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Face Off s5e07 Living Art 24 September 2013

Last time on Face Off Roy won immunity during an ever rare Foundation Challenge (create a makeup around a denture prosthetic) which he didn't need for the Spotlight Challenge: to reinterpret a typical Halloween costume into an original creature of the night.

I haven't got the will to try and fight.

They also had to incorporate a 'trick' of some sort, as in glowing eyes or dripping blood, or the like.

In the top were Tate, Roy and Laney.  Tate's skeleton won him a 2nd Spotlight Challenge.

Bottom dwellers were Scott, Lyma and Alana.  Lyma's vampire ended her time on Face Off.

So, that leaves us with three newcomers and six veterans.  If we go by previous season five episodes, Scott is due for removal, with probably Eddie next.  Scott has been in the bottom three the last three main challenges.  Eddie has been in the bottom twice all season.  All others have been in the bottom once or never.

It's morning in L.A. and Laura & Scott are musing at a table outside.  Did you ever notice that Laura gets an edit like this nearly every episode?  (Alana has had a few, too.)  So, are you willing to go out on a limb with me and say Laura wins the Spotlight Challenge and Scott gets axed?  Nah, that would be too cruel and obvious, eh?  Scott complaining about his age can't be good, though.

With age comes wisdom, young man.
And, I'm NOT dead yet!

No Koi or cat sightings.  =o(

Hey!  We've got a Foundation (mini) Challenge for a 2nd week in a row!  They are to create a new take on … Elvira, and Miss Cassandra is there to judge!  The contestants are all giddy over meeting her, rightly so.

Roy and Tate are the top two. Roy wins makeup and immunity (didn't he just win immunity last week?) for his "Elmira" bat-inspired mistress of the dark.

The next day the contestants meet at the Pacific Design Center, in a gallery, si?  Neville Page and McKenzie Westmore reveal the Spotlight Challenge:  Use a movement in art history, and create a character to live within it.   This is an individual challenge, not a team challenge.

Alana and Frank each choose Constructivism.  Eddie and Roy grab Expressionism.  Laney picks Pop Art.  Laura and Miranda take Cubism.  Scott and Tate select Surrealism.

Mr. P. states that it has to feel like a piece of living art.  Alana picks Constructivism even though she knows little about it.  Why?  Laney, Eddie and Laura know *exactly* what they want.

In the work room, Miranda, once again, is questioning her ideas.  She relies on Tate to affirm her sculpt.  She hugs Alana when she shares her grief over picking poorly.

Mr. Westmore where are you?

Oh, she is SO lucky, the W's come in on the first day!  Scott is told his surrealistic father inspiration is a bit busy.  Mr. W. tells Roy to work on the shading on his head.  He doesn't mind Alana's work thus far, but she has to get rid of the 'human' features.  Eddie's inspiration is Van Gogh's "Starry Starry Night"  (cue Don Mclean in G) but he is using red, not a deep, dark blue?  That's all the mentor moments we get.

Frank is able to get to molding first.  Laura interviews that they can't think of this challenge in a typical manner, but as a work of art.

Meanwhile, Miranda is asking Frank to make her decisions.  How does she decide what to eat for breakfast?  Or choose between chocolate & vanilla?

Tate makes a gigantic mold, and when he goes to separate it, he damages his hand, and blood is everywhere.  The on set medic sends him right over to urgent care.  Uh-oh!

Roy and Laura decide to help him, and clean his mold while Tate is away.  Soon everyone is helping out in some manner.

It's very refreshing to know that people do care.
But only about Tate's blood & broken bones,
not about Miranda's insecurities about sculpting.

Laney can't open her mold.   Ah, we see the tape she has to separate the two sides, and the mystery of why no "Pam" is revealed.

Tate is back, 13 stitches later,

Hey, stitches are nothing to laugh at.

Oh, just suck it up!

Um, uh-huh.  At any rate Tate seems unfazed.  He interviews that it's a calamity, but he is working and focused.  Oy.

He mentions he can't use his left hand … as the camera shows him USING HIS LEFT HAND.  Oy II.

When the models come in, it's a normal frenzy.  During the last hour Alana is freaking out, she surely won't finish the painting.   Hey, did you ever notice how Laney is uber-focused?  She does a lot, and doesn't complain, she *just* works.  Nice.  Okay, I want Laney to win now.  I mean for the season.  I do think it is between Laura and Tate, but I like that Laney is so committed to excellence.  Miranda is talented enough to win, but her brain will explode whenever Tate tires of holding her hand, don't ya think?

How do they do?  For the most part they create looks that embody the art movement they chose.  Take a look:



Did you see the Chyron?  It's not Impressionism, honey!

Pop Art







Now I am confused.  Tate didn't follow the brief.

His looks more like this

than this.

Scott's looks clunky, and the volcano doesn't look very volcano-y.  Eddie's REALLY looks Expressionistic.  The color doesn't have enough detail or highlights, though, right?  Oh, forget me, let's see what happens.

Miranda and Alana interviewed during the initial judging that they are both in the bottom, and Alana is certain she is out.

After the judges get a closer look, McKenzie slowly calls out Frank, Roy and Alana.  You can see the terror on poor Alana's face.  Then, McKenzie calls them out as safe.

Alana's face is priceless.  Could we just give her prize after prize, just so we could watch her face?  Her surprise face is much better to look at than PR12's Ken's stank face.

Miranda explains her concept.  She shares her disappointment with her work.  Glen corrects her, it is a strong makeup.  Ve hates that she didn't do ANYTHING on the arms, but Neville loves the look.

Ve is laughing at Tate's work before he even starts.  He  impresses some of the judges with the work, but not the make up or paint.  Worse, it is not surrealistic.

Eddie's expressionistic look is panned.  Neville sees a burned monster.  Glenn is perturbed by the mask feel.  Ve hates the monochromatic red.

Laura explains her cubism, and Glenn declares it stunning.  Ve says immaculate and mind-boggling.

Scott's volcano doesn't translate.  Ve and Glenn don't see it at all.  It looks more like a tree stump.

Laney is admired for nailing the style and art movement.  She went above and beyond, creating a particular character.  Ve sees too much red.  (Again?)

After deliberation, Miranda, 


and Laura are declared the top three.

Laura wins, for a second time this season.  The top 3 are sent out back to the makeup room.

Bottom three are Tate,


and Scott.

Scott is out for his execution.  

So, now we have six veterans and only two newcomers (Laney and Eddie) to vie for the season five win.  Who do you think it will be?  Is my guess of a final three of Laney, Laura and Tate reasonable?  That's a prediction, not a wish list.


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