.  From the 'nothing ever goes uncopied' file, now the judges will refuse to eliminate someone, once a season, if they want to, like the Tim Gunn Save from PR.  Wait, shouldn't Michael Westmore get this power?  Haven't the judges refused to let someone go in the past, because the level of work was so high?  Or was that Top Chef?

Niko & Tess

Cat & Daniel

Daran, Graham & George

Corinne & Tanner

Bethany & Tyler

Margaret & Matt

Chloe & Rashaad

Upon closer inspection the judges nitpick on every look, save for Chloe & Rashaad's green beast.  It is that good.

Before the judges get going, let me just say that they look pretty good for a first time, yes?  The one based on India is scaring me.  It looks like oil cans on his head, or maybe even suction cup cupid arrows, huh?  I know it references the castle/building, but it comes off as too simple and cartoony.

McKenzie calls out Niko & Tess, Cat & Daniel, and Corinne & Tanner as the safe middle.  They are sent out to the makeup room to await the fate of the others.

Glenn says that Darren, Graham & George's work is really cool.  Ve doesn't like the pink area near the heart.  Neville calls the work 'high level.'    Stephen Sommers sees Belle kissing him at the end.

Ve thinks Matt & Margaret's beast looks like Silly Putty.   Stephen Sommers says he is supposed to be terrifying AND sexy, and their beast isn't sexy.  Glenn hates the face cheek work, which was Margaret's work.  He says "beyond unacceptable."

Neville describes Chloe & Rashaad's work as beautiful and very complete.  Stephen can't believe how much work was accomplished Glenn says "stellar."  

Bethany & Tyler's work is neither scary nor sexy, per Stephen.  The beast is more mousey.  Glenn calls it a teddy bear/clown.  Ve hates the balls with spikes on his head.  "This is one of the kookiest choices I have seen on the show."

Top two teams are obviously Daran, Graham & George, and Chloe & Rashaad.

Top team is Chloe & Rashaad.

Chloe wins!

On the bottom are Tyler, Bethany, Matt and Margaret. 

Margaret is eliminated.   The person with the best bio write up online is gone first.  Coincidence? Glenn tells Margaret that in another season she might not have been eliminated.   Are you buying that?

So, are you in for season 6?  They get to go to Japan, that'll be cool, eh?  Some warriors attack them from uphill.  That's … unusual, huh?


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