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PR12e10 Project Runway SuperFan! 19 September 2013

Last time on Project Runway the designers created looks for the Belk Customer, a modern Southern woman.

Bradon won with his plaid creation.  His look will be featured at Belk.
Dom, Jeremy and Ken were in the bottom.  The judges were not amused.  Heidi sent them back to the work room, with an hour and their choice of a fellow contestant helper.   The second time around they fared much better.  Each took the critiques to heart.   Dom did so well that the win was given to her, too.  Her dress will be available at Belk.  Jeremy & Ken were in the bottom, and Jeremy was sent to another sequestered room at The Refinery Hotel sent home.

This is one of my favorite episodes of the evening!


It's all about the fans!

Oh, no, honey, don't go there.
You *know* that this episode is all about ME.
Hell, even Fashion Week, held weeks ago, is still all about me.

Tim explains that eight "super fans" are going to be the models for this episode.  It is being billed as a makeover, not a 'real' women challenge.  Maybe I'm just splitting hairs.

Oh, no, you dih-int!

Tim meets the fans in front of Parsons as they get off of a double decker tour bus.  No ponchos, no Stella not understanding her camera.   Waaaaah.

... but, there IS leather!  Count your blessings.

And, there is a ... on 2nd thought, don't tell Heidi.
That'd be crazy.

Suede is sad that there was no mention of Suede.

Marklar is marklar.

Mr. Gun shows the superfans the runway room, and then hides them (?) in the sewing room.  The contestants are in the work room, but haven't received any challenge yet.

Tim meets with the designers, and introduces the challenge.  As the superfans file in, one of the guys (presumably a male contestant, oui?) lets out a sad and disgusted, "oh."  I can't tell who it is, but, geez, way to rain on some poor soul's parade, eh?  Maybe the others didn't hear it.

Tim explains that this is the L'Oreal Paris challenge (hair and makeup, hell, transformation, too, will factor into judging.)

Accessories, too.

Mr. G. explains that they were already teamed up, arbitrarily.  There's no drama here, though, which is a nice change.

What do you mean, 'no drama?'  I'm right here!

Then Ken interviews that Tim is talking but he's not hearing it.  He says he's "scared as hell" of a non-model challenge.

Bradon's makeover candidate doesn't look like she needs a makeover.   He's at a disadvantage now, isn't?  The designers sketch and discuss with their clients.  Each fan seems on the ball, which, well, we'd expect.  At Mood Ken lets his model choose the fabric.  He doesn't like the color, although it isn't bad for her.  Still, isn't that enough discordance to send one down the wrong path?

You *have* to do whatever the client says.

Why does Tim give them a range of $200 to $400 for the 'suggested' spending budget?  Why not commit to $300?  Why won't they show the amounts spent on the runway segment, so we can count along?  Next time he'll just say to spend whatever the hell they want, budget be damned!

Tim reminds them that they have 2 days for this challenge (merci, Seigneur!) and introduces Johnny LaVoy to explain that hair is on the head.  Or, something like that.

"I saw your videos, I heard your pleas. 
I hope you're open to change, because, honey,
we need to move some Ombre product.
 You're all getting an ugly ombre!"

Amigo de todos, my ass.

They get their hair color & cuts right away.  At the end of the day Bradon & Alexander pack up and move into Justin & Ken's room.  It's the typical consolidation.  Or, not.

Ken refuses to let Alexander & his entourage pass.  He continues to iron like it is more important than stepping aside for a mere moment for another person.  Mr. Pope uses this as an opportunity to join in on the drama and mistreatment of others.   The thing is, Alexander, like you and me, can be a brat, but, then, moments later, reel it in, apologize, smooth things over, act like a human being.  In other words, we can recalibrate our thinking.  However, this is Ken we're dealing with.  It's more than enough to send Ken into the red zone.

Stop using my terminology!

At this point I really expected a monster mouth to
open up out of Ken's torso and eat him up whole.
You know, like Futurama s7e24.

And less like Face Off s4e4.

Maybe he just doesn't like people with gingervitis?

Alexander interviews that he and Bradon go into a different room and lock the door behind them.  Out of fear, yes?  

The next morning Tim has a meeting with all the designers in the lounge, which I've been calling the waiting room all for years.  Both Alexander and Ken are reprimanded for how they have acted.  Then it's back to the work room and day two of the fun.  Wait, nothing else?  All this did was show bad behavior.  I thought we were gonna get more out of this.

Tim states that Ken will have his own room, and the other guys will share another.  Geez, if you throw a fit, you get your own room?  If you REALLY whine and go crazy, will you automatically win the season?

Makes you wonder.

Makes me wonder.

In the midst of it, I hear sirens.  Oh, good, something is happening, the police are here to arrest Ken?  No.  Does he breathe fire at someone?  No.  Separate rooms, moving forward.  That's it?

It's a Day 2 Tim-thru!  He tells Justin the signature aspect is sweet.  He tells him no skirt should go below the knee.  They must have edited out 1994 Heather Locklear.  How *did* Tim ever survive 1970?  Or, for that matter, season 9?

Not all skirts are dresses.  Not all dresses are skirts.

Take a fashion class!  Ever hear of Wikipedia?

Tim doesn't like the fit of Alexander's bust.  Alexander is stressed.  Alexandria is making an interview outfit.  Tim thinks it is for someone HIS age.  Kate gets a mini-edit, her model wants to be a hot mom.  Bradon tells Tim he is at a disadvantage because his model is already SO beautiful.   Tim is concerned that Ken's will not fit close enough to the model.  Mr. Gunn doesn't like the scale of the print for Dom.  Isn't it a little late for that?  Helen wants to bring out the 'total bombshell' from her client.   The superfans fly in and the contestants react (well) to their new hair.

At the end of day two Alexander is way behind on his construction.  In the morning of runway day he is the most frazzled as well.

Joining Heidi Klum & a Tim in the judges chairs are Zac Posen, Zanna Roberts Rassi (no Nina!) and designer Erin Fetherston.

How do they make out on the runway?

Justin LeBlanc

Bradon McDonald

Alexander Pope

Dom Streater

Kate Pankoke

It's about time I was used as inspiration!

Ken Laurence

I don't mind the color, she looks nice in some greens, but the fit is off.  The lines are not flattering at all.  He could have placed them differently and really helped her out.  Think Jillian on s4e5.

Alexandria Von Bromssen
I sort of like the skirt.  The jacket is the wrong style and fit.  She's got a slammin' body, she can be showcased MUCH better than this.  I do like the gray playing against the new red hair.

Helen Castillo

Heidi calls out Kate and Dom as the safe middle.  Kate is happy just to be safe.  Dom is thrilled that her client was happy.

Justin explains that the white line was (or was inspired by) her signature.  It's more feminine and personal, per Heidi. 

Alexandria made her client an interviewing outfit.  Heidi doesn't like the outfit, it's not youthful, hip or modern.  Zac hates the jacket and waistband.  The judges all love her hair makeover.  So … Johnny LaVoy wins?

Heidi & Zac are impressed with the drastic makeover Bradon did.   Zanna calls the look sophisticated, chic and powerful.  Some of the judges don't like the super shiny parts of the skirt.

Zac questions Alexander as to whether he even finished.  Zac does like the makeover aspect.  The elements aren't working together on the garment, though.  Erin doesn't mine the idea, but hates the execution.

Helen has wowed the judges with her outfit.  The judges rave on it, although Zac does mention the seaming.  She does look like a pixie haired Anne Hathaway.  I am not sold on the lace effect at the chest.  I keep thinking the poor girl needs her chest shaved.  Ce n'est jamais bon! 

Ken wanted to show off his model's shape.    Heidi calls the green sad, and the lines are misplaced.   Heidi admits she is always on "Boob Patrol."  Ha!  Zanna calls out the poor fit,  Zac sees the wonky hem.  Erin has trouble with the neckline, and the odd combination of materials.  She likes the hair, though.  Go Johnny LaVoy 2.

During "closer looks" Zac says that Helen's work is immaculately made.  Doesn't that fly in the face of having trouble with the seaming?  Tim defends the shiny on Bradon's outfit.  The judges love Justin's work up close.  Zanna thinks that Alexandria's work should have been more inspired.  As it is, it looks off the rack.  Up close the judges see all of the mistakes on Ken's, both design and fit.  The client states that she didn't want it to be too tight.  Parts ARE too tight, though.  Heidi likes the silhouette of Alexander's office suit, but there are too many elements.

Helen is declared the winner right off the bat.  It was a fait accompli, mes amis, wasn't it?  Justin gets a "great job" and is in, and Bradon is in.    Alexandria is in, too!

That leaves Ken and Alexander.    Alexander is in!


That means Ken is out.

In the waiting room Ken shares that he is relieved.  He was intimidated because he didn't go to design school.  Alexandria affirms his right to be there.

You're happy?

I am.

Well, good. As in bye.
Vacate the premises immediately,
if you don't want a foot
up your backside.

No hug from Tim.  Hmmm … Johnny in season six, and Ken in season 12.  I wonder if any other contestant was shunned by Tim?  Must rewatch every episode ever.  (Daniel Franco doesn't count, the hugging wasn't established in s1e1, and he got hugged in s2.)

Damn, I'd be crushed if Tim refused to hug me.  Even if he wore an all-gingham outfit.    So, Ken, I may have enjoyed the anger as entertainment, but, well, you're my brother in Christ, or, at least, my brother in humanity.  I don't like the ease with which you go down the anger path, but I am glad you were on PR, and I do hope that you can make the best of how you presented yourself to the world.  You aren't stuck with what happened, you can turn it around.  I mean, as long as you have today, you can be a better man.  Thanks to Alexandria for reminding me that everyone has worth.  And well, in a way, Tim.

Tune in next week when a contestant is stuck with ugly fabric!

Oh, please, we were *just* there!



  1. "hope you're open to change, because, honey, we need to move some Ombre product. You're all getting an ugly ombre!" - almost cried laughing while at the same time grateful I DIDN'T get one!