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Face Off s5e6 Trick Or Treat 17 September 2013

Last time on Face Off the contestants created earth mother goddesses.  Veteran Laura won for the first time this season.  Veteran RJ didn't know what to do, since he had made an earth mother goddess in his prior season.  Following the parameters of the challenge wasn't an option in his mind, and now he is gone.  It's almost to the point where everyone is going home too early.

So, we have 10 remaining contestants.  Roy and Laura give us a run through while they chat by the koi (& cat) pond.

Hey, look, a Foundation Challenge!     Each work station has a model and a box.  Each box contains a mystery object (oooh!) for them to use as inspiration and incorporate into an original look.  McKenzie Westmore introduces Spotlight judge Valli O'Reilly.

Valley what?  Like, omigod!

She was the makeup designer for Alice In Wonderland. She won an Oscar for her work on the Lemony Snicket movie.

You're gonna love this challenge!

Each contestant gets a different pair of prosthetic teeth.  VO'R states she wants to see a bit of a human in the contestants' work, without being cartoony.

The winner gets immunity in the upcoming Spotlight Challenge.  They get two hours to work. 

Laney, Tate, Roy and Miranda are shown being judged.  Alana interviews that everyone did well.  Valli is impressed with how much everyone did.

Top three are



and Miranda

and Roy wins it with his reptilian humanoid!  Go Roy! 

Next day the contestants meet up with McKenzie in the work room.  She is surrounded by fog and tombstones.

I get to live that every day.

She goes on to say that they will choose one of the following five typical Halloween costumes:  Vampire, clown, scarecrow, skeleton and devil.   Before it's explained, Laney is cruisin' for the clown.

She says "I want that clown" through clenched teeth.

Hmmm.  I guess they ARE sequestered.

They are to reinterpret their subject into an original creature of the night.  Why did she say "of the night?"

Everybody seems happy with their choice except for Miranda, who is left with skeleton.  Then McKenzie springs the twist:  They must have some sort of trick incorporated (like glowing eyes, any surprise.)  Tate interviews that this is his specialty, since that is what he did for the first few years of makeup work.  Roy has a plan right out of the box.  Miranda struggles to come up with … anything.  Alana wants her devil to be white, because she hasn't seen this before.

It's never been done before?


Laney is happy she is first into the molding room.  Miranda is all Janeane Marie Ceccanti with her worrying. Wait, are they the same person?  She's all worried about her sculpt, and everyone else genuinely thinks it is fine.

I'm sure there's a bucket of water to drop her project in.

On day two the Westmores do the mentor run-thru.  Doesn't he usually come late on the first day?

Laura is told to use a bigger tube for her gag of blood coming out of his arm.

Roy impresses the Westmores.

Tate's turkey baster bladder isn't gonna cut it.  Oh, geez, NO, this is not the time and place for that, Tate!

Mr. W. advises Lyma on her trick eye placement.

Alana mentions the ram as her inspiration, but Michael sees a human nose.

Eddie is told that the scarecrow's human lips have to go away.

Laney is worried about her sculpt, but Michael says what we hear every week:  It's not the sculpt, but the paint job that will make or break it.

Scott has trouble with his mold breaking. 

 There must be a reason why these aren't ever used.

Laney is making latex intestines. She is also using cotton candy on her clown, a full day before the reveal.  Won't it 'die' on her?  Cotton candy not lasting was mentioned before, but where?  RuPaul?  PR?  Hmmm ... must investigate.

Miranda interviews on day 3 that everyone has finished and she is still working, but, honestly, they all look like they do most weeks, that they are struggling till the last minute.

How do they do?











McKenzie calls out Laura, Miranda, Eddie (dressed as Tate!) and Frank.  They are safe and head out back to await the fate of the other contestants.

Scott's concept is a reincarnation of a serial killer.  Glen is underwhelmed.  Neville doesn't see much 'clown.'  Ve likes the pinched cheeks.

Roy's devil is a hit!  Ve smiles and laughs with the bat wings.  Glen likes the face sculpt best.

Laney blurts out that the cotton candy hair isn't what she originally envisioned.  Neville admonishes her not to say that, because he hadn't even noticed.  Ve loves the hairy armpits.

Ve likes the ears that Lyma made, but not much else.  Glen is not happy with her work at all.   She didn't push herself with the paint job, nor with the sculpt.

Tate impressed Ve with the rotting flesh arm.  Neville admires the balance and cohesion.

Alana's ram inspired devil isn't well resolved per Neville.  Glen likes the horns, he wishes he could have seen that all throughout the look.  He calls it inadequate.

Top three are Tate,


and Roy.

Tate wins!  It's his first win of the season.  Glen calls it artistic and beautiful.  Or maybe he called Tate that?

Bottom three are Lyma, Alana and Scott.

and Lyma is eliminated.

This leaves us with 3 newcomers and 6 veterans.  Did you think that Eric Z. & RJ would have been gone at this point?  Lyma has been all over the place, so I guess it was her time to go.  Of the newbies, I'm curious to see how far Eddie and Scott will go.  I suspect Laney will actually stick around for a while.


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