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Face Off s5e10 Laughing Dead 15 October 2013

Last week on Face Off the contestants were tasked with personifying the seven deadly sins, and incorporating a corresponding color.  

Tate won with his take on sloth, using light blue as a skin highlight.  

Frank was eliminated for his gluttonous creation with no sign of orange anywhere.

It's morning in L.A. and Roy is getting one HELL of an edit.  He must win, lose, and slice off a finger.  Maybe he even quits.   Not that I'm wishing that, but, damn, that's a STRONG edit.  I guarantee you this:  He will NOT place in the middle, merely safe.

Hey!  A Foundation (mini) Challenge!   Former regular judge Patrick Tatopoulos is with McKenzie Westmore.  They are to give their take on The Grim Reaper.

Why did Laney blurt out a scared, worried, "Oh, no!"  And is that Tate face palming himself?  She's taking it a bit literally, isn't she?  I mean, they aren't the REAL grim reapers right there, they're just models.  

Damn straight.

So, they get 2 hours, and they're off.   Patrick is impressed with them all.

The work of Tate, Laney and Roy

and Miranda, Laura and Eddie

Top two are …


and Tate.

Laura wins immunity for the Spotlight (main) Challenge!

The next day they meet up with McKenzie and Ve Neill at The Laugh Factory.  The challenge is to create an original FUNNY ghost.  Think Beetlejuice.  Roy is using Vaudeville as inspiration.  He has two shorter people pretending to be one tall person.  Miranda is channelling Marie Antoinette.  Tate's creation is a Western type guy, Bone-Cap Bill.   Laura's guy isaa nerdy scientist whose work blew up.  Laney has a punk girl guitarist who was electrocuted.   Eddie … poor Eddie doesn't know what he has yet.  Three hours in Eddie starts to change gears from cancer/doctor, to a mad baseball player.

Westmore time!  Tate explains his concept, and McKenzie is cracking up.   Michael tells Tate to add the dirt / dust of the West.  He should look like he hasn't had a bath in a while.

Laney gets advice on how to incorporate lighting into the look.  Is she going too funny and ending up with a childish look?

Laura gets a quick, 'make it funny' edit.

Eddie is questioned on why the chin is the way it is.  I get that it looks like a baseball cap on his head.  I don't think he painted it right at the end, though.

Roy is told his sketch idea is better than the sculpt on the bottom head.

No Miranda?  S-A-F-E, don't you think?

Wait just a minute.  Is Miranda just using a wig holder as part of her work?  Do you think any of the other contestants would do that?  Is it allowed?  It sure seems like cheating to me, or, at least taking the easy way out.

On day 2 things are pretty straightforward.  Tate helps Laney figure out how to handle her hair.  They had already decided not to help each other anymore.  

Roy shows off his creation (not yet painted) and Tate, Miranda and Eddie are cracking up.  That's a good sign, eh?

At the end of day 2 Laney thinks she spent too much time on her wig, at the expense of everything else.

Day three and the models come in.  Laura is trying hard to win with immunity.  Eddie isn't painting the baseball cap like one.  Is he running out of time, or was this an artistic choice?  I don't understand.  Laney is trippin' 'cause she didn't do all the painting that she wanted to.

On one hand, this was a nicer episode, because there was less drama (not that it ever reaches PR levels here, 'cause it doesn't) but it did make for a simple recap.

How did they do?

2 of the three judges laugh.


All 3 judges crack up.





Miranda and Tate are called out as safe and sent to the makeup room outback.

Laura's mad scientist didn't realize that he died in an explosion.  Glenn calls it superb.  Wow.  Ve is impressed with all of the work, all over the body.  Neville wishes it was funnier, though.

Eddie shares of his ball player with a raging temper.  Ve says it is just weird, not funny.  The judges do NOT like the "KISS" eye treatment.  I don't like how the baseball cap was incorporated into his "glow in the dark" without actually doing so skin.  The head looks misshapen, he should have delineated the cap from the head.  Eddie can't explain why he did what he did.  Uh-oh!

Roy's creation made all the judges laugh out loud.  Glenn calls it genius.  Wow, he likes TWO looks this week?  Impressive.  Ve calls in unbelievable.

Laney's "Electra-Cute" doesn't tell the story, per Glenn.  It looks more alien than human ghost.   Ve calls it cute, but it doesn't read 'electrocuted.'  Neville likes the idea, but not the work at all.

Who's top 2?


and Roy.

Roy wins, and rightly so.

Bottom two are Laney and Eddie

and Eddie is eliminated.

So, now we are down to four veterans and one newcomer.  Did you agree?  I haven't had a problem with the judging all season.  What a difference from PR, eh?  Who's going to win, and who do you WANT to win?  I suspect it will be Laura, Miranda and Tate for the top 3, but Roy could surprise me and replace Roy.  I suspect Laney will go next, although I don't know what the challenge will be.


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