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PRAS s3e6 Marge Madness 5 December 2013

Last time on Project Runway All Stars "Bonnie & Clyde" served as inspiration for the contestants.  Or, 1930s' fashion did.  Or violence.  At any rate, Jeffrey won, after weeks in the bottom.  Mychael's menswear referenced the 1980s, not the '30s, let alone B&C, and he was eliminated.

Host Angela Lindvall Carolyn Murphy Alyssa Milano rolls out of bed joins the remaining seven designers to watch some TV.   Or ... to tie in to a program not on Lifetime, nor A&E, nor ABC.   Wow, that's unique, eh?  I wish AM knew how to brush her hair sometimes.  I mean, certainly her stylists don't.  Or does this mean this was the 98th take?  Maybe she had neat hair on take #1?

The challenge is to create an outfit for Marge to wear out to dinner.  Homer wants it to be easily removed afterwards.  Marge says no green.  Doesn't this strike you as the "make a pretty dress" challenge?  If you remember PR6e7, make a pretty blue dress was won by Irina.  Now it's make a pretty not-green dress, for a dinner date.   Can she pull out a win again?  Hmmmm ...

I'm just glad that they didn't have to make funeral looks for the Griffin family.

When we see Maggie in the background I thought ... the twist will be to create a companion look for her.  Then when they showed Homer on the couch, I thought, the twist will be that they have to make an outfit for him, too.  No such luck.

They get $200 at Mood, and a day to construct.  Ya notice how many one day challenges there have been?   And that they enter through some back entrance at Mood, not the normal front one this season?  Christopher picks a print, as does Seth Aaron, but mostly they choose bright solids.

And Swatch hams it up for the camera.

Irina wants a poly-organza.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

No, I don't mean poly-Morganza.

Heeeey, it's me!
Irina wants to make a giant blue condom, of course!
It's been an obvious inspiration for designers for years.

Why is Christopher only wearing boxers, and not pants, too?

Oh, please, I wore underwear as outerwear for AGES.

I hate to admit it, but I just *adored* all of the shots of the designers' sketches showing Marge's likeness.

And, DAMN, the designers were given Simpsons Converse sneakers?  Soy verde.

At any rate, back in the work room, Viktor is sore because he helped Christopher make top 3 last week, while he placed bottom two.   No worries, soon enough VL apologizes to CP.  The drama is over before it starts.

Zanna-time!  Not comb time.  Not Marge-time either.  Marge doesn't join in on the walk-thru.  Waaa.   Zanna says they are designing for the world's most famous housewife.

Are you kidding me?
Oh, GOD, why does that middle one think
the pulled cat face look is any good?

"It's date night at a restaurant.  We don't want to go TOO futuristic."

Yeah, nobody likes the future anymore.

Elena doesn't know what she is doing.  Zanna thinks she always drapes?  Wha?  Elena ≠ Rami.  Zanna tells Elena to get rid of some of the many colors she has going.

"I'm kind of a housewife myself."

Kind of?  Sorry, that's just way too open.  I'm leaving that one alone.  Christmas is getting to me, evidently.

I blame The Becky Jesus.

Viktor gets a bit of a pep talk.  He needs it, eh?  Maybe Zanna is the reason why Viktor eventually apologizes to Christopher?

Christopher is making something for Maggie, too!  The twist came true!  If only.  Zanna tells Christopher which of the two is more fresh, original.

Irina explains her concept.  Zanna stifles a yawn.  Uh-oh!

Seth Aaron is on dress number two when Zanna breezes by.  Have a seat and watch the outfits fly, girl!

What's important to note is that Seth Aaron makes five other outfits before he settles on a sixth.  Ah, THAT was the twist, give Marge AN ENTIRE WARDROBE.  If only.  You can hear Tim on the home visit on season seven, can't you?

Joining Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman Anthony Ryan Auld and Isaac Mizrahi are Abigail Breslin and Stacey Bendet.

Did someone call for me?

Now, please, why is Anthony Ryan serving Aang in Carman's attire realness?
I had forgotten that Carman's wardrobe only consisted of
black shirts, black pants and primary color jackets.

Korto Momolu

Christopher Palu

Jeffrey Sebelia

Irina Shabayeva

Viktor Luna

Seth Aaron Henderson

Elena Slivnyak

Alyssa compliments everyone, and then calls out Viktor as safe and sends him off to the waiting room.

Irina explains her vision.  The judges are completely on board.  Stacey is concerned that it isn't for a date night.  Otherwise they are all on board.

Seth Aaron says he had to reel back all of his idea.s  Alyssa cuts to the chase:  "How long did you work on that?"   "Uh .... not that long."   Anthony Ryan calls it lazy.  Abigail likes it, though it is too formal.

I know Marge?  What, is he originally from one of the many Springfields in the US?

Korto wanted to make something sparkly and sexy.  Stacey doesn't see Marge.  Isaac gushes over it.  Anthony Ryan is a fan, too.  Alyssa admires the hemline.

Jeffrey's color palette impresses Stacey, but the shoes are scaring some of the judges.  They see that various edges are a mess.

Alyssa calls Christopher's work a sarong.  Isaac questions the construction.  Later the print is called into question.

Elena explains her work.  Isaac exudes compliments.  The judges prefer the dress to the jacket.  The jacket is nice, it just doesn't mesh with the dress.

So, the girls have the top three looks.

Wait, not THOSE girls.

The girls are on top, and the boys are on the bottom.

No, I didn't call for DWV.

Korto is in.  The top two are Elena and Irina.

Irina is the winner!

The boys have the bottom three looks.  Christopher is safe.

That leaves Jeffrey and Seth Aaron as bottom two.

Jeffrey is out.   Be careful Seth Aaron, I don't know how many times you can mismanage your time and expect to stick around!

I like how Alyssa is giving them a send off.  The first few episodes she just sat in her chair like the eliminated designer wasn't worth the effort of getting up.

So, when do we get to see Irina's work on The Simpsons?  Will they let Irina have a cameo?


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