Thursday, January 9, 2014

Face Off s6 Meet The Contestants  Sort Of

Face Off returns on Tuesday, 14 January 2014 at 9p.   Here's what I could find on the new crop of contestants:

Margaret Caragan
32 • Oakland, CA

Owner, Pandora FX

From the Syfy bio page: Margaret Caragan is the founder and owner of Pandora FX.  She has worked in the Bay Area as a special makeup effects artist for 10 years.  Caragan studied Fine Art at the Academy of Art College, earning a Bachelor's in Sculpture.  She spends the majority of her time managing teams as a makeup department head, creating highly detailed makeup effects designs and executing them for commercial and independent film clients.  She specializes in casualty and character makeups, creating custom prosthetics for creatures, likeness, old age, injuries and extreme transformations.  In her work, Margaret takes pride in taking care of her clients' needs and enjoys the challenge of a new makeup design. Caragan's business partner at Pandora FX is co-cast member George Schminky.

Now *that* is how to write a bio.  I learned my lesson a couple of seasons ago.  Many of the contestants wrote on their bio write ups that a parent, or a love interest inspired them, and they liked movies — and that's it!  However, it turned out that they actually DID have the proper background and expertise.  It is just that they didn't fill out their bio sheets for the web correctly.  Margaret lists her schooling and experience.  Good on her!  I still say that puts her ahead of those that couldn't fill out their work and school history.  Like, ALL the other contestants this season.  How bad is it?    Her bio is longer than all of the others — combined!

Corinne Foster
26 • Whittier, CA
Synapse FX Makeup Dept. Head & Co-Owner

Season 2 contestant Tara Lang is a friend and co-worker  Bio is mostly personality and inspiration.  Boo.

Nicolas "Niko" Gonzalez
26 • North Hollywood, CA
Special Effects Makeup Artist

Graduate of Make-Up Designory's Master Makeup Artistry Program.  Contestant Cat Paschen is his girlfriend.

Tyler Green
26 • Litchfield, CT

Inventor & COO of Creative Genius LLC

His bio on Syfy talks more about his personality than his credentials.  "… most of his designs come to him in his dreams."  What?  He's gonna lose a day of work every challenge if that is how he works on the show!

Daran Holt
41 • L.A., CA

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Tom Savini Special Effects Makeup Program 2010 graduate.

Tess Laeh
25 • Littleton, CO
Mannequin Maker at Fusion Specialties Inc.

Her bio on Syfy talks more about her personality than her credentials.  I'm getting nervous!

Cat Paschen
25 • North Hollywood, CA
Lab Technician at Make-Up Designory

BA in Communications Studies from San Francisco State University. Attended Make-Up Designory.  Wants to open her own SFX studio with her boyfriend, fellow season six contestant Niko Gonzalez.

Daniel Phillips
44 • St. Clair Shores, Michigan
MUA, Owner of D.P. Studio

Former Chrysler factory worker. Worked on "Oz The Great and Powerful" and "The Hobbit" franchise films.

Rashaad Santiago
Age: 24 • Bronx, NY
Part-time Special Effects Artist

Self-taught makeup artist.  Uh-oh!

George Schminky
38 • Walnut Creek, CA
Freelance Special Effects Makeup Artist

Self-taught.  His bio was all about personality and inspiration.  Oy.

Graham Schofield
29 • L.A., CA

Instructor at El School of Professional Makeup, Freelance Effects Artist

"A chemist at heart."  Does this mean he couldn't cut it in science?  Or that he likes to make every character a mad scientist?  Hmmmm ...

Chloe Sens

22 • Hollywood, CA

Freelance Special Effects Makeup Artist

Former chef/exec. pastry chef.  Work study internship at Cinema Makeup School. Won Monsterpalooza 1st place scholarship to the school.

The bio states she has less experience than her competitors.  However, she managed to show more than most of them.  At least she has enough sense to list some accomplishments in the bio section.

Bethany Serpico
22 • Astoria, NY
Freelance Special Effects Makeup Artist

Former video game designer.  The Makeup Designory graduate.  Has TV work credit, but I can't tell from the bio if they are one-time events, or long-term work.

Matthew Silva
24 • Atlanta, GA 
Freelance Special Effects Makeup Artist

Worked on "The Walking Dead," "Big Momma's House 3" and "Zombieland." The bio states he 'enjoys teaching kids' but it doesn't list a degree or place of employment.  Curious.

Tanner White
26 • San Diego, CA 
Special Effects Artist & Medical Fabricator

Tom Savini's Special Makeup Effects Program graduate. He currently does makeup to create battle scene and crime scenarios for military and police training facilities.

How about this: I'll keep looking for background information.  If and when I find something, I'll add it to this post.


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