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Face Off s5e9 Mortal Sins 8 October 2013

Last week on Face Off the makeup artists created looks for Cirque Bezerk performers.  There were four teams of two.

Eddie & Miranda were the top team, and Miranda won her fourth Spotlight (main) Challenge.

Laney & Alana were the bottom team, and Alana (sniff) went home.

It's morning in L.A. and we're getting a couple of edits.  Laney & Laura are gabbing outside while Roy & Eddie are chatting inside.  I think that this is merely showcasing that Eddie was #2 last week, and Laney was 2nd worst.  It only took me all season to pick up on that.  At any rate, Laney is reiterating that she and Alana didn't work well together, or produce good work.

Roy is determined to do well this challenge.

The five veterans and two newbies meet up with both McKenzie Westmore and Glenn Hetrick at St. Brendan Catholic Church.  Laura interviews that it is gorgeous and creepy.

I'm a brooding ... church?

McKenzie and Glenn are both there to introduce the Spotlight Challenge.   They are to create a forbidding character that embodies one of the seven deadly sins.  Each is represented by a particular color, and said color must be included in the look.  Here's how it breaks down:

          Laney • Greed • Yellow
          Eddie • Envy • Green
          Tate • Sloth • Light Blue
          Frank • Gluttony • Orange
          Larua • Wrath • Red
          Roy • Pride •  Purple
          Miranda • Lust • Blue

Glenn tells them that they must define the exact essence of their sin, but not to be obvious.  Wait, be clear, but not TOO clear?   Miranda is worried she can't incorporate her color into her look.  What, she's unfamiliar with blue?  Some of them seem to come up with ideas fairly readily, although Frank doesn't know exactly how to incorporate his color (orange) either.  Eddie has a cool design, but does it really read "envy?"

A few hours into the first day the Westmore's arrive for the mentoring. 

Tate explains his 2 snakes concept.  Michael starts to give advice, but Tate is ahead of him, and he already did what Michael is suggesting he should do.  Heh.

Frank tells McKenzie that he is still trying to figure out how to incorporate the color orange into his work.  He says that he doesn't want to go too obvious with a fat suit, so he will take it to morbidly obese.  Wait, if fat is too predictable can very fat really be all that special and out of the box?  My head hurts!

Roy has pride.  Michael advices him to use coarse hair, not fine hair, when Roy tells him he doesn't want the model to seem to have a full head of hair, but only partial.

Miranda tells the Westmores that she doesn't want to paint the skin blue.  She'll use it in the outfit, and then the head will be a translucent lavender that works into blue at the top of the horns.   That will be enough, right?

Michael doesn't want Laura to go overboard with the blood.  (Her color is red.)  I like her idea of the model's hands ripping the skin on the head.

Laney wants to make an aged look.  Michael says it's gotta be right, or it's wrong.   Thank GOD he's there to spew these golden nuggets of truth, huh?  Okay, I'll back off, he's not as bad as Yogi Berra.

Eddie was inspired by the church.  Wait, that isn't what the challenge was.  Uh-oh!  Michael says he can't see the "envy" idea.  Double uh-oh!

Laura uses Roy as a reference for wrinkles.  That's a slap in the face, eh?  What's worse is that I didn't even think it WAS Roy for a while since he seems to be glued to his hat all the time.

The contestants all interview their plans and ideas.  Many of the makeup artists help each other, as is shown when Frank needs help with his huge mold.   Frank still doesn't know where the orange will go in his look.  

When Miranda asks Frank for some help with a power washer, he declines, telling her he is busy with his work (he is, to be fair.)  Miranda's tone is grating, for sure.  Imagine Winona Ryder whining.  Bet ya can.

Still Tate finds it in his heart to help her out.  It does NOT seem to take all that long.

The rest of day two and the final moments leading up to the stage reveal are the typical flurry of work to the last minute.  Some things never change.

Joining Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is guest judge Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal,  Dead Like Me.)

Isn't it cute that he is so happy to be there?  I mean, as opposed to Glenn who always looks pissed off.  Maybe it's just gas.








McKenzie calls out Laura,


and Laney as the middle safe, and they head out back to await the fate of the others.

Glenn is super impressed with Miranda's lust-demon.  She hears 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' from the judges.  Bryan thinks there should be more "T&A" but otherwise agrees with the regular judges.

Ve calls out Frank for not honoring the challenge.  She doesn't like the neck idea.  Neville says that design-wise there is almost nothing there.  Glenn likes the work on the chest, and Frank's work in general, but too far away from any decent idea.

Roy explains that his "pride" look took inspiration from someone getting too much plastic surgery.  The judges like the idea, but not the work.   Each hated it up close.  Glenn sees zombie, not overdone plastic surgery.

Tate is commended for having such an interesting concept, the snakes biting, and the staircase to God.   When he explains that the color was used for highlights on the face, Ve accepts that as enough use of color.

Miranda is in the top two.

So is Tate, and he wins!  It's his 2nd win this season.

Frank and Roy are the bottom two.

Frank is let go for not putting his color into his work, and for not having a fresh original concept.  He has done good work in the past.  It was a surprise that he didn't follow the guidelines this time around.  Tonight's episode was reminiscent of the Frank we saw on s1.

What was that with the "I'm out bitches!"

Oh, and better yet, bragging how he helps others?

['d like to know that.

Yeah, he *has* helped others in the past, but it smacks of insincerity since he wouldn't help Miranda.

Two noobs and five veterans remain.   Who do you think will win?  Who do you think will go next?  Eddie has the worst track record.  Everyone except for Miranda has been in the bottom at least once.  However, don't you think that Miranda is going to self-destruct with all of her worrying and going into crisis mode?  I can easily imagine her having a stress seizure soon.


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