Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PR12e15 • Reunion • 24 October 2013

Last time on Project Runway it was the finale and we learned the winner and runner-up placements.  Dom won season 12, and rightly so.  Did I think she would win going into the finale?  No, I believed one other designer was going to do much better than he actually did.  Oh, well, it's not like I've never been wrong before.

Tim is there, but no Heidi, Zac or Nina.  =o(   At least Justin has his interpreter that he never uses.   And all of the designers showed up, even those disqualified or with irrational rage.

Tim asks how everyone is doing, and if they are happy to be there.  Helen has to share that she doesn't want to be there.  Wow, she got to show a decoy collection, cheer up already!

And since when has Tim Gunn been Burl Ives?  Or even Mr. Hollingsworth?

Tim asks Dom if it has sunk in that she won.  He asks the other three finalists how it feels to lose.  How thoughtful and sweet, Mr. Gunn.

Dom thought the competition was stiff this season.  Tim agrees.  Alexander was impressed with the diversity.  Kate enjoyed the challenges more on s12 than s11.  She does state that she enjoyed both go 'rounds, though.  Something obvious:  She liked s12 better because she didn't have to work on a tea, challenge every single time.

Well, at this rate we're never gonna finish the recap.  How about this:  Here are the few main points one needs to take away from the reunion this time around.

1.  Ken is remorseful over how he acted.  I love a good redemption story, don't you?

2. Jeremy thought Bradon was scene-stealing with his proposal.

3.  Miranda and Timothy are buddies again.  That's good, since they are from the same part of the country, eh?  They made up right away.  Oh, same for Ken and Alexander.

4.  Helen thinks Alexandria has issues with her, but Alexandria doesn't know why.  Does she think Helen is crazy? 

Perhaps.  Perhaps.  Perhaps.

5. Sandro is okay with not reigning in his behavior.  He is totally fine with how he acted and how he continues to act.

6. Some of the contestants think that there is much more producer manipulation than Tim will admit to.  He reminds them that if there was producer intervention, Mondo would have won season 8.

7.  Evidently twitter cannot be used unless one is a scorned drunk.

I am glad that they had a reunion.  That hasn't always been the case.  I do think that a season 5 reunion episode would have been riveting.  I don't mind it taking place after the finale (like PR Australia) instead of right beforehand, like seasons 1-4. and 8.)

I'm disappointed in the few designers who didn't mind their manners.   I support Ken in his willingness to turn from rage to reason.  Good on you!  It's hard to make sense of the Helen/Alexandria misunderstanding or Jeremy's take on Bradon's moment.  I see bits and pieces of truth on each side.  I'll say this, Alexandria sure seems calmer than Helen.  Still, I'm looking, incredulously, without coming to a conclusion.  Sandro, my dear man, I am willing to go out on a limb and say that brilliance in designing does not allow one to abdicate responsibility in how we treat others.  You don't get a free pass just because you are 'emotional.'  Everyone deserves more respect than that, be they big or small.

And that's a wrap on season 12.  I am still a fan.  I maintain that I am watching for the creativity and for the study of human behavior.  The bad manners and irrational rants scare me.  Here's to hoping PRAS3 is a breath of fresh air.  I need to spray down the TV with Lysol after this season!

When does PR13 film?  Do you think the 12 regular challenges are already in the can?


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