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PRAS s3e7 As Sewn On TV 12 December 2013

Last time on Project Runway All Stars the designers created outfits for Marge Simpson to wear out to dinner with Homer.  Geez, was that the real woman challenge of the season?  That ain't right.  Elena and Irina were top two, with Irina winning.  Bottom two were Seth Aaron (with dress #6, that's a record, n'est-ce pas?) and Jeffrey, with Jeffrey going home.

The six remaining contestants meet up with host Alyssa Milano and a couple of helicopters.  I don't remember enough of NYC to really know where they are, exactly.  The designers are about to head over to QVC in West Chester, PA (2 hours SW of NYC, yes?) to meet up with Lisa Robertson, Style Authority of QVC.  Is that her actual title?  Does she own QVC?

On the trip over the boys are primping in the copter.

Lisa Robertson channels her inner DVF in a Busby Berkeley movie.

The challenge:  Design a dress for Lisa to wear in L.A., at a star studded gala, on the red carpet.  She stresses it should look good in a photo, on TV, and on the red carpet.  Then she says she should be able to do cartwheels in it.  Or something.   Do people wear non-functioning outfits on the red carpet regularly?

That was a silly question.  Forgive me.

Suddenly Elena is in crisis mode.  Of course.  At any rate, the winning look will be sold on QVC.  

Lisa shows off her QVC set.  She inspires an impromptu camera challenge where the contestants sell each other's outfits.

Then they head over to Isaac's QVC set.   They ham it up and sketch.   Christopher is doing a mermaid gown.  (Ugh, I'm so over mermaid.)  Viktor has one, too.  And Irina.  Seth Aaron sketches one, too.  At least we know he won't stick with it.

Isaac walks in to tell them "Go for it!"  They needed to hear that?

Is he looking homeless to you?
I guess I'm just so used to seeing him in a suit.

At Mood they get $300, and it looks like another one day challenge.  I swear they filmed this season in one week of real time.

Korto explains that people who know her know she uses color.   She can't just say she likes bright color?  Why is everything divided by class with her?  (Those that know her, versus those that don't.)  She's done that a couple of times this season.   Or is it *her* people versus the ignorant masses?    Hmmm … the psychiatrist in me is having a field day.  Or would that be psychologist?  More thoughts to ponder.

Elena interviews that she is stressing over new techniques.  What, cutting and sewing have never been done before?

Viktor calls Elena and Seth Aaron into a side room to gush that he is HIV positive.  Why then?  Did the producers ask for some personal drama, since the episode seemed lackluster?    "In my season, I couldn't be who I am."  Did B/M not allow any HIV content in s9?   Is it the editing?  He does seem genuinely stressed.  Am I overly jaded?  I do like how supportive Seth Aaron and Elena are.  I question Viktor's timing, though.   Wouldn't you tell them at home at the end of the day, off camera?

Did you catch this?   Korto teased Seth Aaron for making six looks last time.

Funny thing is, neither will use their first creation on the runway this week.  Ha!

Wow, that is some dread and trepidation, eh?  The poor girl.

"If I see one jewel-toned strapless gown in here, there's gonna be trouble."  Is she gonna beat them up?

Christopher explains his play on texture.  Zanna tells him to "think cool."  I think what really just happened is that Christopher quickly grabbed a swatch of fabric to put on the shoulder so it wouldn't look strapless to Zanna.  Smart man!

Zanna tells Viktor that they never use green on a magazine cover.


Maybe she just meant Marie Claire can't sell green when it IS on the cover.

I can sell green.

Seth Aaron sure put Zanna in a good mood!

Did it seem to you like Zrr is just LAUGHING at Seth Aaron at this point?

Not Lrrr.

Zanna calls Elena's idea 'genius.'  Well, good, I like to see Elena living up to her great potential.  I just don't want to see her have an aneurysm in the process.  

Irina hears "bride to be."  She's not really buying the critique.  Don't give her any flowers to hold while walking the runway!

Korto is told that her look is cheap.  Zanna implores Korto to go elegant and exquisite.

"I know color and I know women."

So, there are designers who don't know the colors, and don't know the genders?
And I thought Anthony Ryan had it bad with color blindness.
Do NOT think about the other impairment.

Before leaving Zanna tells the contestants that there is nothing unique or All Star worthy in the work room yet.  Wait, wasn't Elena a genius just a moment ago?

Are you believing that everybody is taking that to heart?

During model fitting Christopher realizes his model has a butt.  Hmmm.

Irina's dress rips during the fitting.

Suddenly some random photographer is shooting their stills.  It's a shame he doesn't have a name.

 I think time is skipping again.   Don't eat any more chronitons!

Next day during model fitting Irina's dress rips again.  Christopher interviews that he thinks Lisa will like his, it will go with her skin tone, her eye color. YES.  That is what has been bothering me all episode.  Lisa is a "Winter" and only Christopher has picked a strong, blue-based color.  Oh, wait, Elena did, too.  Only those two picked obvious strong colors for Lisa Robertson.  The majority of people can't pull off orange and 1970's appliance avocado green.

Joining Alyssa, Georgina Mondo and Isaac are Lisa Robertson and Elisabeth Moss.

Christopher Palu 

Viktor Luna

Viktor's model steps on the side of the gown, yes?  It's s2 Daniel all over again, oy!

Seth Aaron Henderson

Korto Momolu

Elena Slivnyak

Irina Shabayeva

As Irina's model climbs up the stairs towards the end of the walk, it rips.  Irina just interviewed "I take a lot of pride in my work."


I'm back, baby!

Seth Aaron says he wanted to do a different hem length.  Oh, and he's back.  Cute.  Isaac doesn't like the way it accentuates the bum, and Lisa sees the easy access to the hoohah.

Isaac calls Irina's a 'miss.'  Lisa likes the idea of it, though.  Elisabeth and Alyssa call it out as 'wedding.'

Isaac likes the textile Elena created, but not the silhouette.  Isaac calls it dowdy and good.  Huh?

Alyssa LOVES Korto's dress.  The judges are all fans of the orange.  Lisa says it will be sellable.  Lisa hints that it isn't red-carpet, but she likes the dress.

Isaac calls Christopher's work 'amazing and perfectly divine.'  It wasn't all that original, but it was good.

Elisabeth doesn't like the color of Viktor's dress, nor the wings.  Isaac likes the wings.  Alyssa calls out the poor fit on top.  Later Alyssa says it would be decent in another color and fabric.

Seth Aaron places 3rd.  It's between Christopher and Korto.

Korto wins!

Bottom three are Viktor, Elana and Irina.   Viktor is safe.

Last time top two, this time bottom two:  Elena & Irina.  Irina is out.

Elena is in, but is told to stand by her work, and be confident.
Almost like Nicholas over on Top Chef this week, eh?

No more hugging or kissing the contestant goodbye, huh?
So far only Mychael and Jeffrey were worth getting up for.

Did you agree with they judges?   I didn't expect it to go down the way that it did.   I can't argue, I do agree Korto's was a bit 'fresher,' but it looked like a nice weekend outfit, not red carpet.  But, what do I know?

You know that orange is appropriate at all times,
because I *like* it.  

S1e9.  You should have remembered.

Next week we get the Nina Garcia sound byte "that's not a compliment."   What, is it so bad, she can't even bear to look at it?   


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