Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Face Off Top 20 Countdown: Judges' Favorites 12 November 2013

They snuck in a clip show while my back was turned.

How rude!

It felt as cheap as an "I Love The 80s" show with E-list comics NOT known for their work in the 1980s giving lame commentary.  Or something off of Tru TV.

Hey!  I resemble that remark!

Now, all I am hoping is that we see Miranda & Tate's pumpkin, we see some Rayce, and we see some Wayne, the first because I think it was cool, and the other two because I'm a red blooded gay American.  Did I get my wish?

Like those big pics, huh?  

Take a look at 15 & 11.  Alright, squint.  Back in season 3 Rod & Roy WON that challenge.  That means they placed higher than Laura & Sarah.  In this clip show, they were reversed.   Does this mean that the judges changed their mind?   Hmmmm.  Season 2's finale wasn't referenced.  Does that mean Rayce's win was lackluster?

Yea!  My favorite placed first!  

We can give a bigger pic for that, n'est-ce pas?

Did ya notice seasons 2 & 3 seemed to get all the attention?  Not much love for s1, s4 or s5.

Interspersed throughout the show, honorable mentions of a sort were shown:

Best Foundation Challenge • s3e7 Monster Twist

Funniest Makeup • s5e10 Laughing Dead

Longest Explanation • s1e2 Naked Ambition

Biggest Makeup • s4e5 Two Heads Are Better Than One

Since they couldn't give any love to Wayne, I will.    
Why can't he leave me alone?

Ya know, the more I look at the judges,
Neville looks like our favorite Operation Ore participant Pete Townshend,
and Ve looks like Mary Travers.
Glenn?  I'm just glad he cleaned up.


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