Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Still sans computer!
31 October 2013

Happy Halloween.  My computer is still dead.  It won't be resurrected for a few more days.  I will catch up on posts at that time.

I am fine, even if my computer is not.

Still on the edge of my seat for the finale of Face Off.  I saw a spoiler and I know which designers leave next for PRAS.   A thought:  Will the PR previous season winners place top 3?

Be well,

PRAS s3e01 Let's Get Punked 24 October 2013

Well, we've got 11 recycled veteran Project Runway contestants, three are previous winners!   I'm with you Andy Ari, that ain't right! 

Who has grown?  Who hasn't changed one bit?  Who is copying Seth Aaron's aesthetic from a few years ago, instead of coming up with something on their own?  We have some of each.

Well, I was wrong again.  Ra'mon & Valerie never made it onto the show.   They were up for returning to season 12 along with Kate who actually won the spot and competed in s12.  I figured they would let the losers be on All-Stars.  Nope.   So will the season be 2 episodes shorter than the others?

Alyssa Milano seems to be pronouncing Irina's name differently each time she says it.  Otherwise, I'm all for her being here.  I haven't looked to see if the other PR fans across the country feel the same way.  They didn't like the last two, so I bet AM is a welcome change.  That first outfit we saw her in, that confused me.  That's being polite.

The 11 designers meet up in Bryant Park (no tents, bien sur) and learn their challenge:  Create their own version of a punk-inspired outfit.  Debbie Harry will guest judge!   How is it that she looks far better than she did when "Maria" was out over a decade ago?   Damn, she's good!.

They sketch in the park, and then they head off to Mood, but they stay there!  No workroom for this challenge!  All work and hair & makeup get done right at Mood.  No, they don't sleep over there, that would have been funny.  They get to play with Swatch, though, so it's BETTER than a sewing room, eh?  Okay, maybe not.

Speaking of Swatch, why is Samuel L. Jackson looking more and more like a French Bulldog these days?  Or is it just on the Capitol One commercial?  Either way, ce n'est pas bon!  Even though I love dogs, it ain't right to me.

Okay, at this point, just knowing what you know about their past … how do you think they will do?   Also, which is more important, being fashion forward, showing the designer's particular aesthetic, or showing the 'punk?'   Should it be exactly one third of each?  Can you go heavy on the fashion forward and just have a smidgeon of punk?   Let me tell you, the judges sure seemed to let a bunch of non-punk slip through.  

Without seeing the rest, I have to have faith that Jeffrey and Seth Aaron nailed this challenge.    Maybe Korto, too, since she won that challenge back in season 5.  

I have magical scissors!  They can cut a competitor to shreds!

I am just scared that Elena is back.  Hide me.  Or something.

Zanna's mentor-thru is rushed, but I thought that was more due to editing than to ZRR herself.  Every time she goes to say something helpful, or say something period, we get interview snark from a fellow contestant.  That's not a mentor mentoring, that's self mentoring between the contestants.  That is NOT a good thing.

And let me tell you, I have an opinion
about your business and I am ready to whine!

The thing that jumps out at me is that Elena's jacket, while cool and fun, is more hip-hop 1990 than anything else.  I see Salt N Pepa, and The Fresh Prince, not genuine or even pseudo punk.  Yes, it's Halloween season, but this is scaring me.

Some of the outfits seem non-punk.  Some of the outfits seem fashion backward.   Wow.  I didn't see that coming.  I lived too long.  When they mention that Mary Kay is a sponsor, all I can think of is that Designing Women episode where Charlene can't quit her 2nd job.

Joining Alyssa Milano, the beautiful Georgina Chapman and the famous and ever popular Isaac Mizrahi is the legendary Debbie Harry.  I am so impressed that she didn't need a grand introduction like Natalie Portman, Lindsay Lohan and Bette Midler needed.   Nothing says you're not important like saying you are.  Just to be clear, I am meaningless and replaceable.  Just ask the ex.  

Jeffrey Sebelia
This counts as punk-inspired.  Is it fashion forward, though?  At all?

Christopher Palu
I'm not finding the punk here.  It feels busy.  Maybe that counts as fashion forward?

Irina Shabayeva
Okay, except for the bottom back area, which is not fitting properly, this is sorta kinda punk inspired, and believable.  This counts as meeting the challenge, yes?  Three in, and only one so far?  Uh-oh!

Viktor Luna
The handbag is worse than McKell's!  The leggings/pants aren't punk and the grommets don't say "punk" as much as they say "bedazzled by a student."   You're breaking my heart, VL. 

Korto Momolu
It's nice, yes.  I fail to see the punk inspiration, though.  It doesn't meet the challenge.   I see Seth Aaron's old ZIPPER!!! aesthetic showed up here.   Oh, wait, if you channel old Seth Aaron, maybe that qualifies as punk?  Ah, NOW I get it.  Okay, then this meets the brief, eh?

Daniel Esquivel
This is just Daniel's point of view, with an unconventional materials oversized belt, eh?  I see pink pieces of wheat just stuck on Daniel's typical output.  Not punk.  Well, maybe a mid-western take on it.  Okay, I'll take it back.

Elena Slivnyak
I hear Salt N Pepa rapping.   They're nice ladies and all, but they're not what I think of when I think of punk.

Ari South
I don't see any change from his aesthetic from before.  It's the same colors as his s8 finale collection, huh?  I question whether it is fashion forward, although it looks nice.  There is NO punk in evidence here.

Mychael Knight
I see the strength of a punk inspiration, but this seems just like a nice too-short outfit.  Okay, it's not Zulema short, but it's on it's way.

Melissa Fleis
Okay, I like this one, but, again, is the punk inspiration showing up enough?  I mean, besides the hair.

Seth Aaron Henderson
Thank GOD, I see some punk inspiration.   Of course, this is a challenge made for SAH, but, still,  fit is not an issue, and it looks punk, but more sophisticated, and believable for the challenge.

Alyssa calls out Christopher, Arena (not Irina?) Mychael, Daniel and Korto as safe.

Isaac loves Viktor's jacket, but thinks it missed the punk aspect.  Alyssa sees two different outfits.  Debbie finds it too sophisticated.

Georgina likes Jeff's point of view, Isaac adores the anarchy.  Okay.  

Georgina thinks Ari's work is beautiful, but thinks it is too perfect.  Alyssa can't see any punk.  Isaac nails it - he's in his own head and isn't self-editing.

Seth Aaron's is a hit, no one has anything bad to say.

Melissa gushes that she spent all of her time on the jacket and less on everything else.   Funny thing is, the judges LIKE her dress underneath.  Isaac says the jacket is too now and unoriginal.  Uh-oh, that's her thing, yes?  But, at least it isn't all black, so she grew since last year.

The judges ADORE Elena's work.  The straight-jacked look is a hit.  What about being able to put it on, eh?  Punk seemed to have a do-it-yourself part to it, and one can't put on the jacket fully by oneself, can one?

Seth Aaron is in.  Elena wins — she was the only one who had never won a challenge before.  Jeffrey is in, of course.  Melissa is also in.

That means Ari and Viktor were the bottom two.

Ari is out.

I guess the judges want to see some redneck dinosaur looks from Viktor?  I don't know, they both seemed so far away from the challenge that they could BOTH be out.  Being a fan of VL, it was hard to watch this episode.   I can say this:  I want to see Irina, Seth Aaron and Elena do a variety of looks for a wide range of situations.  Okay, I'm in.  Even if there's no RLJ or VM.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PR12e15 • Reunion • 24 October 2013

Last time on Project Runway it was the finale and we learned the winner and runner-up placements.  Dom won season 12, and rightly so.  Did I think she would win going into the finale?  No, I believed one other designer was going to do much better than he actually did.  Oh, well, it's not like I've never been wrong before.

Tim is there, but no Heidi, Zac or Nina.  =o(   At least Justin has his interpreter that he never uses.   And all of the designers showed up, even those disqualified or with irrational rage.

Tim asks how everyone is doing, and if they are happy to be there.  Helen has to share that she doesn't want to be there.  Wow, she got to show a decoy collection, cheer up already!

And since when has Tim Gunn been Burl Ives?  Or even Mr. Hollingsworth?

Tim asks Dom if it has sunk in that she won.  He asks the other three finalists how it feels to lose.  How thoughtful and sweet, Mr. Gunn.

Dom thought the competition was stiff this season.  Tim agrees.  Alexander was impressed with the diversity.  Kate enjoyed the challenges more on s12 than s11.  She does state that she enjoyed both go 'rounds, though.  Something obvious:  She liked s12 better because she didn't have to work on a tea, challenge every single time.

Well, at this rate we're never gonna finish the recap.  How about this:  Here are the few main points one needs to take away from the reunion this time around.

1.  Ken is remorseful over how he acted.  I love a good redemption story, don't you?

2. Jeremy thought Bradon was scene-stealing with his proposal.

3.  Miranda and Timothy are buddies again.  That's good, since they are from the same part of the country, eh?  They made up right away.  Oh, same for Ken and Alexander.

4.  Helen thinks Alexandria has issues with her, but Alexandria doesn't know why.  Does she think Helen is crazy? 

Perhaps.  Perhaps.  Perhaps.

5. Sandro is okay with not reigning in his behavior.  He is totally fine with how he acted and how he continues to act.

6. Some of the contestants think that there is much more producer manipulation than Tim will admit to.  He reminds them that if there was producer intervention, Mondo would have won season 8.

7.  Evidently twitter cannot be used unless one is a scorned drunk.

I am glad that they had a reunion.  That hasn't always been the case.  I do think that a season 5 reunion episode would have been riveting.  I don't mind it taking place after the finale (like PR Australia) instead of right beforehand, like seasons 1-4. and 8.)

I'm disappointed in the few designers who didn't mind their manners.   I support Ken in his willingness to turn from rage to reason.  Good on you!  It's hard to make sense of the Helen/Alexandria misunderstanding or Jeremy's take on Bradon's moment.  I see bits and pieces of truth on each side.  I'll say this, Alexandria sure seems calmer than Helen.  Still, I'm looking, incredulously, without coming to a conclusion.  Sandro, my dear man, I am willing to go out on a limb and say that brilliance in designing does not allow one to abdicate responsibility in how we treat others.  You don't get a free pass just because you are 'emotional.'  Everyone deserves more respect than that, be they big or small.

And that's a wrap on season 12.  I am still a fan.  I maintain that I am watching for the creativity and for the study of human behavior.  The bad manners and irrational rants scare me.  Here's to hoping PRAS3 is a breath of fresh air.  I need to spray down the TV with Lysol after this season!

When does PR13 film?  Do you think the 12 regular challenges are already in the can?


Monday, October 28, 2013

Face Off s5e11 Dark Magic 22 October 2013

Last time on Face Off the six remaining contestants created Grim Reaper looks in the Foundation Challenge.  Laura won, earning immunity for the Spotlight Challenge:  Create an original, humorous ghost, a la Beetlejuice.  How very Ve, eh?   Roy's Vaudevillian 2-for-1 creation won.  Eddie's bat boy was sent to the showers.

It's morning in L.A. and Laney is morose.  She is not having any fun anymore and is really homesick.  Or does she think she can't get to the finale?  Is she afraid of being berated by the judges?  Maybe she is traumatized by Glenn's mean face?  I can't tell.

The five remaining makeup artists meet McKenzie over at Kenneth Hahn State Park, where they see six "Stonehenge"-like stone monuments.

All I can think of is this.

And this.

And this.

And this.
Only McKenzie needs to fold her arms.

It's a Norse mythology Spotlight Challenge.

It's about time!

They are to pick a particular stone, and use its trait in their creation of a dark elf.  They don't know which trait that they will get, until after it's chosen.  Laura interviews that she is fully versed in elf-dom, and should do well on this task.  Roy has a bad feeling right from the start.  That's the spirit!

Laura takes occult abilities, Laney selects immorality, Miranda nabs chaos, Roy picks psychic powers and Tate has regeneration.  They sketch in the park, and then head back to the work room.  Like always, this Spotlight Challenge is a three-day affair.

Miranda has done elves before, and is concerned that she has to do another one.  So, she works on a Mayan character with pointy ears.  Wha?

Laney goes into the restroom to cry.  Tate unsuccessfully tries to cheer her up.  Roy gives it a go.  Geez, guys going into the girls bathroom?

It's happened before.

Hey, it's a Westmore rush through on day one!  Laura is told she can't paint everything dark.  Miranda explains that for a Norse Dark Elf challenge she is using the Mayans as inspiration.  Can you imagine someone on Project Runway explaining to Tim: Well, the challenge is to make a wedding dress, so I'm making a swimsuit instead!  Argh!  Tate explains his concept, and Michael likes the contrast between the dark skin and the bronze pie.  Roy gets painting advice.   Laney is told her elf is too human-looking.

Doesn't it seem this season like they are missing the most obvious concepts, and that Michael's advice nearly every time is to encourage them to paint well?   You or I could be doing this, it's so simple and basic.  I am not blaming Mr. Westmore, we know he is a genius in this area.  Still, it is odd.

Odder, still, is Laney quitting the next morning.   Excuse me?  What a great opportunity to squander!  It's not like they would have that many more days left for the season, anyway if she were to go all the way.  Ugh.  Would YOU quit if you missed your home life?  She did allude to being in the bottom earlier, and I think she just didn't want to hear anything from the judges anymore.  Geez, I only play if I can win.

Okay, Roy, it *just* hit me.  When you forget to wear the hat and the oversized button down shirts, you look younger and thinner.   Hey, someone has to fill the void now that Stacey and Clinton aren't together anymore.

Well, now we have four veterans competing.  They get to work, even as they are down from the departure of Laney.  Miranda spends an inordinate amount of time on her sculpting and doesn't leave much room for molding or painting.  I mean, she's worse than Wayne on a bad day.  Her model did a great amount of work, too!  I kept thinking it would disqualify her, but, no, it's not brought up.  Miranda doesn't finish painting, this is her worst ever.  Or anyone's worst ever.  She has one layer on one side done, that's it, right?  

Let's see how they did.





What did you think?

I know who *my* favorite Elvin warrior is.

Glenn is uber-impressed with Laura's work.  All the judges are.  Neville goes on & on over her thought process.

Ve doesn't see "elf" in Roy's work.  She likes the work, but it doesn't meet the challenge parameters.  Neville is bored.    Glenn is mad at Roy for not delivering an elf. 

Neville calls Tate's work "fantastic."  Glenn *adores* it?  Ve likes the color choices.

Miranda can't explain her work.  Ve hates the blue/green look.  Neville likes the sculpt, but not the paint.

Of course the top two are


and Tate, and Tate wins!

Miranda and Roy are in the bottom.  Since Laney already quit, no one gets kicked off.  Miranda gets rewarded for poor time management, in a sense.  As Glenn puts it, at least she showed up.

Well, now, who do you want to win s5?  Each of the remaining four have won a challenge, and have been in the bottom.  I love how Laura and the guys come off as level headed nd calm.   Miranda always seems to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown, eh?  Is that how she really is?  Maybe she's getting a bad edit?