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Face Off s5e4 Subterranean Terror 10 September 2013

Last time on Face Off it was a planned double elimination as the make up artists in teams of two, were inspired by Mother Goose to create whimsical designs.  Three teams were on top:  Tate & Miranda, Lyma & Adolfo, and Laney and Alana.  Miranda won her 2nd out of three Spotlight (main) challenges so far this season.  On the bottom were Frank & Laura and Rick & Eric, with the latter two being axed.  Whew, we can't have Orlando (Laura) going home THAT early!

It's morning in L.A. and Eddie & RJ are congratulating (sucking up to?) Miranda.  Wait a minute, they have a cat!  Laura interviews that being in the bottom last week was "absolute emotional torture."  She says she'll just have to dig a little deeper.  I see they have a fish pond, too, hence the cat.

The 12 contestants meet up wit McKenzie Westmore at the Glendale Utilities Substation.

Jordu Schell  (Avatar, Narna: Prince Caspian) is introduced as a guest judge.  He advises them to remember these creatures are underground, they should be pale, and maybe eye-less.  The main thing here is believability.   They head downstairs to six different areas, to use as inspiration to design and fabricate a being that would have inhabited that space.  The are not in teams this week, yea!

Alana & Tate get the kelp & sea life room.  Ry and Scott choose an area with tentacles and ink.  Eddie & Lyma are inspired by toxic waste and bones.  Aldolfo and Frank see chains and an electrical panel.  Laney and Miranda encounter a broken door and hair.  Finally, Laura and RJ see scratches on the wall, a 3-toed animal footprint and chains.

They have 5.5 hours on day one.   Miranda is freaking out that Laura & RJ are doing moles, and she is already committed to her OWN mole design.  RJ isn't phased and seem to be trying to support her choice.  Roy is working on a GIGANTIC Octopus.

It's the Westmore walk through!    Michael tells Lyma to drop the bottom lip so her extra outer teeth will make more sense.    Scott is told to widen his model's neck.   Eddie interviews that Michael really saved his work last week.  Laura is advised to continue the 'rat' look all the way through the body.   Michael tells him to put more 2x4s to handle the actual mold.

Lyma cracks her mold as she opens it.  She porous plaster on the cracks, and … when she comes back the next day, it's fine, entirely usable.  What a fake out.  Taking a lesson from Bunim Murray, eh?

Three of the other guys help Roy with his gargantuan mold.  Soon after, Roy throws latex in, but it's the wrong product, because it sets too fast, too hard.  In essence, the entire mold is a wash.  What will Roy do now?  Okay, this I buy as actual drama.

Since Miranda is sticking with her mole idea, Laura decides to go more rat.  She's using a modified pool noodle for the tail.

On day three Adolfo is mixing orange paint for his creature.  He wants to show that he was electrocuted, but doesn't seem to remember that Jordu Schell wanted them to be pale from living underground.  Warm flesh tones and a burnt look is not the way to go!  Well, maybe the other judges won't mind?

RJ interviews that he finished before time was up.  That NEVER happens.  Ha!

Let's see what and how Glenn, Ve, Neville and Jordu ruled.

Toxic Waste & Bones

Kelp & Sea Life

Tentacles & Ink

Chains & Electrical Panel

Chains & Electrical Panel

Broken Door & Hair

Scratches & Chains

Kelp & Sea Life

Scratches & Chains

Toxic Waste & Bones

Broken Door & Hair

Tentacles & Ink

After a closer look at the creatures, McKenzie calls out Frank, Scott, Roy, Laura, Adolfo, and Miranda as the best and worst.  The rest are safe and head back to the make up room.

Frank assumes from his room that his creature was a prisoner, and that the eyes 'went away.'  Neville loves his airbrush work.  Jordu is 100 percent on board, yet says it is one of his favorites.

Scott wanted to make a half Octopus/half human.  The judges HATE the paint job that Scott did.  Neville doesn't mind the concept, but thinks it falls quite short.  Jordu doesn't like the fruit cereal in the creatures head.

Miranda saw the claw marks on the wall and the hair, which made her think 'mole.'   The judges rave about her work, rightly so.  She hears natural, organic, subtle and completely convincing.

Adolfo saw the chains and thought of a prisoner who was supposed to be electrocuted, but instead of dying, became deformed, yet more powerful.  Jordu hates the sculpt, it looks like a mask, not real.  Ve hates the color, which isn't right for being underground.  Glenn hates it, too.

Roy explains how it isn't his original concept.   Glenn likes his original idea, but not what has been presented.  Roy's "it's hard to polish a turd" reminds me of Santino & Nick from PRs2.  Neville likes the lines from the nose area. 

Laura decides that her creature was a prisoner, chained to the wall.  Ve tells her it's unique and cool looking.  She doesn't like the hue of the make up, but Glenn loves it.  Jordu likes that the hands are oversized.

It's clear that Frank, Laura and Miranda are the top 3.

Miranda wins yet again!  Anthony 2.0 has won 3 of 4 Spotlight Challenges.  Wow.    The top 3 are sent to the back room.

Scott, Adolfo and Roy are the bottom three.

Glenn sends Adolfo home for the color, and for the "mask" factor.  Adolfo has a great, professional attitude as he leaves, which is always nice to see.

Again, I did NOT see Miranda doing so well this time around.  I did think that Alana and Tate would, and I am glad that Frank, Lyma and Laura have all recovered from their bottom placements.

Here's a simple point system based on how they have placed for the Spotlight Challenges, you know, 3 for a win, 2 for placing 2nd, 1 for 3rd, 0 for being safe, -1 for bottom 3, -2 for bottom 2 and -3 for being eliminated.

9 Miranda
6 Alana
3 Laney
3 Laura
3 Tate
1 Frank
1 RJ
0 Lyma
0 Roy
-1 Eddie
-2 Scott
-3 Adolfo
-3 Eric
-3 Rick
-3 Sam
-3 Tolin

Do you think Roy will recover from this bad week? Here's hoping.   I LOVE when he, or anyone, for that matter, aims big.


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