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Face Off s5e5 Mother Earth Goddess 10 September 2013

Last time on Face Off the 12 remaining contestants created individual creatures living underground.  Miranda won her 3rd of four Spotlight Challenges, while Adolfo was sent home for a sun-kissed look.

I'm the new Anthony.  I win as often as I breathe.

I'm gone.   =o(

It's morning in L.A. and Roy & Scott haven't slept well after being in the bottom last challenge.  Each thought he would be gone. Scott thought they were each gonna have a heart attack.

A heart attack.

But no Elizabeth.

The make up artists meet up with McKenzie Westmore in the L.A. County Arboretum & Botanic Garden.  (Yes, as seen in Tarzan, Jurassic Park and Meet The Fockers.)

Alana is feeling it, but she was excited before the challenge was even revealed.  Each has to create an original Mother Nature Goddess, including something that represents their own mothers.  Anthony Kosar (s4 winner) is welcomed and advises then to go soft, subtle, feminine and elegant.

Frank interviews during sketch time that he recently lost his father and that his mother is sick so he is already stressed and unfocused.

Everyone talks about being inspired by their mother, which is the challenge.  RJ already did an earth mother goddess on his previous season.  He doesn't know what to do at this point.  (Um, honor the challenge?)  Tate also wants to incorporate a deer, feminine qualities (Anthony says that is the task!) and The Tree Of Life.  Somewhere Michael Kors is thinking, "it looks like a deer ran right into a tree!"  Or something.  Lyma wants to put a translucent or transparent pregnant belly on the model.  Yes, but will there be unborn fawns?  Well, that makes more sense than bitter kittens.

On the Westmore-thru, Anthony K. joins in on the fun.  Miranda is going with something leaf-inspired.   Michael wants the eyebrows covered.  Anthony wants the animals incorporated into Lyma's design.  Um, she's ahead of you, dearie.  Eddie doesn't like the advice he gets from Michael.  Who cares?  Listen to him!  Laura's sculpt is looking more Venus Fly Trap than butterfly.  Hmmm?  Frank is still overwhelmed with sadness about his parents, and cannot concentrate on his own work.  Ce nest pas bon!

Laney and Tate get a bit of the crisis edit:  Her mold won't come apart near the end of day 2, and, while Tate is trying to help out, he breaks the fiberglass mold at the neck.  The edit is that it's a tragedy, but the next day the problem is solved.  Grrrrr.

What is striking me at this point?  RJ is so willing to not meet the brief, to follow the challenge.  Laney seems to have overcome a mold breaking and overcoming a wardrobe piece that she didn't want.

Her model, however, seems to be having a reaction (allergic, not euphoric) to the make up, and doesn't stay around for all of the painting.

RJ's model keeps talking (and moving the jaw) while he tries to apply the prosthetic.  Ha!

How do they do?  Let's take a look:












Please tell me you saw this in Frank's work.

Doesn't Eddie's model look like Annie Lennox engulfed by a forest?   Doesn't Scott's model look like Alana?  Don't ya think RJ's model could double for Fred Sanford's Elizabeth herself?  She didn't die, you abandoned her in the forest.   Or a fast growing vine wrapped around her.  As for Roy's look ...

Why is her vagina sprouting roots?

Well, to be fair, Nina, you seem to have had 'vagina' on the brain lately.

But not like this guy.

It's easy to figure out top 3 and bottom 3 and safe 5 this week.  McKenzie calls out Alana, Miranda, Laney, Tate and Frank as safe and banishes them to the make up room out back.  The remaining are the top 3 and bottom 3, of course.

The judges love Roy's vision and execution.  What a comeback from last week!  Neville calls it elegant & balanced.

Eddie's fails the judges.  Glen think he overshot, tried to do too much.  Huh?  There was no beauty makeup on her face, it was left completely natural.

Neville loves the silhouette of Lyma's creation.  Glen likes the heavenly approach to the hair, and the bunny/fertility aspect.

Well, of course!

RJ is reprimanded for not following the challenge, to make a beautiful mother earth goddess character.  He didn't want to regurgitate what he's done before, but Ve says it's a total failure.

Laura's makeup is the most amazing on the show ever, per Ve.  Neville calls it sublime. 

Neville hates Scott's breastplate.  The judges think it is more horror and less beauty.  I don't like that he made Alana

The top three are:


and Lyma.

Laura wins!

You saw it coming, right?  Still, the paint job was so much better than the others and was well deserved.  Or, to be rude, she was able to work with more than one or two colors.

Bottom three are Scott, Eddie & RJ.

Glen sends home RJ.  It was a pretty obvious choice, since he didn't follow the parameters of the challenge.

Wow, if RJ can be thrown enough by something to ignore the request, then anyone is subject to bad decisions, eh?  He is really talented, he didn't *have* to go this early.  Dear God, help me be circumspect and wise in life.  Whatever situation I am in, please let me see the big picture, and not be thrown by the past.


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