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PRAS s3e4 Keepin' It Classy 14 November 2013

Last time on Project Runway All Stars the designers created cocktail dresses, under the inspiration of booze, so to speak.  

Christopher and Viktor were top 2, with Viktor winning, but Alyssa was interested in wearing the frocks of each.   Jeffrey and Melissa were bottom 2, with Melissa being let go.

Did you think the eliminations would go down the way that they did?  How did you think everyone would place before it all started?

So, ready for some statistics?  I bet y'are.  3 points for a win, 2 for coming in second, 1 for third.  0 for safe middle.  -3 for being eliminated, -2 for 2nd to last, and -1 for 3rd to last.  Here's where they land:

So far Elena is the clear front runner.   I would guess Jeffrey would be next to go.  That is, if one can judge on future success by past performance.   I do hold out hope that Seth Aaron and Irina will pull to the front.  I don't know, I *like* so many of 'em.

The designers are coming out of Parsons storage and get on a school bus.  Yuck.  Let me tell you, there was SUCH joy in learning to drive and getting my own car during the high school years.

Christopher seems to be having as bad of a time as I would have.
Buses are SO gauche.  Or gross.   Maybe if I had had access to
lots of hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol,
I would have had a better time.  Or just alcohol.

They meet up with Alyssa Milano (who is reminding me of Jennifer Lopez's, how do I say? ... less fortunate sister) and learn the facts.  You can probably guess, it's an unconventional materials challenge.  They get a whopping four minutes to grab stuff out of one pre-stuffed room and put it all in a black backpack.

Then they sketch.  I guess if you couldn't fit it in the backpack, you could put it in your hair.

Viktor interviews that he didn't know what to sketch.  He'll wait till he is back in the work room, and then let the school supplies 'speak' to him.  Christopher reminisces about being bullied and tortured in school because he was gay.

You sure it wasn't the hair?

He wants to make a black outfit with some color near the neck, so it looks like it is suffocating the color.

Back in the work room most of the designers fool around with Korto's jump rope.  Elena did poorly on s10's unconventional materials challenge, so she just hunkers down and gets to work.  Irina says they had two days for her unconventional materials challenge, not one like now.   However, they only had one for the newspaper challenge.  So, why did she say that?

BFFs Elena and Viktor consult with each other.   He shares his idea, Elena knocks it down flat, and tells him what he should do instead.  That was quick, and strange!  Elena can't break her rulers in the precise manner in which she wanted to.  She may have to abandon them.


Jeffrey is grateful to be seen.  Zanna calls it a Lego dress.  Jeffrey knows it is an insult, and yet he thinks it is cool.  What?

"Oh God, you look so angry."

Immediately Elena's stress turns to a deluge of tears.  Is she acting or is it real?

"It's one of the worst challenges ever."

"That's alright, this is one of the worst PR seasons ever."

Not bad for entertainment, though.  That girl can cry.
Move over Brando and Moore.
Elena, you have your audience in the palm of your hand.

"It's not a novella, stop crying!"

Oh, I   Viktor now.

Zanna lays accolades at Viktor's feet.  Elena is boiling mad.  Geez, lady, if you didn't want him doing what you TOLD him to do, perhaps you shouldn't have spoon fed him any ideas in the first place!

Seth Aaron tells Zanna he purposely stayed away from fabric-like materials.  He interviews that he HAS to win this challenge because he has clients.  Um ... what?

Zanna calls Irina's work "princessy" & "prissy."  Irina is speechless.

Mychael has to tell Zanna to have faith in him.  Wow, that can't be good!

Korto interviews that this is the first good critique that she has had in the four challenges so far.

Christopher shares his abuse and trauma which inspired his high fashion.  Zanna is sold, saying "You *have* to win!"

Zanna introduces a twist:   Luis Casco and Virginia Linzee are there to advise the designers on their makeup.  The winner of this challenge will be featured in Mary Kay ad in Marie Claire.  Woo-hoo!

Why did you *have* to say that, Mychael?
Now I want to autotune PR.

Why is Viktor attempting to serve Sushino realness?

I don't see Elena's model helping her this time around.  I guess that's good.  We see Scott Patric, and Luis and Virginia, of course.

Let's see how they did.

Joining judges Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman and famous AND gorgeous Isaac Mizrahi are Gabourey Sidbe and Michael Urie.






"I can see her Britney" blurts out Viktor!
Me, too!   It's even slipping out.



Seth Aaron

Alyssa calls out Seth Aaron and Irina as safe.

Christopher explains his materials.  Before long he is sharing the touching, tragic, unique story that he had to endure being gay while growing up, sorry, being bullied.  Isaac says what I am thinking, "really, like who hasn't been bullied?"  Ha!   Christopher has a great critique from everyone.  Alyssa adores the magnet purse.

Isaac hates the proportions with Korto's outfit.  Georgina loathes the back.    Michael likes the colors.  Alyssa likes that it looks like she had fun.  Still, it's not a great review.

The judges go wild for Elena's pointy boobies.   Georgina likes her control, but wished she would have gone wild on this particular challenge.

Mychael wanted to use melted crayons, but had to scrap it, since they didn't melt as he would have liked.  He states that he ran out of time.  He hears "arts & crafts" project, and "failure."  It was falling apart.  Isaac calls it "kinda great."  The others scoff.

Jeffrey's idea was anime twirling.   I think he was inspired by Zulema.

Viktor explains his flapper feathers inspiration.  Elena is cracking me up with her reactions.  Isaac calls the back "unbelievable."  We hear Gabourney's "Beyonce" overly promoted quote.

Elena is in, placing third.  It's down to Christopher and Viktor.

Christopher wins the challenge and the Mary Kay Marie Claire ad!

But, then, what?  WHAT?

Alyssa declares the bottom three all safe.  The judges couldn't come up with a worst outfit.  That was annoying, eh?  I'm absolutely certain you or I could have figured out whom to eliminate.


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