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PR12e12 The Butterfly Effect 3 October 2013

Last week on Project Runway the contestants were inspired by successful young adults who had jobs and gave back to the community.  Dom had her 2nd win, while both Alexander and Kate earned their aufs.  It was hard to watch.  It's better that way, though, than hating someone who does poor work and manages to stay for weeks.  Count your blessing, pick your fights, Gianni.  Or, something like that.

And be thankful that only one Laurence brother was on s12.

Not THOSE Lawrence brothers.

It's morning in NYC and the designers are being fed lines from the producers brooding over the recent departure of Kate and Alexander.  Justin was sure he was one of the two going home.  Ya know, Justin sure is getting a big edit.  Alexandria, too.  Hmmm … those are my picks for who would be canned next.  Not whom I *wish* to be gone, but who *will* be.  Let's see how I do.

You know, PR isn't all about YOU.  It's about all my clothing lines.

Field trip!  They all venture off to the Billy B. exhibit in Smithtown.  Or the Sweetbriar Nature Center.

Did you think of PR Australia s2e4?

You miss Lauren, too, eh?

Not really.

The contestants are to create an avant garde look inspired by butterflies.

You thought of McQueen 2010, didn't you?

Why are you dragging me into this?

This challenge is just right for me.

Ah, this challenge is brought to you by L'Oreal.  Bien sur.  They get 2 days!

Did you see the butterfly attack Dom?  I thought it was gonna go in her mouth like the fly into Belloq's mouth near the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Billy B. gives the wise advice of "be inspired" and "have fun."  They would have never come up with that on their own.

Each picks a particular butterfly to base the sketch on except for Bradon who would rather just take in the view than actually sketch.  Or maybe he is just gonna puke after a bender.

Of course Justin LeBlanc goes for the albino butterfly.

Ah, the pay off never came!  At Mood they do NOT explain how much money is left on their GoBank cards.    We don't know who spent the most or least this season.  Argh!  That was a wasted opportunity, huh?  Does anyone have left over money?  Can they use it on the finale collections?

Bradon looks like he won a five minute shopping spree, you know, where he can have for free everything that he can lay his hands on.  Go wild man!

Dom spent $628.   Bradon spent $984.   Justin 'wins' with $1,167.  Alexandria blew through $992.  Helen's items cost $1,057.   The suggested amount to spend was $500.

Back in the work room, Justin is making piping.  Bradon is rolling his silk into noodles.  It sure looks like white black girl's "Post-It" note dress idea, doesn't it?

Yo, homie be down wi'dat.  Peace out.

In the morning on day two we get an announcement from Tim.  Not only is it Billy B. makeup advisory time, but they have a nail man!  He is Tom Baychik.  Alright, I promise to complain less about missing Collier Strong.  (Not really, but, I'll fake it.)

And now all I can think of is THIS, since it is hair and nail time.

Ah, now it's the real Tim-thru.  Tim loves Dom's work.  She is afraid of going too far with the not-matching prints.  Tim affirms her ability to push it without going crazy.  Tim seems stern with her.

Well, Helen went literal.  She has a black cocoon coat and an orange dress.  Guess what?  She has a meltdown.  What did we learn this season?  Timothy hides in his unicorn fantasy, Sandro throws a tantrum, Ken gets boiling mad as often as he breathes, and Helen cries.  Well, at least we know it's her. 

There's just not enough time, and I don't know what to do.

Tim belts her!  He has a right hook, imagine that!  No, he just claps, not to applaud her acting, but to remind her that she needs to stop whining and "rally."

Alexandria is ripping silk.  Well, I'm sure she isn't "ripping" it, but that's what it looks like.  Tim loves it.  He's a Goth?  Is he an albino Goth?  That *might* explain Justin's fondness for him, but not the other way around.  Okay, I'm reaching with that.

Tim loves Bradon's back.

Oh, honey, we all do.

Tim isn't sold on the white silk noodles.  But, wait, as Bradon places one at the waist, Tim suddenly gets a chill.  Behold, the power of the noodle!

Justin shows his cording work to Tim.  Mr. G. doesn't like one of the fabrics, but Justin has another one on the side that is worthy, per Tim.

At this point the contestants rip or comment on the other looks in interview.  How silly, they are nowhere near done at this point.  Helen's model is supportive, reminding Helen that in an avant garde challenge the designs will look a bit costumey.

On the runway day the drama drums are playing as they walk into the work room.  Ha!  In front of them are all of the outfits that got their designers canned, from Angela to Kate.  Is that all?  From the way they reacted, I thought that a wall had been blown out or something.  Or that everything in the room had been eliminated.  Or that the Laurence brothers had returned.

Sandro didn't get a look, since he wasn't eliminated, he was disqualified for running off set and assaulting a cameraman.  Hell, he probably beat up others, too.

Tim is all chipper.  "Today is not a runway day."  They're getting an additional, unrelated challenge!  You see what's coming, yes?  Create a new 'winner' look from the 'loser' outfit of their choice.  Dom grabs Jeremy's 'madame' red with the red print.  Alexandria goes right for Miranda's "Christmas" plaid look, because there's lots of fabric.  Bradon is drawn to Sue's placemat dress.  Helen chooses Kate's, but is it only because Kate was her best friend on the show?  Justin chooses his own foaming vagina.

Tim nods in agreement, and says he is very proud of him.

So, three fairly full days for two garments, one of which is to be avant garde.  Helen pushes through on her transformation look, and goes back to the avant garde.

Near the end of the third day Alexandria is crying and calls home.  Nooooo!  Don't do that!  They'll give you the W/L edit, and you can't be sure you won't be getting the LOSER edit!

On the real runway morning Helen interviews that even though she has won so many challenges, she could be sent home if hers is the worst.

That's right, that could happen.

Joining HK, ZP, NG and NV-TG on the judging side is Emmy Rossum.

A V A N T    G A R D E

Dom Streater

Alexandria Von Bromssen

Helen Castillo

Justin LeBlanc

Bradon McDonald

M A K E    I T    W O R K    T R A N S F O R M A T I O N

Dom Streater

Alexandria Von Bromssen

Helen Castillo

Justin LeBlanc

Bradon McDonald

Heidi states that it was one of the best final runway shows they ever had.

Justin explains his albino butterfly inspiration for the avant garde look.  He also tells about choosing his own losing outfit and turned it into something more believable.  Nina calls the AG look the best he has done all season.  She sees it wasn't finished perfectly, but that's all that the judges have to say on the bad side.

Helen wanted the edges on her dress to be reminiscent of the fluttering wings of the butterfly.  She says she is happy with what she did for the Kate print redo.  Heidi likes the AG and not the Kate, and Zac is the opposite.  He sees a grated carrot.  Nina loves the reworked outfit.   Ms. Rossum sees orange soda for the first look, Nina sees pumpkins.

Alexandria was inspired by a dark butterfly, and chose Miranda's because there was lots of fabric.  Hmmm, that explanation can't be good.  Heidi loves the AG, but not the other.  However, the pants are undeniably hot.  Emmy agrees.  Zac and Nina disagree and like the repurposed look, but not the avant garde.  Ha!

Bradon's inspiration was the frantic energy.  Nina loves both looks, she thinks every angle is interesting.  Heidi sings "Hallelujah" but in B, not D.  

Dom was taken with crossbreeding, so she picked a few prints.  Nina loves the exuberance of the AG look, and that she did a jumpsuit under the coat.  Zac sees a brand.  Heidi loves the play on volume.  Emmy wants to wear the AG coat and run around in it.  Nice.

The contestants get the annoying question, and what you need to know is that no one picked Alexandria, everyone picked Dom, and no one got bent out of shape or was treated badly.

That never happens.

During "closer looks" the judges still are split on Alexandria's work, and Helen's, too.  They see the faults in construction of Justin's AG look.  Nina can't get past the fact that no one would bring Alexandria along with them to Fashion Week.

The contestants come out and Dom is strongly complimented.  So is Bradon and,

Bradon is declared the winner.

Both he and Dom are guaranteed slots for competing at Fashion Week.

That leaves Aleandria, Helen and Justin.   Heidi says that while everyone did so well, the three still standing in front of her had uneven looks.  She is sending them home to make collections, but they will battle it out when they return for Fashion Week.  Heidi is mum about the number (maybe none will make it in to compete?  Maybe all will make it in?  Most probably 1 or 2 will.)  However, Helen and Alexandria talk like they are sure that only one more spot remains to be had.

Next week, Tim makes the rounds.  Where is he going, NYC and NC I remember, where else?   Heidi holds her nose.  Someone did a bad scratch 'n sniff?

At least Tim is happy.  Hugs for everyone!


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