Saturday, August 31, 2013

PR12e7 Shoes First! 29 August 2013

Last time on Project Runway the top 11 contestants went glamping.  Tim was (mostly) spared the experience.  Alexandria won with her editorial, luxurious denim jacket.  Karen & Justin were in the bottom, for a runny egg and a foaming vagina, respectively.  Justin was eliminated.  

Back in the waiting room the tears were flowing everywhere.  The mentor used his "Tim Gunn Rescue" and kept Justin in the game.

So, nothing happened last week, except we
learned that Ken doesn't like bugs or nature.

We don't like him either!

Oh, please, who doesn't like Mother Nature?

Last week I didn't really see it as the time to use the TGR, although I took a 'whatever' attitude towards it.  I'm not seeing it this week either.  Justin is great, he is cool and likable, but I'd be trying to save the save for a monumentally horrendous judge decision, and so far I have agreed with them.

No you haven't!

Oh, that's right, I would have sent Timothy "Unicorn" "Wisconsin" Westbrook home earlier than challenge #3.  Well, alrighty, then.  I don't know what I'm talking about …

I could have told you that.

Taisez-vous, monsieur!

It's morning at The Refinery Hotel in NYC.   Justin is grateful to still be there.  I'm starting to doubt Alexandria's sanity.  Why is she snuggling with a paper cup?

Kate is concerned: It's the 7th challenge, and last season when she competed she was eliminated on the 7th challenge.  Wait, I thought that 7 was a lucky number, not UNlucky?

You're the 7th son of the 7th son.

That's uh ... nice.  Over on the runway Heidi sends the designers to the Marie Claire Fashion Closet. 
Over at the Hearst Building they meet up with Tim and Marie Claire Editor-In-Chief and Film Writer Anne Fulenwider.  The challenge is to create a look inspired by a pair of shoes. Uh-oh, it's a "make a pretty dress" challenge!  They have 16 pairs of shoes to choose from.  Selection order is determined by correctly answering some fashion history questions.  Dom and Miranda are the last two standing, and they don't remember that Chanel gave us the LBD.   At the end, everyone likes his or her pair of shoes.  They sketch for a few minutes.

Ken finds time to complain about the others who didn't know their fashion history.  They even went to school, while he is just naturally brilliant.   Ken, you're SO close.  It is important for us to know our history.  It is not one's place to bitch about it behind the backs and to the faces of those less knowledgeable than oneself.   No need to release such fury.

Thank you, Livvy.

They had Converse?

Where's the Converse challenge?

Ken wants to make a bubble skirt/dress.

I fully support his vision.

They head on over to Mood where the suggested budget is $250.  It's a one day challenge.

Tim has a bonding moment with Swatch.

Oh, Tim, you're breaking my heart.
Shave it.  Get plugs.  Wear a wig.

Amen, sister!

Wear a hat.

Not one of *my* hats.

And do NOT tell me that comb-overs (or comb-backs) are the latest thing.   This isn't me making fun of you.  This is me saying it is unacceptable.  You're too good for this faux pas.  No, not faux bois.  It's worse than if you went around wearing drop crotch pants 24/7.

Look, I stopped a long time ago,
leave me alone already!
The editing shows both Alexander and Miranda hitting the red plaid.  They have different aesthetics, they will likely go in different directions.

It's a red herring.

Nothing else happens other than The Great Tartan War Of 2013, so, can we just go to the runway?

But — you CAN'T ignore the drama of it all!

Watch me.

It's Tim-thru time!  For the 58th time he says, "This is the quietest room in the history of project runway."  Ugh.  Go back to "make it work" already, will ya?  "It makes me so happy that you're all not (happy?)"  What?  This just got interesting.

Alexandria is toning down the S&M aspect of her shoes.  Tim thinks that Justin's fabrics are too matchy to the shoes.   Tim questions the polka dot top paired with Miranda's red plaid pants.  Miranda thinks Tim steered her in the wrong direction on a previous challenge, so she is resolute to stick to her own game plan.   That's the way to respect someone further along than you with talent and vision.  Tim isn't bothered that Alexander is using red plaid, too.  Ken's outfit is dated and over designed.  Ken IS taking Tim's advice.  Good on you!   Bradon can't answer the preverbal "Where is she going?" to Tim.  Ce n'est pas bon!  Tim & Kate agree that she has to have perfect construction.   Ya know, sometimes Mr. G. does have his Captain Obvious moments, eh?  Tim wants Jeremy to concentrate on the sweater top (counter balancing the knee high boots.)   Tim states that the judges will either love it or hate it to Dom.  I know he is saying that the strong color is polarizing, but … really?  She hadn't thought of that before? 
Karen gushes over her yellow to Tim, but she calls it green.  Is it my eye or the TV?

It's your eye.

Helen believes the judges think her construction is shoddy.  Bradon changes it up and works on a circle skirt.  Helen decides to eliminate any matronly issues.  Alexander and Miranda each like his/her own red plaid pants.

Jeremy and Alexander are play fighting in the sewing room.  Ken interviews that no one is getting along, and it's time to get out the knives.  Um, really?

I wish Ken the very best in life, in fashion, on the show, in every aspect of life, honest.  However, in addition to all the wonderful things he will do and acquire, I'd LOVE to see him in a customer service setting.  Please, God?  It's a ready-made sitcom, eh?

I wanna eat the cow that made this.


Please, Yoplait, stop.  Go back to Lisa Kurdrow if you *have* to.
No more overautotuning the public.

Alexander's leg holes are too tight. 

Justin, you're sweating on me.

Ya know, how about sitting out a season, and using the $500,000 saved to get a new, QUIET air conditioning system for Parsons?  Sorry, I'm a firm believer that heat is torture.

You better believe it.

Or maybe they could have the PR Pit Crew, Scott & Johnny, walk around a bit, waving pond fronds, eh?   Mmmmm .... Pit Crew.

Scott Patric utters the adorable "Salvador Dali" in regards to Kate's shoes and look.

Dom whispers to Helen that the judges will rip on Miranda for her messy Amy Winehouse hair.  Wait a minute.  That's not redundant? 

Joining in on the judging with Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia are actress Kaley Cuoco and Marie Claire Editor-In-Chief Anne Fulenwider.

You know what?  I think Heidi is auditioning for a remake of Logan's Run, eh?
Short & shiny, but no longer tight.
How does that line go?  Oh, yeah,
"The part of Holly 13 has already been filled."

Ken Laurence

Alexander Pope

Miranda Levy

Dom Streater

Justin LeBlanc

Alexandria Von Bromssen

Karen Batts

Bradon McDonald

Kate Pankoke

Jeremy Brandrick

Helen Castillo

Heidi calls out Kate, Karen, Dom, Justin and Alexander as safe.  They are banished to the back room.

Don't play this ever again.
It was annoyingly plagiarized and overplayed then.

But it gave me drug money!

Heidi thinks Alexandria took the right approach to the gladiator shoes by going whimsical, toning down the hard aspect of the sandals.  Nina dubs it cool and editorial.   Zac isn't a fan of the shoes, he calls it pedestrian. 

I see what you did there.

The guest judges love it, though.

Heidi names Jeremy's look 'Pretty Woman' (enough with 1990 already, eh?)  and Zac calls it trampy.   He questions who Jeremy is as a designer.  Uh-oh!

Nina wants Helen's minimal, classic look.   She gleams "fashionable" and  "sophisticated."   Ms. Cuoco adores it, and Ms. Fulenwider calls it simple and sophisticated.

Heidi calls out Miranda for the red plaid that Alexander also used.  Oh, brother.  Nina wants some eggnog.  Zac likes the nerdy aspect, but says she didn't take it far enough.   Anne doesn't see the rock & roll inspiration.

 Miranda's basic Christmas tree skirt ain't helpin'

Ken calls his look 'man-eater.'  Heidi & Zac approve of the fabric choice, something he has struggled with before.  Nina beams over the 'man-eater' look and description.

Don't even!

Heidi calls Bradon's look "Happy Days" and "swing" dancing inspired.  Nina wanted to see the shoes with a simple t-shirt dress.  It's tortured per Ms. Garcia, Zac calls it frumpy.   Anne calls it her least favorite, and the fabrics look cheap.  Kaley says, "bad bridesmaid."

On the closer look segment Tim calls out Jeremy for not listening to anything he said to help him.  C'mon, it's not like he's Emilio-ing you.   Is he?   The more I think about it the more it comes off as tattletaling.

Helen is the winner of the challenge!

Ken gets a "great job" and is in.
Not good enough.  Try again.

Ken has to interview that Helen's work is old and that he should have won.  That's the good sportsmanship we all admire.  Alexandria is in.

Jeremy is in.  The bottom two are Bradon and Miranda ... and ...  Bradon is in.

Miranda is out.  She interviews that she is mad that she went out on something that she liked.  However, Tim states he liked her look, and tells her that this is the way one should go.  Ya know, I do agree with Zac, she has a cool aesthetic, the nerdy girl.  Before the season started, I predicted top 3 for her.  Don't ask me for any numbers or predictions.

Now Timothy can call her from the great sequestered beyond.  They can converse on cheese and unicorns to their heart's desire.  Or, they can kill each other.

I've got guns and knives if they need them.

"You're the most talented designers in the history of the show!"  Yes, Tim, I finally agree with you on something.  When you are with the most violent and upset contestant in the history of the show, you lie like a rug and proclaim them the most talented.

It's another "pet the kitty" moment.

I love cats.

Next time on PR:  Field Day!  Heidi does the mentor-thru. "I don't see anyone wanting to have this."  Burn!  Are they designing for her line again?   Karen is in worry-town.  Ken swears at Helen.  Geez, is he still mad she won last time?

Tim does a Joan Rivers impersonation to Ken.  "Why are you so upset?  Did I do something wrong?"  (It's the comb-over.)  Michael Kors is back. Yes, but will he say 'disco?'



  1. Ken is made at any girl that wins, always. Is it just me or does the shape of Alexander's shirt remind you of Michelle's editorial challenge that Nina hated?

    1. FreeMars2257, it *does* seem like it, eh? I will have to go look and compare side by side, huh?

  2. An all-plaid, Converse challenge would be awesome!

  3. That sounds great, suzq. I will be happy with a 'design' challenge anytime, though.