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Face Off s5e11 Dark Magic 22 October 2013

Last time on Face Off the six remaining contestants created Grim Reaper looks in the Foundation Challenge.  Laura won, earning immunity for the Spotlight Challenge:  Create an original, humorous ghost, a la Beetlejuice.  How very Ve, eh?   Roy's Vaudevillian 2-for-1 creation won.  Eddie's bat boy was sent to the showers.

It's morning in L.A. and Laney is morose.  She is not having any fun anymore and is really homesick.  Or does she think she can't get to the finale?  Is she afraid of being berated by the judges?  Maybe she is traumatized by Glenn's mean face?  I can't tell.

The five remaining makeup artists meet McKenzie over at Kenneth Hahn State Park, where they see six "Stonehenge"-like stone monuments.

All I can think of is this.

And this.

And this.

And this.
Only McKenzie needs to fold her arms.

It's a Norse mythology Spotlight Challenge.

It's about time!

They are to pick a particular stone, and use its trait in their creation of a dark elf.  They don't know which trait that they will get, until after it's chosen.  Laura interviews that she is fully versed in elf-dom, and should do well on this task.  Roy has a bad feeling right from the start.  That's the spirit!

Laura takes occult abilities, Laney selects immorality, Miranda nabs chaos, Roy picks psychic powers and Tate has regeneration.  They sketch in the park, and then head back to the work room.  Like always, this Spotlight Challenge is a three-day affair.

Miranda has done elves before, and is concerned that she has to do another one.  So, she works on a Mayan character with pointy ears.  Wha?

Laney goes into the restroom to cry.  Tate unsuccessfully tries to cheer her up.  Roy gives it a go.  Geez, guys going into the girls bathroom?

It's happened before.

Hey, it's a Westmore rush through on day one!  Laura is told she can't paint everything dark.  Miranda explains that for a Norse Dark Elf challenge she is using the Mayans as inspiration.  Can you imagine someone on Project Runway explaining to Tim: Well, the challenge is to make a wedding dress, so I'm making a swimsuit instead!  Argh!  Tate explains his concept, and Michael likes the contrast between the dark skin and the bronze pie.  Roy gets painting advice.   Laney is told her elf is too human-looking.

Doesn't it seem this season like they are missing the most obvious concepts, and that Michael's advice nearly every time is to encourage them to paint well?   You or I could be doing this, it's so simple and basic.  I am not blaming Mr. Westmore, we know he is a genius in this area.  Still, it is odd.

Odder, still, is Laney quitting the next morning.   Excuse me?  What a great opportunity to squander!  It's not like they would have that many more days left for the season, anyway if she were to go all the way.  Ugh.  Would YOU quit if you missed your home life?  She did allude to being in the bottom earlier, and I think she just didn't want to hear anything from the judges anymore.  Geez, I only play if I can win.

Okay, Roy, it *just* hit me.  When you forget to wear the hat and the oversized button down shirts, you look younger and thinner.   Hey, someone has to fill the void now that Stacey and Clinton aren't together anymore.

Well, now we have four veterans competing.  They get to work, even as they are down from the departure of Laney.  Miranda spends an inordinate amount of time on her sculpting and doesn't leave much room for molding or painting.  I mean, she's worse than Wayne on a bad day.  Her model did a great amount of work, too!  I kept thinking it would disqualify her, but, no, it's not brought up.  Miranda doesn't finish painting, this is her worst ever.  Or anyone's worst ever.  She has one layer on one side done, that's it, right?  

Let's see how they did.





What did you think?

I know who *my* favorite Elvin warrior is.

Glenn is uber-impressed with Laura's work.  All the judges are.  Neville goes on & on over her thought process.

Ve doesn't see "elf" in Roy's work.  She likes the work, but it doesn't meet the challenge parameters.  Neville is bored.    Glenn is mad at Roy for not delivering an elf. 

Neville calls Tate's work "fantastic."  Glenn *adores* it?  Ve likes the color choices.

Miranda can't explain her work.  Ve hates the blue/green look.  Neville likes the sculpt, but not the paint.

Of course the top two are


and Tate, and Tate wins!

Miranda and Roy are in the bottom.  Since Laney already quit, no one gets kicked off.  Miranda gets rewarded for poor time management, in a sense.  As Glenn puts it, at least she showed up.

Well, now, who do you want to win s5?  Each of the remaining four have won a challenge, and have been in the bottom.  I love how Laura and the guys come off as level headed nd calm.   Miranda always seems to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown, eh?  Is that how she really is?  Maybe she's getting a bad edit?


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