Saturday, October 12, 2013

PR12e13 Finale Part One 10 October 2013

Last time on Project Runway:  Butterflies, Billy B., twist additional challenge, Bradon won, Helen cried, Justin's bravery knew no bounds, and nobody was completely axed to place 5th, let alone 4th for the season.  We started with five, we ended with five.  At the end of the last episode Bradon & Dom were guaranteed spots to compete for the PR prize package at Fashion Week.  Alexandria, Helen and Justin are fighting for 1 (or 2?) spots.   Fans thought Dom should have won and Alexandria should have gone home.

Oh, and Heidi played with an imaginary sausage.
Or was that "I'm a little teapot, short & stout?"

I wonder if Ken didn't show at Fashion Week because Tim refused to go visit him on a finale collection home visit?  (Spoiler:  We know that the top 9 except for Ken showed collections at Fashion week last month in real life.  We just don't know who was competing in addition to Bradon & Dom, and who was merely a decoy along with Jeremy, Alexander and Kate.)

The five remaining designers meet up with Heidi & Tim on the runway.  Dom & Bradon are guaranteed spots to compete at Fashion Week.  Alexandria, Helen & Justin will show 3 looks to the judges, and then they will decide if they are worthy to compete.  They each get $9,000 and six weeks to make a 10 outfit collection for Spring.  They had $10,000 last time, but only 3 were competing.  Wait, each season had eight altogether between legit & decoys.   Hmmm … Wait, a twist?  One of the looks is to be made out of unconventional materials.   

Tim Gunn states he will be coming to check in on them really soon.  This makes Alexandria cry?

Why are you crying?

The torture is nearly over.
But I'm alive!  I'll be home soon.
As God as my witness I will sleep again!

The designers pack up and leave.  Wow, what a difference from season 5, eh?

Four weeks later Tim is in Philly, PA to see Dom.  She has a mother, a brother and a boyfriend.  "How unglamorous you are!," he beams to the BF.  After a meal at the restaurant where Dom works, he gets an update on her finale collection.  Her inspiration is retro futurism a la Blade Runner.  She explains it is all about lines meeting curves.  She is having her own prints made.  Tim suggests to stick with knits.  Dom's unconventional material is … metal mending braces for doors?  It isn't finished, it could be good.

Then Tim visits Bradon in L.A., CA with only 12 days to go.    His front door was marked by a gang?  Bradon's inspiration is a crocus breaking through the snow in NY state.  He explains that Spring doesn't necessarily mean pastel and Easter.  No, it can mean dreary and metallic, too.  Oh, and elastic bandages (unconventional material, but … really?)

Tim experiences family time at the beach with Bradon, his fiance, and their dog who is trying to dig himself out of there!  Bradon shares that after leaving dance he was afraid he'd never find something else to do that would grab his heart.

The next day TG checks in on Alexandria in San Mateo, CA.  She interviews that she has been working hard every day.  That's the way to do it, but, the headwear?  Really?  She made 30 pieces!  Seth Aaron would be proud.   No, wait, did she mean 30 outfits, or 30 pieces?  Each look consists of a pair of pants, a shirt and a jacket of sorts, or something.  That would mean 30 pieces = 10 outfits.  Ugh.  The pocket detail on the pants is cute.  Her unconventional look is made of camp kids.  Or phone books.  Maybe both.

Camp Couture!  The children show Tim what they have made.  Then Alexandria shows off dolls based on PR people of s12.  Tim loves how spot-on they are.

I think they are whimsical and adorable.

We'll see you soon.

I gotta go back?  Don't make me go back!

It's Union City, NJ next to visit Helen.  Geez, 9 days before Fashion Week.  What could anyone do to course correct with such little time left?  Helen's inspiration is clairvoyance.  She had a print made from her BF's eye.  Or something.  Tim isn't buying all of the looks, but he gets that the capes are the main focus and saving grace.  It does look like her.  Shower matts are what she will use for the unconventional materials look.  We meet her parents and her boyfriend later over a meal.  Tim gently picks on her for the over-confidence and tear jags coming from the same person.

Raleigh, NC and Justin!  We see parents, a sister and the interpreter, whom Justin NEVER SEEMS TO USE.  Did ya notice that?  Of course you did.   She's signing away and he's never looking at her.  Okay, peripheral vision, I guess.  Maybe.

Justin's inspiration was sound waves.  He goes on a progression with the collection, from not hearing, to hearing being overwhelming, to being at peace with it.  3D printing is part of the collection.

Tim wants some Frito's.
C'mon, this isn't a Top Chef
unconventionally sourced challenge.

The unconventional material is test tubes.  Okay, that's a good one.

Just a few days later they are back in NYC days before Fashion Week.  The designers meet up at The Refinery Hotel.  It is nice to see them all getting along, as opposed to some other seasons.

It's Tim-thru time at the work room.  He's brought Raquel Rozas, Tide Brand Mgr., but why?  She explains that people like to wash their clothes at home.  Why, it's worthy of a Fox News Alert!  We haven't had such breaking news since U.S.A. Today told us that the brain is in the head.

There's to be another look!  Tim tells them … but not today!  You'll be doing this after we determine who is actually going to compete at Fashion Week.  Well, that was silly.

Tim is concerned about Alexandria's proportions.   He wants her to show at least one hat.  I'm worried that someone is beating up Tim.   He had to go to the hospital?

Tim is excited that Justin is showing his unconventional materials show stopper dress.  His first work is called sloppy and puckery.  

Uh-oh & uh-oh!

Tim doesn't like the clunky shoulders on Helen's outfits.  He's trying to make a diaper out of one of the looks.  That cannot be good.   Tim sees craft gone awry. Or crap gone awry.

So, how do they do?

Alexandria Von Bromssen

Helen Castillo

Justin LeBlanc

Heidi was so obvious, she really liked Alexandria's and Justin's preview collections.  At least you know where you stand with her.

Justin explains his collection.   Heidi says she is blown away, it's fashion forward.   She hates the mushroom mop hair, though.  Zac offers congratulations.  The middle look has too many ideas.  He hates the hair, too.  Nina doesn't mind the hair, she thinks he needs to have edgy hair on the models.  She loves the belt on the 2nd look.

Alexandria explains her idea of what punk should be next.  The funky pockets are a hit with Heidi.   She hears fashion forward and cool.  Heidi wants every piece.  Zac likes the construction and that it is modern, fun and cool.  Nina thinks the looks don't really look like anything, and is worried that there is no color.  Nina is bored!

... and loopy? 

Nina likes the minimal, feminine aesthetic of Helen's work.  However, the last look is tortured, and the poor model can't move.

It's got a cool fabric and you can dance in it.

Nina likes the initial idea, but not the final result.  Heidi is SO unhappy with the work.  Nina doesn't understand how "clairvoyance" is portrayed in the clothing.  Nina also hates the hair braids around the neck, like someone is going to get hung.

I haven't slept, eaten, or showered in weeks!

How do you have a boyfriend?!

Watch and learn!

Well, it's as clear as can be.  However, will the judges get it right?  During "closer looks" they marvel at Justin's work, they fight over whether Alexandria's work is interesting or not, and lament Helen's poor work and talent level.

Justin is in.  He hears accolades.

It's down to Alexandria and Helen, and Alexandria is in!

That means Helen is out.

So, Helen placed 5th for season 12, and showed her collection as a decoy during Fashion Week.  

I can't argue with them.  I didn't see it coming, though.  I thought Helen would apply herself and have a more fully realized collection.  Is she the first person to win four weekly challenges and not compete in the finale?

Next week, Justin's model breaks her ankle!  Now I want to see a runway with the models all in wheelchairs.



  1. Helen is like a less talented Michael Knight--remember him? When Alexandria talked about Helen being like a student, I think she was onto something. Helen worked well within challenges, assignments. An entirely different process that conceptualizing and executing a body of work. I'm in interior design, and have seen the same thing in that field--people who are aces in the classroom, but never really do anything of note after that. (Beyond that, she appears from Twitter to be a nasty little loser, so no sadness for her here.)

  2. That Justin's middle look had "too many ideas" is the very point. It reflects the cacophony of sound he found himself dealing with after receiving his implant.