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PRAS s3e2Bitten By The Fashion Bug 31 October 2013

Last time on Project Runway All-Stars we saw 11 returning competitors (including 3 former winners!) listen to Debbie Harry.  Some of them went as far as to create punk-inspired fashion.  Some of them.  Elena won for her 1990 hip-hop-fest.  

Ari was let go for sending a nice outfit down the runway that was nowhere near the idea of punk.

It took me awhile, but I caught on to something:  They're not sleeping at The Atlas, New Gotham or Flahotel.   Curious.  Okay, I see via Google that the Flahotel was purchased and will be made into condos.  At any rate, I guess they don't have a designer storage sponsor, or they had to pay full price or something?  No, it's more likely that they didn't let the all-stars sleep AT ALL.

We're NOT sleeping in Mary Kay cardboard boxes, I can tell you that.

It's morning in NYC, and the designers are walking up the steps to The Museum of Natural History.   Oh, God, the last time I was there Three Dog Night were at the top of the charts and President Nixon was admired.  I've lived too long.  Sorta kinda.

Ya mean kinda sorta.

Alyssa Milano tells the remaining 10 contestants that they are to choose a living bug or spider.  No they aren't getting pets, it's the basis for an avant garde challenge.  


Elena received some 'alone time' with the bugs, since she won last time around.  The rest race to the Hall of Biodiversity and fight over the critters.   Wait, is that why everyone is so nonchalant about the bugs here in Florida?  They're just 'celebrating biodiversity?'   There's a Jim Stafford line in here somewhere.

Whatever you do don't touch it!

Suddenly, the designers are auditioning for A Chorus Line a la Mr. Karp.

Jeffrey:  I've got the hairy scorpion!

Mychael:  I got hornworms!

Seth Aaron:  I can feel cockroaches all over me!

Korto:  Finally, I get a line?

Irina: I got a rock.

The designers sketch there in the museum.  Then they head off to Mood with $250.  I swear that they didn't use the front entrance.  Elena "loses" her sketch.   

The producers took it.

It was either that or throw extra money at her.

They head back to the work room where they have the day to work.

Viktor gushes over the QVC wall.  We never see him again.

Korto tries to recite her entire resume in 10 seconds.  We never see her again.

Producer:  (To Seth Aaron) Talk with Jeffrey.

Seth Aaron:  (To Jeffrey)  Jeffrey!  Talk!

Wow, this is certainly an engaging bunch.

Zanna rolls out of her dorm room and comes by for a visit on her way to go get Dove bars at the Campus Center.   I don't know.  Is it the hair?  Is it the fit?  Joanna Coles would be more presentable, eh?  Maybe it's the Barbie leather jacket?  No, it must be the pants, she's not getting a full body shot.  Was it filmed on a Saturday?  

Zanna tells Mychael that his too literal look is elimination-worthy. 

Why are you being so literal?

… a foam cozy?

I'm doing a bumble bee dress.  Yum Yum Bumble Bee.

Zanna: How do you see this as avant garde?

Seth Aaron: Have you seen it before?

Zanna: No.

Seth Aaron: Well, there ya go.

Viktor and Korto *almost* get a mentor moment, but it's over before it starts.

This is a million times better than last week's.
(Spoiler:  He was safe last week, he's safe again this week.)

Zanna:  (To Daniel)  This is *supposed* to be fashion forward avant garde.

Zanna likes Melissa's sketch but not the actual work.

Before she leaves, Zanna tells the contestants that they didn't push far enough.  Melissa and Mychael change up their concepts, as per ZRR.

I don't have anything because I've spent the day looking for a sketch that I lost.

I just sewed the whole thing wrong!

No worries, your model can do it for you.

At least the producers let Viktor and Korto say goodbye to the models.  (We hear but don't see them.)

I'm confused.  When Alyssa Milano breaks down the prize package, they show a pic of Joe Zee … from Elle magazine.  Um, Marie Claire is the mag for Project Runway, since 2008/9, right?  Is Joe going to be on the show in some form down the road?  Dear God, please!

Joining regular PRAS judges Angela Lindvall Carolyn Murphy Alyssa Milano, the beautiful Georgina Chapman and the most famous Isaac Mizrahi are Mrs. Spiderman herself, Jennifer Meyer, and PR s9 winner Anya Ayoung-Chee.

How do they do?

Seth Aaron

Got milk?






Lady Evans?  Linda Gaga?



Okay, THIS is the Elena that I fell in love with at the beginning of season 10.  

That was cute, huh?  Alyssa calls out Irina, Elena and Melissa as 'being critiqued this week."  Seth Aaron and Korto are deemed safe and sent out back.  Seth Aaron bolts offstage.  Someone had to go to the bathroom?

Alyssa calls out Mychael, but he doesn't move forward.  Ha!  Mychael, Jeffrey and Daniel will also get judged.  That means Viktor and Christopher are safe and are kicked off the runway.

Georgina calls Irina's work gorgeous and avant garde.   She doesn't like the neck work, though.  Isaac notes that she was bold and brave in her design.

Isaac doesn't like Daniel's throat area either.   Alyssa doesn't like the proportions, Anya hates the fabric choices.

I don't know.  I'm seeing Sharon Stone, a pistol, tumbleweeds ....

Isaac calls Jeffrey's design gratuitous … because she can't drink a martini?   Really?  They can drink on the runway?

Can you imagine being up there WITHOUT being sloshed?

Isaac makes some important statements.  When Jeffrey counters respectfully, Isaac gets a bit … flustered?   He admits that it's hard to judge?  Wait, what is happening here?  This is SO different from Nina and Santino "discussing" lingerie, huh?

Elena's work is praised.  Georgina loves the orange placement, and Isaac enjoys the proportion, too.  Too bad the model doesn't get an "Attagirl."

Anya wants to see Mychael's gills on an entire collection.  Isaac loves that it is soft AND structured.

It's never been done before, certainly not with neoprene.

Georgina can't see any avant garde in Melissa's outfit.  Jennifer likes it even if it isn't avant garde.

Irina is safe.  It's down to Elena and Mychael and Mychael wins!

Jeffrey is in.  Bottom two are Melissa and Daniel.  

Daniel is out.

Did you see it coming?  Will Melissa be able to escape the bottom 3 next time?  

Does Alyssa have that Howie Mendel thing where he can't touch anyone?  Neither Ari nor Daniel got a hug or a kiss or a slap upside the head or anything.

There!  I'm caught up.   The computer hard drive dying on me threw me for a loop, but I'm back on track now.  Face Off finale tonight, woo-hoo!


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