Thursday, January 30, 2014

Face Off s6e3 Dragon's Breath 28 January 2014

Last time on Face Off the contestants, in teams of two, created aliens that had sent a message of peril via crop circles.  Not sure who had to interpret the crop circles.  

At the top were Niko & Corrine, and Daran & Tanner.  Corrine won for her face sculpt and paint work.

At the bottom were George & Bethany, and Cat & Matt.    C&M seemed like the team most likely to implode, but Bethany was the one eliminated, for her face sculpt and paint.

Ah, morning in L.A.  George and Corinne are musing over the last challenge results.  Wait — no footage of Matt?  I was sure Cat throwing him under the bus last episode would be the story at this point.  

"Safe is good."

We humans are so bright in the morning.  George says he is determined to do better this time around.  That's original.

Rashaad has never seen the beach?  That ain't right!  I trust he's at least seen seagulls at McDonald's.

"Look at the rocks!"

He's easily impressed, huh?  Oh, wait, is it because they don't even *have* rocks where he's from?  Oh, dear Lord, now he HAS to win the whole season.  His lack demands it, huh?

The contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at Point Dume in Malibu.  They're going to recreate the iconic ending of 1968's "Planet Of The Apes."

Who will play Nova?  I guess Matt has the hair for it.

Did you think of this?  Of course you did.

And this, too, eh?

"We are so screwed!"

Ah, that's the spirit, Chloe!  Set your goal & follow through.  Or did you think McKenzie said "Point Doom?"

They're being presented a new challenge:  Create a dragon with an oral hygiene problem.  It's an individual challenge.  Matt must be on his knees thanking God it's not a team challenge, but we don't see such behavior.  Safe middle, amirite?   McKenzie tells the the categories:  "Frozen, charred, corroded,  quilled, slimed, sandblasted and tarred." Yes, the grammarian in me is squirming.

What you need to know is that Tyler is getting the mother of all Winner Edits.  He is BEAMING.  He must cure cancer, bring peace to the middle east, and inspire modesty in Jay-Z & Beyonce, in addition to winning this week.

The makeup artists pick their particular dragons/mouth problems and find a place to sit and sketch.  Then, something curious happens:

"I definitely think I can pull this off if I manage my time well."  Wait, didn't Chloe *just* interview that they were screwed?  They have medication for that, I'm sure, lady.

" … like a gross, PitBull-ish, slobbery …"

Excuse me?

Doesn't he mean like a Mastiff, New Foundland, or a Bloodhound?  

Ouais, comme ├ža.

PitBulls are attractive and don't drool so much.  Get it right, Graham.

They head to the workroom, where they have the typical three days, with a reveal on day three.  Right away Tess is whining about an uneven face sculpt.  Um, it's still early, go fix it.  

I guess I should be happy that she is finally getting some screen time this week.

It's the Westmores!

Mr. Westmore tells Tanner to vacu-form a chin piece.

He tells Cat to make her mouth less human.

Tyler hears not to overdo it with all of the different colors.  Then we get a PSA on how knowledgable Mr. Westmore is.  Well, that's true of course.  What I'm complaining about is that they should be showing more of the mentoring, and less of the contestants saying how wonderful he is.

Poor Niko is told that his neck is too thin.  Or maybe it was just the cowl?

Did Michael just tell Rashaad to 'teach' his model how to walk?

I don't wanna even touch that.

Tyler is first in the mold room.  Rashaad is trying to catch up.  That's pretty much it for day one.

On day two Chloe continues to struggle.  Tyler continues to exude joy.  Wait, that's it?  Wow, the cameramen must have had off that day.

Did you hear?  I'm getting a *monster* Winner's Edit !!!

On day three Matt interviews that he has left plenty of time to paint (since he was on the bottom for a poor paint job last time.)  Niko's chest piece has cracked, now he can't use it.  Tess is having trouble getting her leg pieces out of the mold.  Same for Chloe's cowl.  At this point all she paints is the face.  There is no chest work, and the cowl is not painted, but merely covered with clothing.

It does appear that everyone is painting BEFORE that last hour, which is good.  Does Tess's purple base coat look right to you?

No guest judges this week.  Glenn, Ve and Neville will have to figure it all out on their own.  Do you think McKenzie ever has the urge to run over and tickle Glenn to break his sour face?









Sorry, Graham, but it did vaguely remind me of this:
 I guess it was the eyes.






McKenzie calls out Tyler, George, Tess, Niko, Rashaad and Daniel as the best & worst this week.  What?  Chloe, for all that agonizing, is middle safe?  Wow.

The judges praise George's work.  The only criticism is that Neville thinks it is unoriginal.

Ve calls Niko's work rough, and they all say that the one-color paint is lacking.  Glenn doesn't see what Niko is trying to even make.

Neville likes Tess's idea, but that's pretty much it.   Same for Glenn.   He picks on pretty much each part of the construction process.  Ve sees no work on the chin.

Tyler explains his vulture–dragon hybrid concept.  Glenn cannot lay enough accolades on Tyler's work.  Ve calls the wings the best ever on the show.   Neville calls his work intelligent.

Ve says that Daniel's palette is uncomfortable and mixed-up. Neville hates the outfit.  Glenn doesn't see anything to suggest 'dragon.'

Glenn is amazed with Rashaad's paint work.  Neville doesn't think so much work can be done by one person.  

After deliberation, the top three are George,


and Rashaad.

Tyler wins!   

That leaves Daniel, 


and Tess in the bottom.

The judges eliminate Daniel for not honoring the challenge by creating a sea creature instead of a dragon.

I guess they are mutually exclusive.

Next week we get Guitar Gods.