Thursday, September 5, 2013

Minor Musings • 5 September 2013

That would be c minor, because I always have had an affinity to Eb.

It sure didn't take long for me to start crying during the last episode (again!) of Futurama.

This is just a poor excuse of a post to mention a couple of PR observations.

Well, sort of.

Monday night I dreamed that Cindy of PR11 was brought back to introduce a PR12 challenge:  The designers had to create last outfits.  Yes, they had to clothe the dead.

Well, that makes SOME sense (at least to me.)

While blogging on Face Off, I thought, why don't they combine FO & PR for a challenge, eh?  Yes, I know, ownership and all, but, still, wouldn't that be cool?

Then, the real reason for the post, I had this thought:  Remember during Face Off when Miranda had to look up a mole from their .... encyclopedia?

1.  Ken is awfully upset that they didn't already KNOW their animals.
2. Joshua McKinley went on the wrong show.  Kind of.  Or, maybe the designers all need FULL access to the Internet, and Tim Gunn's brain, at all times.

Tim's already made easy access to his brain, after all.

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