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PR12e3 • An Unconventional Coney Island • 1 August 2013

Last time on Project Runway the contestants borrowed over $300,000,000.00 in various diamond jewelry, and had to design an outfit that showcased their model and the bling.  Sandro did a 180° turn in the judges eyes, and placed #3.  Dom placed second.

Kate won the challenge & immunity for the next one.  Bottom three were an emotional Helen, Timothy and Kahindo.  The latter had a simple dress that managed to hide the jewelry in plain sight.  Helen and Timothy had busy outfits, poorly executed, but we know that plain and boring never win over overworked, unreasonable ideas.  

Kahindo was set free, and placed 15th for the season.

At first I thought that Bradon McDonald should have won.  Then a neuron fired.  Do I really want anyone to ever win the first two challenges?  Ever?


Now, before you really get started,
we want to say that we are all now very
available for hosting, mentoring and judging
Project Runway Almost-Stars, Project Runway Non-Stars,
Project Runway Juniors, Project Runway Seniors,
Project Runway Masters, hey, whatever ya got!
Just letting everyone know that.   We have resumes.

Sunrise over Manhattan:  It's 5:30 a.m. and Heidi is impersonating Tim Gunn by waking the contestants up at the Refinery Hotel.  She greats sleeping designers with a "Wakey, wakey!"  The girls scream, which makes me think this is all planned.  Last time someone tried to wake me up, I did not just suddenly burst into a scream.   I'm sure it took me 20 minutes to ease into a grumble, or a murmur or a mean stare. Heidi  yells "HA!!!" at the boys, and they scream and one runs over to another.  Staged, I tell ya, but still pretty funny.

They all head on over to Coney Island to meet Tim Gunn and Dave Smetter, VP of Marketing Communications (isn't that redundant redundant?) at Yoplait.  What, no Lisa "It is so good!" Kudrow?  Wait, where's Heidi?  She went back to sleep, eh?  Sue Waller states that she's never been to Coney Island before.  Um, honey, you LIVE in Brooklyn, it should be on the to-do list, right?   That's like me never going to Disney World.  Oh, wait, I've been here a year and I still haven't gone.

Never mind.

In my defense, I'm not a 5 year old boy.

Dave & Tim introduce the challenge:  In teams of two, give away new Yoplait frozen yogurt on the boardwalk and get the recipients to describe the experience, like unnatural, chemically, un-spoilable, sad, that sort of thing.  Well, no, I tease.  They all have good things to say.  Then, the twosomes will create one outfit together, using three words of their choosing as the inspiration.

      1. Give Out Yoplait Frozen Yogurt Samples
      2. Collect Descriptive Words
      3. Choose Three Words To Inspire Your Design
      4. Create A Look Inspired By Those Three Evocative Words
      5. Using GoBank Card $100, Win Prizes At Luna Park To Source Materials

Yes, only after they have their three words does Tim spring the 2nd unconventional challenge aspect on them.

Miranda looks unamused, the others surprised, eh?

As the gang goes wild on their amusement park games, winning prizes, we encounter this:
Miranda K. Levy: I know I've been stressed out, and crazy and bitchy
Timothy "Unicorn" Westbrook: Right
ML: but I'd rather be with you than anyone else
TW: Sure
ML: because I know we work
TW: well together
ML: well together
TW: yeah
ML: yeah

Soon Timothy creams when Miranda wins him a unicorn.  Don't you think that this is a fake-out?

Tim Gunn is channeling some Tom Brokaw realness:  "I've never seen anything lllllllike this!  This is absolutely phenomenal.  Lllllllllllet's go!"

Leave this lot, losers.
Unless you want a licking.
And we'd love to deliver that licking.
Right fellas?
Yeah, love.
Yeah, a lot.
I'd love to lick a lemon lollipop in Lillehammer.

Sandro & Sue are butting heads.  I can't tell from the editing whom is at fault, but everyone else seems to think it is all on Sandro.  Well, maybe they are right?   We do know he is animated, passionate and vocal about his opinions.  Okay, we don't need a better edit to know he's harassing Sue, I just needed to work it through.

Oh! I get it!

Timothy gives us a PSA on Unicorns.  I don't know, half of me is thinking, geez, grow up and get real, little boy.  The other half is all, I'm glad he has a passion in life, and he sure LOOKS happy when he is explaining it.  Who am I to deny him his unicorn bliss?

I've never seen so much flotsam and jetsam in my entire life!

Um, Mr. Gunn, you say that almost as often as
a Progressive or Geico Insurance commercial airs..

Do not!

Do so!

On the Tim thru, he says he is "nothing but supportive" of Jeremy and Scrunchy-face.  For Dom & Alexandria's sweater dress, he "sees it all," but Ken feels the need to trash on it in interview.   Alexander fears his and Justin's look is too young, and Tim tells them to add another piece to it.   Karen and Bradon explain that their look is coming together organically, and it's swirling and growing.  Tim points out that it is unique, and then Sandro interviews that he will use the idea in an upcoming challenge?  Evidently someone has not been told he is referential, huh?  Sue & Sandro seem unprofessional in front of Tim.  Sue states, "We get along when we are not working together, fantastically." I can't tell if she is merely reporting a fact or trying to start a fight.  I'm going with the latter.  Sandro appears to have a legitimate concern, with the judges finding his work too busy.  Tim approves of Sue's idea for the collar.  I guess Sandro must be more of a jerk, since others interview that he is a mess.  Funny, Tim seems to soothe and placate them.  Tim sides with Helen that her and Kate's red sombrero dress should not have any straps.  Miranda and Timothy hear the dreaded, "happy hands at home" line, plus he points out that it is referencing Disney, but not in a good way, not to mention "hospital gowny."  Miranda interviews that she feels let down.  By whom?  Timothy seems to have a happy attitude, if nothing else.

Ya know, I wanted him gone on the first challenge, and he was kept on.  I wanted him gone on the second challenge, and he was kept on.  Now that he is here, I don't think it's HIS fault that their look is bad, isn't it Miranda's?  I mean, isn't Timothy willing to keep at it, work with her, come up with ideas?  Forget about the skill level, if you can.  Doesn't Timothy seem more willing to actually work, while Miranda whines and complains?  I'm not trying to say Timothy is the next great fashion designer, but he has a few ideas, and he is indeed pleasant enough to be around.  Miranda's bitching and moaning about being paired with him all episode reminds me of Pandora Boxx's inability to play well with Mimi Imfurst, sending them both home first on RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars.

Wasn't Timothy's model a real doll?

When the models come in, Timothy's model, Sophie, (hey, lookie there, a real model with a name and a soul and everything!) gives him a card and he gets all emotional.  Dang, now I *really* want Timothy to stay.  It's hard to tell, but it sure seems like Miranda is giving Timothy more grief than he deserves.  I no longer believe it is just an edit situation.

She has absolutely given me the strength I need to win this competition.

Um, math … poultry ...

It's hard to read through the editing, but doesn't it seem like Miranda was the more unprofessional one, and that she made it worse than it had to be?   Complaining to the other contestants that he is a doody-head isn't inspiring me to root for her.

On the runway, Heidi, Zac, Nina and Tim were joined by the ever lovely Kelly Osbourne.  We've had Iman already in s2, but when do we get Elizabeth Hurley, Kristy Hinze or Megan Gale?  How about Ben de Lisi?  Jay Leno?  I mean, Henry Roth?

Karen Batts &
Bradon McDonald

Dom Streater &
Alexandria Von Bromssen

Sandro Masmanidi &
Sue Waller

Helen Castillo &
Kate Pancoke

Justin LeBlanc &
Alexander Pope

Jeremy Brandrick &
Ken Laurence

Miranda K. Levy &
Timothy Westbrook

Heidi calls out Bradon & Karen, Ken & Jeremy and Sandro & Sue as the safe. That leaves two top teams and two bottom dwelling duos.  But, as the safe people go back to the waiting room, Sandro interviews this:

"Yesterday I've been bossy with Sue.
She just said okay you the boss,
I'm gonna be your assistant,
just tell me what I have to do,
and this was a genius.
When a woman listen and a man,
it's so cool."

What?  The feminist in me is enraged, but maybe he was trying to say that when both parties listen there is peace and harmony?  Life is never dull with Sandro, I give him that.

Playful, energetic, and texture were the key words for Dom & Alexandria.  Kelly and Heidi gush over the complete look.  Zac likes that it is inventive, fun, casual and creative.  Nina calls it adorable, it's rare that we see her so happy.  What, did Heidi just accuse her of no longer being Meana Godzilla?  Maybe she was onto something?  If the team is on top, the two contestants say Alexandria should win the challenge, because it was her design.

Kate & Helen talked about how well they got along, and that Helen was able to manage her time better.    Heidi calls the look sculptural, an art piece.  Nina says it is such a high fashion moment without losing any of the whimsy and fun.   She loves the dramatic red.  During the runway, Kelly quietly questioned Tim if it was made out of hats (sombreros) and proclaimed it "F#@kin' brilliant, it's amazing."  Zac beams that he is so proud of them. Kate & Helen decide it should be Helen that wins if they are the top team.

Summertime, smooth and playful are the guiding words for Justin and Alexander.  Zac calls it a hot mess with too much going on. Justin was concerned about that very thing when it was walking down the runway.  Heidi says it's over bedazzled.

Did you say bedazzled?!?!?   I. will. not. have. it.  That's MY word!

Nina states that they could have gone very fun and kitsch or very chic and glamorous, and they did neither, staying safely nowhere, and it's overworked.  Zac has the model take off the jacket and they suddenly think it is MUCH better.  If they are the bottom team, who should go?  Alexander says he can't chose, and Justin agrees.  I don't think it really matters.

Heidi is overwhelmed that Miranda & Timothy's is so boring.  The judges see the work put into the vest, but they don't like it, the vest reminds them of a life vest.  They try to explain who did what, but it doesn't match up, and all that is clear is that they did not get along.  However, Timothy did the vest, and Miranda did some or all of the dress.  If ever there was a double elimination, wouldn't this episode be a candidate?

Miranda & Timothy are at each other, still, in the waiting room.  Miranda comes off as dealing with something that Timothy didn't do, so I can't tell if she is on crack, or if Timothy is getting a kind edit.  I mean, from what we saw, I have a lot of mercy for Timothy.  Do I think he is going all the way?  No, but I do find him interesting to watch design and create.  I can say that he spent the majority of the time creating a textile, instead of being concerned about the entire look.  That's not wise.


When the judges deliberate, they immediately conclude that Miranda & Timothy's outfit is the worst.  Nina injects, "This is the Titanic, and they're fighting over that life vest, that's all we know!"  Oh, good it's not just me.

Helen is the winner of the challenge.  She still gets the guitar strumming in A.  She, Kate, Dom and Alexandria are all safe.  Justin and Alexander are safe, and that brings us to the bottom two, Miranda and Timothy.

Three times and Timothy is auf Wiedersehened.

Heidi is rather kind to Timothy, and I am struck by how different the atmosphere is compared to the last time we had a 'three strikes and you're out."

Auf Wiedersehen, bitches!

No, wait, before this ends, next week it appears that we will get some context for Sandro's "I'm gonna smash this camera right before me."  Or, something like that.  Я не знаю, господин, это не очень хорошо.

Keith, Jack, Maya, Cecilia, Andrea, Kooan ... will there be another next week?

And why isn't #16 for the season, Angela, in the intro?  Kahindo is there, so it's not like they remove the eliminated designers every week.


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  1. Did anyone else get a Ven vibe from the bulky swirl on the hip of Karen/Bradon's dress? I thought the Origami Rose had returned.