Saturday, September 14, 2013

PR12e9 Let's Do Brunch! • 12 September 2013

Last time on Project Runway the remaining designers created activewear sorry, performance-wear that is fashionable for Heidi's New Balance line.  The winning look will be available for purchase.

Yes, we know.

Helen won (with immunity from the last challenge) edging out Kate and Alexander.  Helen was the first person to have back to back wins since Stanley in s11 and Christopher and Ven in s10.  Oh, I guess it happens more often than I thought.  At any rate, Helen has three wins for the season at this point.

Ken was able to find time during the challenge not only to call home & church, but also to pick a fight with Helen. 

At the bottom were droopy pants from Alexandria, poor proportions by Ken, and last minute loose buffet-wear from Karen.  Karen's number was up, and she placed 10th for the season.

Before we begin, I will fess up that I perused the designers' finale collections on the 'net.     Some years I like to be surprised.  This year I couldn't wait to see what would walk the runway.  I tried so hard to then forget it, so I could be impartial on this recap.  Silly me, it was all for naught.

It's morning in NYC at the Refinery Hotel.  Ken states, "It's time to pull out the guns."  Geez, it's been violent this season with him, huh?  When someone says that, do they mean biceps and power, or do they mean weapons and damage?   Maybe it is more just wishful thinking.

Why can't I keep my skirt from riding up?

The 9 remaining contestants meet a leopard printed Heidi on the Parsons runway, and she says they're getting the morning off.  Yeah, right.  The designers venture into NYC for a relaxing, Southern-style brunch.  Um, what?  There must be a catch.   And, I thought croissants and coffee were French, not American Southern.   So much for me to learn.

They go to Juliette,

Oh, Juliet

and I'm looking around to see if it will be another unconventional materials challenge.  I'm thinking of the 2009 All-Star Special, of course.  Hmmm, maybe they have to redesign the wait staff's uniforms?    Kate thinks designing for a garden party would be fun.  Tim Gunn walks in, and all I can think is …

thank GOD he ditched the gingham.  

I know, it's current and appropriate for men, but, ugh,  I can't.  It's almost as bad as the ubiquitous open back ladies' dresses.  Men's dresses?

The challenge:  Make a pretty dress for the Belk customer.  Well, sorta kinda.

You mean kinda sorta.

They are to create a look for the modern Southern woman.  Tim says, "She dresses vibrantly, and expressively, and she's always fashionably put together.   She knows how to use accessories and color and anything with feminine details."  Tim tells them the suggested amount to spend at Mood is $200-$250, and it's a one day challenge.  It can be for day or evening.

While most designers complain that this is NOT their challenge, Dom and Ken interview that this IS theirs.   Bradon can't find what he wants.  Ken went with a solid because everyone else is doing patterns.  Alexander can't find what he wants, so he redesigns while in the store.  Smart move, Mr. P.  Alexander is worried that everyone chose plaid.  He doesn't want any trouble like he thought he had with Miranda on the shoe challenge.

You're using plaid, too?

At the work room, Mr. G. introduces John Thomas, Exec. VP of Private Brands at Belk.  That color on him, the jacket color, well, he's not old enough for it, right?  All I can see is an elderly Johnny Carson.  (Do NOT tell me that that is the only version of him that there was!)  Still, I know what I want for Christmas now.  Leave the arm alone, Tim.

Dom & Ken, on a food break, are laughing at all of the plaid being used in the work room.  Dom changes her mind and goes with a "Plan B" design.

Tim-thru time!  He advises Alexander to shorten his dress and make it "cocktail."   Mr. G. loves Bradon's plaid.  His tie is the same thing, almost.  Ha!   Tim thinks it's a knockout.  Bradon isn't as convinced.   Justin is being inspired by Halloween.  Well, not really, but Tim advises him to avoid that by ditching the black.  Kate is letting the fabric tell her what to do with it. 

So telling her what to do was an option?

Tim doesn't have anything bad to say about Ken's look.  He jokes with Jeremy about his shoe choice for the model.  Dom thinks her work was over-designed last time, and is trying to go simple this time.

Tim calls Alexandria's look "bohemian."

I think that most women would like that.

Tim calls it hideous.

AVB:  Do you think I'll go home for this?
TG:  No way, they have great crack this week.  I guarantee you'll be safe with this piece of crap.

Tim calls the plaid fabric on the table more believable than what she has on the mannequin.

During model fitting Alexandria starts redesigning her look, as per Tim's advice.    Ken calls home, and speaks with his mother.  He gets an edit as to how sweet and professional he is.  (That was sarcasm.)  His mom asks if he goes into the bathroom one way and comes out another.    What?  Geez, I've watched a lot of Family Guy and South Park this week, that's just too easy.  Ken does trash talk some other looks, but, really, isn't that what they ALL do?

Thank you.  I don't know exactly whom I should be thanking, but I really thought that there would have been a Dance Moms tie-in with PR by now.  So, thank you for NOT going there, Bunim-Murray.

Every time Heidi breaks down the winner's prize package, I think she is saying, "a spa retreat to the exotic Mounties" while they show the beach/water. 



Joining Heidi, Zac, Nina and a silent Tim are Stacy Keibler from Lifetime's "Supermarket Superstar" and John Thomas, Belk VP.  It's another week where we don't know what was spent by each contestant.

Ken Laurence
Simple, boring, seen it before.  It's alright.  Is the fit off at the top?  I do like the color, though.

Helen Castillo
I guess I like the white flowers on the yellow background, but is it lining up enough in the back?  I *think* so.  No, I guess I don't, it looks too early 1970s in a bad way.  Michael Kors would have said "Brady Bunch" if he were here.

Justin LeBlanc

It is NOT Halloween, so that is good.  It's simple, but NOT boring.  It does look like it met the brief.

Alexander Pope
Well, Zac LOVES it, and Heidi, too.  They are beaming during the runway.  I don't like the napkin-dress effect of the bottom hem.  I do think the bodice was well made & fitted.

Alexandria Von Bromssen
Wow, it looks so last minute and thrown together.   I don't hate the fabric, but it looks undersigned.  Again, the bottom of the outfit is annoying me.

Bradon McDonald

He likes how it is full, and yet hugs the body.

Ken interviews that the plaid outfits do NOT meet the challenge.
Is the Southern woman really anti-plaid? 

Dom Streater
Dom is proud of her work.  Is it too mundane for evening?  My jury is out.


Jeremy Brandrick.
I like the pattern, but I am not sold on how it was used.  I bet they call it matronly, no, wait, "Madame" like HK said earlier in the season.

Kate Pankoke
I like the back better than the front.  I can't decide whether that's because of the fit, or the (lack of) pattern.

HK calls out Helen, Alexandria and Justin as safe.  In the back room, Helen whines that she didn't place in the top.

I hate the hem on Bradon's work, but the judges don't mention it, so maybe it is just my eye?  The judges see his vision, taking an old, predictable fabric and updating it. 

Jeremy hears "Madame" again.  HK says it is not sexy.   Zac says it looks like it's the first dress ya learn how to sew.

Ken wanted an ageless look.  Zac loves the color and that is it.  Heidi thinks Ken is giving her a snotty look.  Nina calls it safe.  Zac says it's all about taking smart risks.  John Thomas has seen this before, and calls it "bridesmaid."  SK isn't excited by the dress.

How are you feeling?    I feel pretty, bitch.

You're not going to become a star of 7th avenue
if you play it safe all the time.
Fashion is about taking those hard risks.

You're risking a lot talking to ME like that!

It read a little bridesmaid ...

Did you not hear me say she's going to a formal wedding?

Kate has more success, she must be top 3.  SK says it is a fun use of color.  Nina says it has hanger appeal.  HK calls her out for the bad silhouette. 

Dom's work is not fashion forward.  Nina hates the color, calling it hospital scrubs.  Zac accuses her of not having any "oomph." 

Alexander is told his dress is beautifully made.   The judges all give it high praise.

If I had a dime for every time I saw the Pop Goes The World Tide Pod commercial ….

Bradon is the clear winner.  Alexander and Kate are in.

In the back room, Helen wonders if all three will be out.

Heidi tells the bottom three that they didn't understand the challenge.  She sends them back to the work room.  They have one hour and the use of another designer.  "Give us more modern fashion, redo your silhouettes, or start over. Whatever you can think of to save your looks do it!"

Dom choose Helen, Jeremy grabs Alexander and Ken picks Kate.   No, she's not picking Bradon's nose.

Ken stays with the fabric, which is wise, since the judges liked it.  Dom goes back to her original idea, with the B&W silk.  Jeremy, at Alexander's urging, ditches the red and red patterned fabrics.

After the hour, it's back to the runway.

Ken Laurence
Too short.  It is a major improvement.  It's not too boring.

Dom Streater
Nice asymmetrical look.  LOVE the back. 

Jeremy Brandrick
It IS nice, but isn't this too simple?

The judges do like Jeremy's look.  They rave over Dom's look. Zac thinks it's her BEST work on the show so far.  Ken's is perceived as too short.  Good, it's not just me.  Nina calls it a 100 percent improvement.

Dom is declared safe, and ALSO wins!  Her look, in addition to Bradon's will be available at Belk. 

Jeremy and Ken are the bottom two.

Jeremy is auf'd.  Ken is in.

Since I saw online the eight designers who showed at Fashion Week in real life, I assumed Ken would be eliminated.  So, that was a surprise.  So, what do you think happens next week that keeps Ken from showing even a decoy?  The mind boggles.

The bog mindles?

Jeremy is happy he can drink now.  

Next week it's the Super Fan challenge!

Does Ken scream at a producer just because Alexander moves in to his room and knocks over an iron?  Was it THAT precious?   The unnecessary drama continues.

I know, he's so mean!
How could PR tolerate & encourage that sort of thing?

I have a theory.  Ken is probably in the right.  Something has probably happened where it is completely appropriate to scream at (assumed) a producer.  Maybe (s)he stole all of his guns, scissors and knives?



  1. The only reason I can find to justify why Alexandria's horror of a dress wasn't auf'ed: it was so bad they blocked it from their minds.

  2. None of the previous PR "villains" is anywhere near as psycho as Ken, and Wendy, Ivy, and Josh have even mellowed a bit. Santino also brought both villainy and humor to season 2, and except for the confrontation with Nina on the underwear challenge, was relatively harmless.

    Kenley, on the other hand, is almost up to Ken's level, and even she isn't that crazy—cat-hurling notwithstanding.

  3. I'm always curious as to why certain people get good edits and others don't. Each contestant might be far worse or far better in the moments that don't show up on each episode. So much to learn. So much to ponder. I'm just grateful Ken hasn't tracked me down in real life, armed!


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