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PRAS 3e3 • Sip Into Something Sexier 7 November 2013

Last week on Project Runway All Stars the contestants played with bugs.  No, it wasn't an unconventional materials challenge, it was just that they were *inspired* by bugs.   Wouldn't this have been a challenge for Daniel Feld?   

Or him.

Elena honored the challenge and did some buggin' of her own.  Her model helped her sew her way to a 2nd place.  Mychael won the challenge, all by himself.  Funny, he had a bad review from Zanna on the mentor-thru, and yet he calmly just redesigned.   Wanna try that some time, Elena? 

Bottom two were Melissa and Daniel Esquivel, and Daniel was eliminated for a lack of vision, or maybe for being too referential to Jesus Estrada's chocolate bar dress.  How Jeffrey only placed 3rd from the end is beyond me, and not just because she couldn't get drunk in it.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

They're still not showing where the designers are sleeping this season.   What's REALLY bothering me is that Alyssa Milano is not pronouncing Marie of Marie Claire in the standard français:  She keeps saying Muh REE, like Donny &.  She should be saying MAAAA ree.

But not like they would say it.

It's morning in NYC so they're in a bar.  But of course.  Actually, they keep saying it's evening, but it is so stressed that I don't believe them.  Okay, upon further observation, I do see the sunset, sort of, so, I'm in.  

Conspiracy over.

Isn't he a little old and upright to be playing Artie?

Alyssa explains that they are in Jay-Z's 40/40 club.  No Jay-Z sighting, or other patron sighting either.  No worries, we have something to affix our gaze upon.  Or someone.

You know we need a little Yousef, right this very minute.

Melissa solves the ultimate puzzle, what will they make?  Cocktail dresses!   There are 9 drinks to choose from, to use as inspiration.  Think PRAS 1e4, the gelato challenge, where April was auf'd and Mondo made a cantaloupe caftan.  Michael C. won that one, but I remember Mondo's output first. 

Since he won last time, Mychael goes first.  He grabs "Spotted Plum,"  which is a more salmony color.   Mmmmm, fish booze.

Korto selects "Summer" which is a very light green bordering on beige.  I am ignoring her rimming joke.  We don't get a shot of her reading her bible like we did in season 5.

Jeffrey takes "Le Exotique," which is grinding mon engrenages de français.  It ought to be L'exotique.  It seems to be a saturated yellow.

Christopher asks for a double of "The Rose."  It seems to be an orangey/pink/red hue.

Just as long as he doesn't have to make a cocktail dress for Bette Midler.

Viktor unsuccessfully tries to pick up poor Yousef.  He is gorgeous, but now is not the time.  Let him get done with his mixing and camera work, eh?  Mr. Luna gets "Tiger Eye" and an uncomfortable giggle from the bartender.  Wait, did he ask for Viktor's number?  I guess that *was* the time to hit on him.   Viktor's drink is pale green/biege.

Elena chooses Sardinia.  More fish?  Not gardenia.  She thinks she can use the Italian aspect as inspiration.   Can she?  I mean, instead of the color, texture, 'the whole process,' etc.  

Melissa has "The Sunset."   It looks like a watermelon pink, which makes sense, since watermelon is in it.  

Seth Aaron grabs "Hemingway."   It is more yellow than anything.

Irina is last, but not to worry.  She wanted the "Strawberry Fields" anyway.  (It looks like a dirty strawberry red.) She also thinks it's a backhanded compliment, being the last one standing.  To her it means that she is a threat to them all.  Really, that's what you take from this?   You're last because they respect and admire you?  I don't think it matters, though.   It's a 'just design whatever the hell you want, but use *this* color' challenge.   Right?

That's so Project Runway s6e7.

It's a new day and they sneak into Mood.  The designers are still not allowed to use the front entrance.   They have $100.  It looks like a one day challenge.  Christopher purchases curtain fabric.  What?

They get back and Elena already has Viktor helping her out.  Man, she's good.  Or Viktor is off track after meeting Yousef.

It happens all the time.

Why is it that the Mary Kay commercial is anamorphically whack?  That cheeses me off.  Last year it was the booze commercial with the sexy bartender.  Now it's Bright House (Florida's Time Warner)  and Mary Kay.   I don't approve.   Now I'm thinking that the designers on that commercial didn't know what they were doing.  Or someone at the station doesn't know.

Jeffrey explains his Vietnam inspiration.  Elena is still surprised at how bad her time management skills are.  Christopher is worried that his outfit reads 'tablecloth' not cocktail dress.

All my fans know I am the queen of prints.
I'm so important.  I am the world.

First off, Uli.  Second, Anya.  Third, Dom.  Maybe you can be the Mistress of the Robes to Uli?

Zanna–time!  Roberts Rassi–time!  (Not Mr. Gunn.)  It's Zanna-time!

*Pleeeeeease* stop singing that to my song.
It's bad enough already.

But not as bad as the curtains joke.

Zanna does look more put together this week.  Yes, even if she is ready to dance in a Robin Thicke video.  On the other hand, I wouldn't be wearing that, for fear Miley Cyrus might jump in my way and, well,

I don't wanna think about it!

Did she just tell Viktor that he was drunk when he sketched?  She approves of his top.

Zanna chides Jeffrey for being there by the skin of his teeth.   He explains to her that the judges thought his last look was inconsiderate.  Oh, please, you don't have to explain, they get that it was!  Irina is suddenly interviewing that Jeffrey's fabrics are old.  I am about to complain when I realize, she *is* right on that.

Korto and Zanna gab away, while Jeffrey reminds us that it is very reminiscent of Isaac Mizrahi from not THAT long ago.   Well, he'll like it, eh?

Is it my eye, or is this not a direct match?

Zanna doesn't like the color Seth Aaron picked out.  Half of his sentence makes it onto the show.  Hmmm … middle/safe edit?

Zanna affirms Mychael's sketch.

She tells Irina to make her jacket as simple as possible (meaning, that the model needs to be able to take it off or put it on easily.)

Christopher has to be told that there is a difference between a cocktail dress and a red carpet gown.  Uh-oh!

Melissa gets told her design is "nice."  Shouldn't it be special?

This bitch is swindling us!  Let's get her!

Brutal, eh?  I do agree with him, though.  Too bad Melissa has a festering brain.

Zanna likes Elena's graphic cut outs.  Wow, that went well.

Zanna tells them on the way out to make an accessory.  It can be made from their own fabric.  It can be made from another's fabric.  It can be off of the QVC wall.  Wait, that's not "making" anything, is it?  Set that bar low, Zanna.

Joining Alyssa Milano, the gorgeous Georgina Chapman and the famous Isaac Mirrahi are accessories designer Rebecca Minkoff and Interior Designer Nate Berkus.

Alright, how do they do?

Irina Shabayeva
Is the fit on the upper back correct?  Is that what she meant to do?

Christopher Palu

Mychael Knight
I'm not buying the side crap.  Does a lady yearn to build out her waist?  Is that an issue?

Jeffrey Sebelia
I'm with you, Irina, the fabric looks wrong.

Elena Slivnyak

Seth Aaron Henderson

Melissa Fleis

Korto Momolu

Viktor Luna
Love the print use.  

Alyssa calls out Seth Aaron, Mychael and Irina as safe.  They are hiding out back now.

Georgina praises Viktor's outfit, but immediately criticizes the bottom front, as does Alyssa.  He does hear "great job," though.

The guest judges don't like Korto's belt, but Isaac wants it back on.  He likes the look (what did I say?) much more than the others do, except maybe for Georgina?  Alyssa can only see back fat.

Nate wants Christopher to win the challenge because it looks so good and expensive.   Isaac calls the back gratuitous.  It looks Michael Costello-y to me, but then, isn't Christopher's nickname MC 2.0?

Isaac calls Melissa's outfit NOT forward thinking.   Later he calls it 'sale rack.'

Rebecca thinks Elena's work is beautiful.  Nate calls it spectacular, but referential.  Isaac says it to Elena in a gentler fashion.

Georgina calls Jeffrey's neck cheap.  Nate is a fan of Jeffrey, but not this work.  Jeffrey blames his work on his mannequin not being the same size as his model.  He isn't complaining, just explaining.  However, it sure feels like a wrong way to go, huh?

Elena is in, placing 3rd.   The top two are Christopher and Viktor.

Viktor wins!  Christopher sort of does, too?   Alyssa wants to wear his dress, also.
At the same time as she is wearing Viktors?
At any rate, they are both in.   Korto is in.

The bottom two are Melissa and Jeffrey.

Melissa is let go.  Jeffrey is in, but only with a bit of scolding:  "Stop making excuses and start showing results."

Well, that was sad.  Melissa did so well on her original season.   I am glad that Elena is living up to her portfolio this time.  I am grateful that Viktor is back on his A game.

Happy Birthday, and
I Love You, Mom

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