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PR12e14 Finale Part II 17 October 2013

Last week we saw the top 5 contestants go home to make Fashion Week 10-piece collections.  Tim visited each at their homes.  There were no tandem bikes, or trampolines, or long goodbyes in the snow.  Bradon & Dom were already guaranteed a spot for competing, so Alexandria, Helen & Justin showed the judges 3 representative looks, to earn a spot to compete.  Justin and Alexandria were in, and Helen was auf'd, placing #5 for the season.

Dom interviews that she is surprised Helen didn't get to compete at Fashion Week.  Since she is out of the picture, Dom thinks she now has a good chance of winning the whole thing.  Subtle, B/M.

Mr. Gunn brings them over to Mood, with $250 on their GoBank cards, for the Tide washable fashion challenge.   I still wish they had let us know how the spending throughout the season had gone.  Did they use up their prior GoBank cards on episode 12?  Could they have spent leftover pennies on the finale collection?

Justin is glad that the judges' criticisms are an easy fix.  Alexandria is trying to impress Nina, who was bored with her work.   Ya know, Nina did complain about lack of color.  However, in s6 she practically flat out told Irina no all-black, yet Irina won that season.  So, um, words are just that, Nina.  Only words.

The designers spend quality time with Johnny LaVoy, and then ...

Since Justin isn't using his mushroom wigs, can *I* use them?

It's the last Tim-thru!  He tells Bradon that his prints are sexy.  Dom interviews that they aren't, they are merely old.    Tim tells Dom that her collection is so clearly and obviously hers.   He advises her to work on the symmetry of the large prints.     Justin is told that one look is too librarian.  Alexandria interviews that while his 3D plastic pieces are cool, that's the emphasis of his collection, not designing fabric.   She hears from Mr. Gunn that she has to eliminate the 'dumb t-shirts.'  

Model fittings … Billy B … last hug from Tim …

What was up with that dreary music the morning of runway day?  That ain't right!   Aren't they happy and excited, even if overly tired, to be showing at Lincoln Center?  It should be like waking on Christmas day, or something.

Justin's model broke her ankle?  New model?  Oy, the stress.  Bradon's model poured coffee on the outfit.  You would think food & drink would be banned from the area, wouldn't you?   

Here's what Heidi, Zac, Nina and Kerry saw:





I don't know.  I mean, I get Dom's girl and Alexandria's girl.  They both exist.  They are current and believable.  Or, at least believable.  Justin's is cool, but I think I like the 3D pieces way more than the clothing.  It's not Project Accessory.  As for Bradon's, I just don't see this person.  Yes, I like some individual pieces very much, but for me each look needs to have something replaced with something more plain in order to make it work.  It really unnerves me that Nina said EXACTLY what I was thinking, that look #2 should be the basis for a collection, and that he should get rid of the other looks.  Oh, and that he was SO good during the season.

I'm not saying that Justin and Bradon fell short.  I'm saying that my lack of understanding is showing, and I don't know how to judge them.  Good thing I'm not a judge, just a cranky old geezer.

Oh, and I do believe the word "Tide" was uttered on the show more than any other word in the history of PR.  More than fashion, more than bus, more than HP, more than anything.

So, if the judges and I completely agreed on everything, does that mean they are grumpy old men, too?   Or am I finally learning something after watching 12 seasons of PR, 1 of Accessory, 2 of PR All-Stars, 2 of PR Canada, 4 of PR Australia, 3 of P Catwalk, 2 of PR Korea  and 2 of PR Philippines, not to mention All On The Line, The Fashion Show, Launch My Line and RuPaul's Drag Race?

Oh, please, you haven't even learned how to
boil water, no matter how much you watch me.

Congratulations, Dom.  You earned the win.  I'm better for having seen your work.  You, too, AVB, what a strong #2. 

Still, I can't figure out the ennui.  Every one else in the country had it when season 6 aired.  I guess I'm a bit slow, eh?  Maybe I'm more into Avant Garde this year.

Well, my eyes are on PR All-Stars 3.  I am hoping that the threat of only 11 contestants is a lie.  I want Ra'mon and Valerie to be in the cast.

Or maybe I'm just more concerned with my dreams.  The last few nights the leads from Law & Order SVU and Love It Or List It have switched shows.  Yeah, David & Hillary were in the precinct, fake fighting over renovation possibilities.  And Benson & Stabler were walking through an empty new build in the 'burbs, trying to decide whether to buy it or stay in their old home.  I guess Munch couldn't update the kitchen, or is it that Tutuola ran into trouble in the basement?

Aaaaah, Swatch is alive, that's all I really need to be concerned about.

That's right.


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