Saturday, November 23, 2013

PRAS s3e5 Partners In Crime 21 November 2013

Oh, get out of here, we're not acknowledging
you, you confused pre-Designing Women,
pre-pre Oliva Benson wanna-be's.

Last time on Project Runway All Stars the eight remaining contestants grabbed whatever they could find in a pre-stuffed elementary school room.  Christopher won over Viktor, with Elena placing third.  The bottom three were Korto, Jeffrey and Mychael, and, quelle surprise, the judges couldn't find enough things wrong with any of them to send one home.  Ugh.  A vagina was showing, but that's not enough to kick a designer out.

C'mon, you must have KNOWN that already.
You pretty much have to run away
and beat up personnel to be let go.

Or, go all Bonnie & Clyde on them.

Something is bothering me.  I guess I'm a little late to the table.

See how great Alyssa looks here?  Never mind the make up, I'm just talking about the cut of the dress.

I said never mind the makeup.

So often she looks less than stellar.  Not every one can pul of a 'volume' look, whether it is shoulders, or the back, or the hips.  Why don't they put her in flattering outfits like the red dress?  She is gorgeous, she should get to LOOK it every time we see her.

Alyssa meets with the designers to watch some TV.  Ah, it's the plug something on Lifetime challenge!

Finally, MY challenge!

Well, no, they are showcasing a Bonnie & Clyde extravaganza.  Why it's being reimagined from Texas, Louisiana and middle America to England is beyond me.  They are afraid that no one will see it, so it's showing on every network.

If you don't air it 24/7, on every network, no one will know.

I know, I'm dubious, too.  Actually, I am always curious to see what about half of them will do, alors, allons-y.  

They are in teams:  One does the male outfit, the other does the female's.  Christopher picks Viktor, Seth Aaron goes with Jeffrey, Irina chooses Mychael, and Korto & Elena are stuck with each other.

Over at Mood they get $200 each and 30 minutes.  It's a one day challenge, bien sur.  Jeffrey notes that everyone is running around like crazy.   Is that why there's no Swatch sighting, they scared him off?

Viktor is scaring me with his fringe.  There is so much talk about Christopher's cutting of fabric that I expect Bryce & Fallene to be guest judges.  

Zanna looks so unsure about entering the work room, huh?  Actually, she looks like she is DREADING it.  Poor girl!

"Every week I'm still surprised that you're here!"

"Excited."   "No, gobsmacked."

Christopher sees Dr. Evil.  Zanna sees Chippendale.  Well, the model will be buff, eh?

"You've not won anything yet.
Why did you choose someone who is always on the bottom?
What were you thinking?"

"I picked Jeffrey on purpose."   "I like your confidence, if not your intelligence."

Korto is a calming influence on Elena.  This cracks up Zanna.

Okay, it puts a smile on my face, too.

Mychael shows Zanna his gold lame.  Well, no, that's not what it is, but that sure is what it looks like!  Ce n'est-pas bon!

"Spangle-y?"    "Spangle-y!"

I don't care what Zanna thinks about my fabric.

Okay, I get that she's not Tim.  No one is.

Well, I am!

I am, too, sort of.

I get that she's not Joanna, nor Nina.  However, she's still AHEAD of you, Mr. K., and can give you decent advice.

Irina explains her dilemma regarding the blouse.  Zanna immediately gives her perspective:  If the jacket is the whole point, don't let the shirt compete.  Finally, THIS is what I expect out of the mentoring.  A designer listens to something said and course corrects.  Not ignoring what is said, Mychael, and not commenting on everyone else's work, Christopher and Korto.   Damn, I'm liking Irina more and more every week.

Zanna tells Christopher that his sketch is sexy.   Korto has to chime in that it is simple, but that she loves it.

Zanna doesn't see Viktor's look as an updated take on 1930s fashion.  

"Oh, but look:  FRINGE!"

"Oh, that changes everything.
They'll give you the entire prize package
*just* for that, of course."

"I think the fringe is totally uncalled for and that's all I'm going to say."

I agree.  Never argue with an emotional Natasha Fatale.  Well, actually she was fairly calm and spot on.

"Maybe an edit is in order?"

"No, that can't possibly be right.  I need more fringe, *that* is what she means."

Why is Christopher petting it?

"Ultimately it's more about following my gut.  It's about designing in a vacuum.  It's not about the task at hand, and it certainly isn't about being able to SELL anything to actual people.  If *I* like it, I win."

Zanna tells the designers to think, to edit, and to use each other as a resource.  Man, smart advice, unheeded.

Jeffrey is worried about finishing.  Seth Aaron assures him that he will finish his own work tonight, and help Jeffrey during runway preparation time tomorrow.

Jeffrey has a mini-meltdown with the model fitting.  I can't tell how much is an edit, and how much is a genuine designer throwing a fit.   He's not yelling like he did with Angela.  He's not crying like he did with Laura.  Okay, maybe he didn't cry, but … well, it just seems so false.  Maybe they are merely conversing about the model's measurements not being accurate on their card?  I don't know.

What's worrying me is that Mychael's work looks like ...

like Denise Huxtable made it.

On runway day Jeffrey has refit the coat and it looks fine.  Crisis averted.

Joining Alyssa Millano and Isaac Mizrahi are Austin Scarlet in for Georgina Chapman, Bar Refaeli and Elie Tahari.  Do the judges always learn their head to the right when being introduced?

Time to check out the results:

Seth Aaron • Jeffrey

Irina • Mychael

Elena • Korto

Christopher • Viktor

Elena & Korto are called out as safe.  What?  Elena's top three run is OVER.  Wow.

Seth Aaron wanted to use a 1930s silhouette, and bring in modern and Seth Aaron touches.  Wait, that implies you aren't modern, Mr. H.   Alyssa proclaims her undying love for Seth Aaron his outfit.   Elie says it is elegant but overdone.  Austin likes the double zip in the back.  Bar says she's not Bonnie.

Jeffrey explains the Japanese military 1930s aesthetic.  He says he wanted to make it modern by not bothering to sew a hem rolling up a cuff.


I thought modern was men wearing Capris.   Laure Petrie didn't wear rolled up pants.  Wait, I've fallen off track.  Isaac loves the crotch.  Hmmm.  Not touching that.  Austin doesn't think there is any 1930s inspiration.  Alyssa does, and also sees avant garde.

Irina says she wanted a chic, glamorous, romantic look.  She wanted to mix '30s and a (current?) downtown edge.  Austin thinks the jacket is unnecessarily overpowering.  

Mychael thinks his guy is nouveau riche.  Isaac clocks him on the construction.   The pants are a hit, but the top is costume-y and ill fitting.  Elie doesn't like the fabric choices.

Christopher & Viktor wanted their couple to look like they were going to a gala, to steal everything.  Isaac calls Christopher's look killer.  Elie likes the fabric and how it was used on the skirt.   Alyssa doesn't like how she is cut off horizontally in so many places.  

Viktor wanted to do a classic suit with a not classic lapel.  Elie likes Viktor's own look better than the one he made for the model.  Austin says the fringe makes it less sophisticated, and Alyssa calls it '20s, not 30s.

"You gotta relax."     "I can't take you sometimes."


Irina is safe.  Top 2 are Jeffrey and Christopher.

Jeffrey is the winner.  He gets to be the costumer designer for a Lifetime movie.
Wait, is that what Jeffrey needs next in his career?
Is Gwen Stefani doing a Lifetime movie?

Seth Aaron is in.  The bottom two are Mychael and Viktor.  Okay, I judged it all differently, except that I completely agree with the bottom two.

Mychael is out.  LOOK, he gets the kiss and hug goodbye that Ari, Daniel and Melissa couldn't nab.  See how much Mychael is adored?

Mychael interviews that he had a fantastic experience.  Then he says he's never been around so many inspiring, creative people.



Well, that promo ruined it for me.  In 2 weeks they will make an evening look for Marge Simpson.  I was hoping it was going to be more imaginative than that.  Maybe they will get a twist and have to do one for Homer, too?  I sure hope Marge gets to be a guest judge!  Or at least Julie Kavner.

To everyone in the U.S., have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you, God, that I can live in a country, and at a time, where I can freely observe creative types being idiots, and I can rip on them without any fear of retaliation. 

 Oh, you think so?  Watch your back.