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Face Off s5e8 Cosmic Circus 1 October 2013

Last week on Face Off Roy won immunity and makeup on the Foundation Challenge, which was to create a 'sister' look to guest judge Elvira.  The Spotlight Challenge was to create a living representation of an art movement.

Laura won for her take on a cubist figure.

Scott was eliminated for his father inspired surrealistic man.

It's morning in L.A., and — look!  Neither Laura nor Alana is getting the morning edit.  Laney is, along with Miranda and Eddie.

Hmmmm … do you think Laney is the winner, the one getting auf'd or the one with the biggest 'story' this week?

Over in the work room they forget to pay the electric bill, it's dark again.  Well, no, this is McKenzie Westmore's way of introducing Cirque Bezerk.  The Spotlight Challenge (no Foundation Challenge this week) is to create a dark and sexy alien creature that would perform as a Cirque Bezerk member would.  Think acrobat meets gymnast meets old vaudeville meets dance.

Or so McKenzie and Suzanne Bernell (Co-Owner & Creative Dir.) say.  SB reminds the contestants that the looks need to stay intact while they move about.  (Hope that that wasn't *too* new of a thought for them!)

The six veteran and two newbie contestants pair up:  Tate & Frank (both from s1,) Miranda & Eddie (s2 and new,) Roy & Laura (both from s3) and Alana & Laney (s3 and new.)

Frank and Tate go in a punk rock direction.  Laura and Roy decide their guy will have a parasite on the front of him.  Laney and Alana go for a Ringmaster with scales on him.  Eddie and Miranda come up with a crown-like head shape.  What's interesting is that Miranda is doing the front of the cowl while Eddie does the back of the same piece.

Tate is still suffering from the injury last time around (geez, someone is injured every season, huh?)  but he is pushing and making do.  

It's Westmore Walk-Thru time.  (Already?)

Michael wants Miranda's work to be less wrinkled, more smooth.  Why is Michael featuring robot arms this episode?

Tate/Frank's edit is too quick.  They are middle safe, trust me.

Alana & Laney are told to utilize the abundance of hair their model has, not to hide it.  

Michael is concerned about Laura's face.  The mouth is too cartoony and reptilian, and he does not like the nostrils.  Laura is on board to change it right away, but, to what?

Frank thinks Miranda & Eddie's work is too reminiscent of Hellboy's Angel of Death.  Miranda interviews in her best Winona Ryder meltdown voice that she is worried because she doesn't have time to change it.  She keeps saying "Make it work" and I keep thinking, "Wrong show!"

Alana does not like Laney's head piece, the cowl with the scales all over it.  You know what the judges say in general … a bad sculpt can be 'fixed' with a great paint job.  They want the paint job to be perfect at all times, and are willing to let a bad sculpt slide, as long as the paint is stellar.  So, she may be right, but it's not the right thing to fixate on at this point.

Roy is having trouble with his foam (like a previous episode?) and Laura is trying to determine paint colors.

Tate and Frank are finished way before the others.  

On day three when they are applying their looks to the models, Alana decides not to use the cowl that Laney made, stating the edges aren't good.  Geez, you smooth them over, don't you?  It's a flurry of work and suddenly we're at the judging stage.

How do they do?

Laura & Roy

Laney & Alana

Eddie & Miranda

Frank & Tate

Then they are joined by a few other troupe members and do their movements on the floor.  Because that's what dark and sexy aliens do, dance in formation.  All of the looks do fine, as far as staying on.

How did you think they did?  I thought there were pieces of each's head that were great, except for Laney & Alana's Treefrog Ringmaster.  When was the last time a frog was sexy?  Even the neon light green ones are cartoony at best, not sexy.  No matter what you think of the work, it doesn't meet the brief.

What's really funny is that during the 'closer looks' and the actual judging is that the judges don't all agree.

Frank clearly did more work than Tate.  Glenn loves the face.  Ve thinks the entire paint job is great, while Neville thinks it's muddy.  

The judges are floored that the cowl front is by Miranda and the back is by Eddie.  I mean, they are amazed because they look like they were made by one person.  Glenn finds the symmetry sexy (I concur) but Ve thinks she looks too masculine and not sexy enough.

Neville says that Alana & Laney's work isn't dark or sexy.  Glenn likes the nose idea, and that's it.  Glenn hates that it is goofy, funny looking.  Ve hates the paint job.

Laura & Roy present their work, and the judges just HATE the parasite placement.  Ve also hates the color of the entire creation.    Glenn calls it a mixed bag.  Neville likes the head, but rips on the rest.

Really, the only top team is Miranda & Eddie.

Miranda wins!  That's a 4th Spotlight Challenge win, woo-hoo!

And, also, there's only one bottom team, Alana & Laney.

Alana is out for her face and design work.

Did Laney's outburst surprise you?

Did you see it coming?  I thought it was straightforward.  So, I guess Laney got the "I have the biggest story" edit, since she had to accommodate Alana's reasonable fears in an unreasonable way.  They should have used the head piece and fixed the bad edges.

So, we have five veterans and two rookies left.  Who do you want to win the season?  Who do you THINK will win the season.  Is it inevitable that Miranda wins it all?  Will Roy make it to the finale?  How far will Eddie make it?  Will Tate's hand be his demise?


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