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Face Off s5e12 Flights Of Fantasy 29 October 2013

Last time on Face Off the sole remaining newbie, Laney, ran off in fear of being made immortal by some big stonehenge — or, something like that.  Miranda tried to get herself eliminated by not completing her work, or even getting close.  Tate's vulture-man won.  No one was eliminated, thanks to Laney.

So, the top 4 are all veterans.  Saw that one coming, eh?  Even if Laney's bolting was a big surprise, I was expecting a top 3 of former contestants.  We're on track for that.  Unless Laney comes back in again.

It's morning in L.A.  Roy & Miranda are commiserating over … empty coffee cups?  Roy is adamant on making it to the top 3.  (He placed 4th in his season, three.)

The four remaining makeup artists head over to The Burbank Airport to meet up with McKenzie and Animal Planet's Dave Salmoni & an accompanying Umbrella Cockatoo.   The challenge?    Create a bird/man hybrid inspired by a real bird.  

But I already exist!

Laura picks the Umbrella Cockatoo, Tate selects the Egyptian Vulture, Roy goes with the Blue-Throated Macaw and Miranda chooses the Silvery-Cheeked Hornbill.  What, no love for the Chilean Flamingo?

That ain't right.

They sketch and Dave Salmoni points out various traits of the birds.

All I can think of is PR9e11 — and I want Collier back!

Tate interviews that he is stressed.   Each of the competitors explains his plan, and everything seems reasonable.  Well, except that Miranda doesn't want to get 'overly complicated.'   Um, go big or go home?  I get that she wants to finish, as opposed to last time, but, geez, you're going up against Roy, Mr. "I can build an army in an hour!"   Of course Laura and Tate are making it to the finale, and will place top 2, don't ya think?  The only question is whether they will be joined by Roy or Miranda.   Roy will go big.  The only way to beat him is to go as big as he will, and do a better paint job than he does, yes? 

On the Westmore-thru, Miranda explains her feather wig replacing a sculpted cowl idea.  We don't hear a response from Michael, boo!  Maybe he is too shocked with her win by doing less idea?  

Tate is told to use a small plastic cup inside at the mouth so that all of the prosthetic will move about when the model opens his jaw.   

Roy is excited that he can make some foam wings this time around.  Michael tells him, "Very good!"

Laura and Michael discuss the color on her white geriatric birdman.  She'll use blue around the eyes like the bird and yellow in the armpit, again, like the bird.   

I need some Axe.

Laura interviews that she has too much work to do.  She says she can't get it done — while she is getting it done!   Miranda is taking her time with her face sculpt while the other three are already in the molding room.

Roy is working on his arm/back shoulder mold and it falls on him.  Tate and Laura help him out, and he decides to use it, fixing the broken areas.

Something interesting:  Each of the contestants are able to do some painting before their last hour of work at the reveal stage.  Good on y'all.

How do they do?





Laura explains her old-age concept.  Glenn is giddy with acclaim.   Ve wanted to see more feathers on his head.  Neville didn't like it until Laura shared her vision.

Ve tells Miranda that she did a beautiful face sculpt, but doesn't like how the feathers are handled in the back.  Glenn thinks she phoned in her paint job.  Ruh-roh!  

The judges love Tate's work.  Well, except Ve thinks the paint job is muddy.

Roy's birdman is a hit.  The white with black squiggles area is a misstep, but the rest of the work is applauded by the judges.

Tate wins and is in the finale!

Laura is also in.

Bottom two are Miranda and Roy.

Roy is in and on to the finale!

That means Miranda is eliminated.  She has to be proud that she did so much better this season than in season two.

How do you think they will place in the finale episode?  I'm torn.   Roy placed 4th in his original season, while Tate and Laura  were runners up in their season's finales.  I expect Laura to be level headed and composed, while the guys are wild cards.


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