Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Face Off s5e13  Swan Song (Finale)  5 November 2013

Last time on Face Off the four remaining veteran contestants created bird-man hybrids.   Tate and Laura were the top 2, with Tate winning.  Roy and Miranda were the bottom 2, with Miranda being eliminated.  She sure did great work throughout the season, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the finale will be calmer without her.  Unless she returns to aid a fellow contestant?  What if she and Alana both come back and help one still in the competition?  Uh-oh!

So, who are you rooting for?   I can't tell at this point whom I want to win.  I just don't want anyone to drop the ball.  I'll be happy with that.

We open with Roy on a balcony, looking for Romeo.  Or, getting ready to jump.  No, he's just getting an edit because he was in the bottom 2 last time.  Oh, and don't you worry, he's not in a Winner/Loser Edit.  Whew!

The top 3 meet up with McKenzie Westmore.   All I can think of is:  "YOU get a TV!   YOU get a TV!  YOU get a TV!"   Sorry, I must have 'large screen monitor' on the brain.

The challenge?  They have to dance with a ballet company!  No, they have to create a female swan and a male sorcerer (it's never the other way around, huh?)   

McKenzie trudges out some recently eliminated makeup artists.  

Laura chooses Miranda and Eddie.  Roy picks Frank and Scott.  Tate selects Alana and Lyma.

Then McKenzie springs on them that they have to incorporate a particular time period.  Tate grabs the Industrial Revolution, Laura gets the Italian Renaissance and Roy has the Ming Dynasty.

And if you say what you're thinking, you are SO gonna get it!

The models are actual L.A. ballet dancers, and the makeup artists get FOUR days, not the typical three.  Roy is worried that he doesn't know enough about ballet to do good work.  Never fear, he does.  Tate sure seems to be talking about being the leader of his team a lot.

Day two and it's Westmore time!

Mr. W. steers Laura away from horror.  Was it that bad?  It wasn't looking all gory to me.

He tells Tate that he thinks the judges see his work throughout the season as too dark.  Now that he is using dirt, soot, grime, etc. for his Industrial Revolution look, he is concerned that he'll go overboard.

Roy shares FRANK'S design for the swan chick with Michael.  He strongly advises Roy to be in charge.

On day three I notice something strange:  Roy's team is painting.  That never happens till the last day, and sometimes not until the very last hour!  Perhaps they will all finish for the finale?

How do they do?




The judges go wild with praise on all of them except for Glenn when he talks with Tate.  All I can say is THANK YOU Glenn.  I was thinking Tate's Sorcerer looked so feeble that he'd be unable to feed or bathe himself, let alone cast a spell on someone.  The mouth not closing put him at the bottom for me.

Congratulations, Laura!

Can we assume this means Roy places 2nd

and Tate places 3rd?

It was another good season, right?  I do like that I usually completely agree with the judges.  If only Project Runway would work like that!  We only have a couple of months to wait.  Season six of Face Off premiers January 14, 2014.  Woo-hoo!


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