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PR12e11 Next Generation 26 September 2013

Last week on Project Runway eight lucky super-fans became the models for a real woman challenge.  Oh, and Heidi celebrated an Emmy win with an early Halloween costume.   (But I thought red shirts died, that can't be good, huh?)

Helen won with her pixied Anne Hathaway at the Oscars look.

Ken was eliminated for misplaced lines, a poor fabric choice and substandard construction.  The client was an awesome model, though, just like the rest of them.  Don't you want MORE real women challenges?

It's morning at The Refinery Hotel and Alexander is confused as to which show he is on.

You're hanging by a thread.          Help! My leg won't reach the ground!

Dom and Helen both think there will be more than one eliminated soon.  Ah, they can do math.  Kate thinks that Helen is the one to beat.    Alexandria is getting the Ben Chmura edit.  I guarantee you that whatever happens, she places 4th out of 7 this episode.  She may not even get a line in!  Just like Sugar and Joe — but I am getting ahead of myself.  Hmmm, maybe she's just off-set consoling the recently eliminated Ken.

Over at the Parsons work room Rob Le Bras-Brown (That's kinda sorta French for Rob Brown Arm, eh?) and Tim introduce the HP textile challenge.  Bradon and Dom are excited.  Tim and his friend explain that the inspiration for this challenge will be seven "Next Generation" innovators.  The winner will get some pretty sweet HP hardware, too. 

Helen chooses artist Ryan Keeley, then Kate selects ''Girls Who Code'' software developer Maria Gonzalez.  Justin takes Nana Meriwether, Miss USA 2012, and Bradon grabs professional BMX rid'er Nigel Sylvester.  Alexander snatches up hot man executive pastry chef Thiago Silva, Alexandria has graphic designer Ilana Greenberg and Dom gets Premal Shah, cofounder of  Right on the spot, each goes to visit their muse first hand.  The muses seem to not only have a vision, but also gives back in the form of youth mentorships, funding, etc.

The designers go back to the work room and create their fabric patterns, which are to be inspired by the next generation muses.  Thank God it isn't a miss like season 9 (all B&W) but some do look more interesting and believable than others.  I think to myself, it's not what one has, it's how one uses it.  I'm not fully convinced, though. 

Over at Mood Tim is encouraging the designers to spend their money, well past the suggested $100.  In weeks past they have mostly held back.   Kate is shown spending over $250.  Wait, $100 at Mood on the textile challenge?  That's kind of high, for the textile challenge, yes?  Must do some research …

That's it?  It's not *really* a two day challenge?  On day one they designed their fabric, and obtained everything else they needed from Mood, but no actual construction.   On day two, construction day, Helen is still questioning everyone on her look.

On the Tim-thru ...

Gee that's enthusiastic!

It's just that I miss Ken so much.


I even made him a cake.

Tim is crazy about Dom's print.  He loves her sleeves, which she is questioning.  Bradon's textile design is deemed beautiful.  Tim is perplexed times two over his USE of it, though.  The dark vaginal area is scaring me.  Or, scarring me.  Could be both.

Tim's time with Kate seems overly edited.   She's got pleated gussets.  Tim just says to move forward.  Justin incorporated the "I-Love-You" ASL sign into his textile.  It looks dark, but interesting.  Uh-oh, just B&W.

Helen tells Tim she is awful.  Tim has to tell her that she has to use the print that she made.  Maybe if you cry some more it will get better, eh?

Alexandria is using the textile on the skirt.  Hey, they let her out to play for a moment!  Tim tells her to work on the vest OR the shirt, not both.  Alexander explains his pattern, and that he likes the clerical look.  Project Nunway?  Papal chic?

It works for us.

As Tim leaves, he says they are all thinking too hard.

I'm gonna be like a worried Dad all night.

Alexandria doesn't understand Helen's need to cry all the time.  She says she needs her hand held every single challenge.    Wow, two lines for Alexandria.

Oh, that's right, new Glee tonight.  Which member of the choir won't be on the episode?  No, that wasn't a crack at Corey.  I mean, during the last season, at least one cast member was missing every episode.  (Answer, no dread-head Joe, no rich girl can't sing Sugar, right?)

Dom's model and Bradon's model are in love with their designer's creations.  Oooh, nice Johnny LaVoy and Scott Patric sightings.   I still miss Collier Strong.

Just let it go, honey.

Joining Heidi, Zac, Nina and nonjudging Tim is designer Peter Som.

Bradon McDonald

Justin LeBlanc

Kate Pankoke

Alexander Pope

Dom Streater

Alexandria Von Bromssen

Helen Castillo

Heidi calls out Alexandria as safe and is sent to the waiting room out back.   What did I predict?

Zac proclaims Dom's work "runway ready" and "amazing."   None of the judges have anything bad to say.  

Justin explains he wanted "love" to be in the garment he made (using the sign.)  Heidi calls the plain bottom hard to look at.  Peter Som says it needs therapy.  The judges don't mind or even like the bodice, it's the bottom portion that is offensive.

Bradon explains the idea behind his print.  Heidi likes it, and Zac calls the underdress great.  Peter Som calls the dress 'sick.'  Nina says it is sporty-chic dynamic jazz.  Zac calls it Bradon's best work yet.  Wow.

Alexander mentions the 'dolman' sleeve and all I can think of is:

Bragging about a dolman sleeve gets you kicked off.

Zac calls it a cult leader and a landing strip.  Peter likes the silhouette, but not the fabric or pattern.  Nina likes the print itself, but not how it was used.  It is too serious, it should have been light.  

Helen's print gets approval from Heidi.  The fit isn't perfect, but the judges like the print, and especially that she cut it into 2 pieces.

Kate explains her idea and Nina blurts out, "Oh, *God!*"  She hates the 5 pleated gussets and the belt.  Peter calls her out on hiding the print, and Heidi calls it ugly.  Zac says it is so different from her other work.  Does he mean her construction isn't always this bad, or that her point of view shifted?  Maybe both.

Kate and Justin are crying so much.  Alexander seems composed, he thinks he is staying.

Dom is proclaimed the winner.   This is her second weekly win.  Bradon is in, as is Helen.

Ah, here come the drama drums, and elimination in c minor.  Alexander is out.

 I guess I shouldn't mix religion and cake.


Justin is in.

And, Kate is out, too.

Tim does hug the two eliminated designers.  Well, that's a relief.

Alexander walks Kate out to the work room where they get their final edit.

Did you see the double elimination coming?  I read a spoiler (C'était très stupide, non?) so I knew going into it.  But even if I hadn't, I can do simple math.  Okay, I'll give this to you:  HK *does* have a reputation for saying 'one or more of you' a bit too much to ever believe her.

So, who do you want to win the whole thing?  Who do you THINK will win?

I think they got it right, but it's still hard.  I liked Kate & Alexander.  I'm assuming Alexandria and Justin will get eliminated and that Bradon, Helen and Dom will be the final three.  

Next week I'm sure to be featured more prominently.
With only five of us, every one of us is guaranteed a top 3 or bottom 3 position.
You know what?  One of us will be lucky enough to be in BOTH groups.

Turn in next week when the judges love the designers' work.  Wait, did PR finally jump the shark?  They NEVER like anything on the last regular challenge!


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