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PR12e8  Having A Field Day 5 September 2013

Last time on Project Runway the designers were inspired by shoes from the Marie Claire closet.  Alexander whacked Miranda over the head with a bolt of plaid and eliminated her.  Or, something like that.  

Bradon had an amazing 2nd worst placement, and Helen won, along with the last immunity of the season.  The win reminded me of Mila's from s7e3.

Me, too, but mine was color blocked & graphic.

Of course, of course.

It's barely daylight in NYC.  Tim is dressed as a referee, and is roaming The Refinery Hotel.  I don't wanna know, Tim.  He blows a whistle and urges that "Heidi is waiting for us!  We gotta go!"

Some of the guys state that they don't do sports.  Other contestants opine that they will be good with endurance because they are experienced shoppers.

It's Field Day at some undisclosed location that they schlep over to.  Is it Asphalt Green?  Why no shout out?

It's a secret.

It's a Heidi Klum New Balance challenge!

Oh, great.

In five teams of two, they tackle the 3-legged race, the tire run, the wheelbarrow race and the flag grab.  The team of two that finishes first gets first shot at the fabrics provided, and an extra hour of work time.  It's a one day challenge, creating fashionable activewear.  The winning look will be part of HK's collection.  Please tell me you saw that coming. 

The teams are: Dom & Justin, Jeremy & Alexander, Helen & Bradon, Kate & Alexandria, and Karen & Ken.

Ken is unhappy being paired with Karen.  Of course he is.   (If he wins the whole season, he'll probably complain that they give him all the cash and prizes in an inappropriate manner.)   Karen, 29, knows Ken, 24, is "miserable."

I'm not excited about this, because this is like me trying to beat something with my grandmother.

Wait, you use her like a weapon, an instrument?

Don't go there, young man!

Helen & Bradon lose their early lead when they forget part of the course.  Dom & Justin win the early fabric selection and the extra hour of work time.

Oh, look, they do the fabric selection right on the field.  They get up to 10 yards of fabric, and $50 is deducted from their Go Bank accounts, but, they don't spend it anywhere.  Huh?

Tim brings them into the work room and they have just under 8 hours to work.  Tim leaves, but Helen catches him in the hallway, and asks if she can use the New Balance pieces left for inspiration "to spec from for fit."  Tim says that would be smart.

Alexandria queries what Helen asked Tim, and she says she won't repeat it.  Ken gets upset about this, swearing at her.  Yes, Alexandria can let it slide, but Ken has to use this as an opportunity to fight.  I think he needs his own business, as in minding one's own.  Ken interviews that Helen gave him attitude.   As Ken harasses Helen, she does let on that they can all reference the NB items.  So, it's not a secret anymore.  Helen calls Ken "Sandro part 2."

That was *so* mean!

Ken threatens the "ignorant ass bitch."  Soon Ken takes a break and calls home, speaking to a mentor from church.  Huh? What is he gonna do when he gets to Matthew 5:44?

Oh, I know.

Tim puts his referee outfit back on and has a pow wow with Ken.  Wow, he is supportive, which is sweet.  Ken, under Tim's guidance, apologizes to Helen and gets a hug, too.  He says he is better now.

Ah, it's a cover.  Ken & Helen are a couple!

Soon HK & TG are in for a bit of a critique.   Kate is inspired by her younger motocross brother.  Heidi thinks Helen has done too little while others have done too much.   Justin is stressed that Heidi is there.   Heidi doesn't want her boobs turned into pancakes.  Now if only that line had been used on Kate.  Heidi is saucer eyed at Karen's look.  Martian, crazy, no one will want to have it.

That's not true!

 She only has three hours left.  What will she do? 

I suggest using the Professor's invention
to keep repeating the last 10 seconds
so you can have more time.

Dom's look is admired by Heidi.  She reduces the piping width on Alexander's  top.  Jeremy got a bit sunburned.  How long were they THERE at the field?  Ken is told his outfit looked too scuba.

There's nothing wrong with that.


Don't even!

Bradon's seaming is discussed.  Alexandria is doing another dropped-crotch pant.  Heidi approves.  Alexandria acknowledges that Zac won't approve.  Why go with a design that won't win over ALL of the judges?

Geez, have we heard Men Without Hats'
"Pop Goes The World" enough?
I've heard it more this year than in
early 1988.   Stop it, Tide!

On runway day Tim says, "The Belk accessory wall is there to use if you so choose."  Way to sell that brand, Mr. G!  During model fitting, Karen's model hates the outfit.  Uh-oh!   We get our Scott & Johnny sightings and then we're onto the runway.

Joining Heidi, Zac and Nina (and Tim) is Michael Kors.   Will he say "it looks like" and reference two unrelated concepts?  Or, describe everything as "disco?"

Kate Pankoke

Bradon McDonald

Alexandria Von Bromssen

Helen Castillo

Dom Streater

Justin LeBlanc

Ken Laurence

Jeremy Brandrick

Karen Batts

Alexander Pope

Heidi calls out Helen, Karen, Alexander, Ken, Alexandria and Kate.  The rest are safe and sent off to the waiting room in the back.  Dom is bummed that she has been safe for so many challenges.  Jeremy is relieved to be safe.

Heidi likes Kate's work, it has the right amount of color.  She doesn't like the zipper in the back of the jacket, but Michael does.  Nina sees the fashion and the function.

Alexander wanted a simple and clean silhouette.  Heidi loves the pants, and the asymmetry of the jacket.  Zac gushes that it looks "so professional."  Nina is not amused.  Wow, they ARE all over the place on judging.

Ken went too safe & boring.  Heidi likes the top of the back.  Zac wishes he had brought that idea to other parts of the outfit.  Nina brings up the scuba suit line.  Michael says that it is all function, no fashion.

Alexandria strikes out with the dropped-crotch 2.0.  Zac thinks she got caught in the elliptical machine.  Nina thinks the model was swiped by a bear and pooped in her pants.  Michael says the model won't get hit on.  Between 'pleasure pockets" and "poopy pants" everyone is laughing.  Heidi liked it, and the rest did not.

Laugh while you can.

Karen's look doesn't showcase the body in anyway.  Nina declares it sad, and hates the pant length.  Zac doesn't mind the top, but the bottom doesn't work.  Heidi seems to agree.  She likes that it is so much better than what she had at Tim-thru time. 

Nina LOVES the jacket Helen made, since it covers a lot.  I think she is putting in an order.  Michael calls it "Stevie Nicks active" and reaches all ages.  Zac names it "Elvira at the Gym."


Alexander is in.  Helen is the winner!  That's three of 'em for her.  Wait, we had new music for the winner.  It wasn't the strumming in A.

I think a PR12 marathon is in order.

Kate is in, bien sur.  Alexandria is in.  Oh, wow, I thought she would be 2nd to last. 

It's down to Ken and Karen, and Karen is out.  Poor girl, but with her changing (at HK's request) mid-stream,  it was almost inevitable.)  I do get her thinking Ken *should* have gone, since he was in the bottom more frequently than she.  Still, hers was worse.

So, will she show as a decoy at Fashion Week?
Do the top 10 or top 9 show? 

J'ai une bonne idée.  Why don't we delve into some minor statistics and see how the season is going?

Next time:  Nina is blonder than Heidi.

Look, it's Tyrone Powers!

I can't look!

After the runway, HK sends them all back to the work room.  That bad, eh?


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  1. This was posted before I saw the Fashion Week collection spoilers. Well, now I know how many showed, and what they presented. =o)