Friday, October 4, 2013

PR12e12 The Butterfly Effect3 October 2013

Thirty minutes before they have to, the five remaining designers are passing by the work room, on their way to the runway.  Something shiny catches Justin's eye, and they go in to take a look.

Justin LeBlanc: What's this?  Some overgrown HP product?

Alexandria Von Bromssen: We must be doing another HP Intel challenge today.  But what does THIS machine do?  It's huge!

Bradon McDonald: It says, "HP (In)Teleporter." 

Helen Castillo:  Are you all thinking what I'm thinking?  

She gets four blank stares.  It is 7 in the morning on day one of the last regular challenge.  I'll cut them some slack.

HC: ... Ray Bradbury?  ... A Sound Of Thunder?  ... The Butterfly Effect?  ...  Voyagers?

(Okay, that last one was merely gratuitous.  And yummy.)

Helen still gets four blank stares.

She schools the others on the possibilities of the machine.  She has to use Ashton Kuchner, Ed Norton and Futurama to get the point across.

HC:  This is a gift, not only for us, but for the entire world touched by Project Runway.  We can change the present by tweaking the past.  Think of it:  Danny V. won't make any wooden purses in s2,  Uli can win along with Jeffrey in s3, we'll make Mondo win over Gretchen in s8, and Austin can have the 1st All-Stars.

Everyone:  And Ken can leave much earlier!

Dom Streater:  Can we help Sandro calm down and think clearly?

HC:  No, it's a PC,  not a Mac.

So they turn on the HP (In)Teleporter, get in, and try to set the device, but they can't make sense of the console.  They hit some buttons anyway, and off they go.

JLB: We've gone too far!


AVB:  Well, if we've gone too far, we may as well step out and see what's around.

JLB:  Are you kidding me?

But it's too late.  Alexandria has stepped on a butterfly, and brought it back in on the bottom of her boot.

They hit another button and they are suddenly wooshed back to present day.

DS:  I don't wanna look!

But they do, and everything looks the same.  So, they timidly set foot into the Parsons work room.

Meanwhile, Ken Laurence, Ben Laurence and Len Laurence are waiting in the work room.  "Where have you been?," they beam.

BMD:  Triplets?!?!

HC:  Look what you did, Alexandria, you made THREE of them, and they are STILL HERE.

JLB: As God as my witness, I'll NEVER touch anything HP again.

We are just so honored to be the three showing at
Fashion Week and competing for the grand prize!
May the best ... Laurence ... win!

Oh, no he didn't!

Oh, yes he did.


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