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PR12e6 Let's Go Glamping! 22 August 2013

Last time on Project Runway the 12 designers were split into teams of three to create a cohesive mini-collection out of unconventional materials.  They shopped at a vintage wallpaper store, a grocery store and a combination home & party store.

Jeremy won the challenge.

Sue was auf'd.

Ken was kept on for his joyous, bubbly personality.

I'm still trying to figure out why Angela isn't in the intro.

I was on the show.  I placed 16th out of 16.
It wasn't just a dream, was it?

No, honey, it was a nightmare.  Every day here is a nightmare.

It's morning at The Refinery and Ken is equating Alexandria with Judas.   Sweetie, do you have a problem getting along with others?  Or is it just Judasandria?  I doubt even Jesus Himself has your entitlement.

Not even close.

On the runway Heidi & Tim are in camouflage.

Suede loves camouflage.
Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds.  Resource Water sends them all on a "glamping" trip.  Tim states that it is an upscale, sophisticated version of camping.  We were lucky to get you onto the beach in L.A. on season six.  I'm dubious, Mr. Gunn.

As they get ready Alexander shares that he hasn't been camping since he was a little girl.  Miranda knows how to dye things (I assume using berries and the like) and Kate says that if worse comes to worst they can use their own blood as a dye.  Miranda doesn't think the camping will be that intense.  However, she does interview the following:

I hope that we get to play paint ball because I really want to shoot some people.

Wait just a minute!  That doesn't count as "intense?"  With her military background, she could do some damage, eh?

At their destination Tim introduces Seaona Skwara, Head of Activation for Resource Natural Spring Water.  C'mon, does that mean she turns on the lights at HQ in the morning?  Why is SURF music playing?  They aren't at the ocean!  This isn't a Jan & Dean/Beach Boys challenge!  Shouldn't it be more like hiking songs?  You know, "my knapsack on my back" and all that?  Tim jokes about setting up all of the tents.

As if. 

The challenge is to be inspired by the scenery and experience of camping, but to make bona fide Fashion with a capital F, high end and editorial.  It's a one day challenge, and then, quick like a bunny, Tim scampers away before any camping experience can soil his clothing.   Or, before he can.

Ken does not approve of bugs or dirt.  May we change everything around to your liking, your majesty?  Or, if you don't like Earth, there are plenty of other planets for you to choose from.  Karen is just happy not to have to see alligators.   Ken does not want to sleep in a tent.  Life is gonna be one huge disappointment for him, isn't it?

Everyone (else) is enjoying a moment of relaxation.  Kate is so happy that they have a break.

Alexandria is off on her own losing her coins in a field sketching and designing.  

They go rafting, zip lining, and later sketching.  The sleepover under the stars is uneventful and the next morning they meet a calm and rested Tim at Mood.  The suggested amount to spend is $300.

Bradon seems more stressed than usual. 
I tried to get a better shot, but he was just a running blur in all of them.

Justin wants to sniff some glue.

Yea!  A Swatch sighting.
It's pretty sad when the Swatch sighting is a highlight of the episode, eh?

Or maybe you need to blog on a DIFFERENT program, hmmmm?

Wait, Tim said they'd be back?  Why?  Is there a twist coming up?

Tim exclaims in the work room that it is much more tranquil.  Is he trying to say that nature is too loud, but NYC is not?  Or that Sue was a noisemaker?  I'm not buying that.

Ken is still ripping on Alexandria.  Jeremy is writing on his fabric, words from a love letter to his husband.

Yeah, that was all I could think of, too.
And, yes, everybody sure loves Seth Aaron.
Or self addressed envelopes stamped.
Or something.

As I was saying, as Tim Gunn leaves the contestants in the work room, he observes that it is too quiet.  Did NYC go on strike?

Did everyone leave NYC again?

Ken calls Alexandria a tiger, which is meant to be an insult.  However it's not to her face.  I don't know, I'm having trouble with Nina supporting him on the runway last challenge.    Winning on Project Runway shouldn't have to involve placating and sucking up to people with bad behavior.  

Tim returns for a mentor moment. Tim likes the dying of Karen's dress.  Tim loves Justin's glue as lace.  Alexander's 'trees at midnight' seems bottom heavy to Mr. Gunn.  Bradon doesn't have too much on his mannequin yet.  He is making a textile out of thread.   Somehwere Shirin is remembering Charlie.  Tim fears it looks too childish and clunky.  Bradon spent most of his time on it, though.  Tim warns Ken that his outfit must fit perfectly.  Tim is worried that Jeremy is using primary colors.  Helen's outfit is a work of art per Tim. 

Come model fitting time, Brandon STILL only has a collar.

Hey!  There's nothing wrong with that!

Alexander is glad his garment is fitting so well.  Ken likes Helen's moth.

You rang?

The pictured moth has more interesting color!

During model fitting time the next day Bradon is still racing against the clock.  Alexander offers to help him out.  Good on you!

Oooh, nice!  We're getting a Johnny Lavoy shot and a Scott Patric sighting!  Woo-hoo!

On the runway, joining Heidi, Zac, Nina and Tim is Allison Williams.

Helen Castillo

You went to Mood and all you give me is ripped beige swatches and twigs?

Bradon McDonald

Miranda Levy

Ken Laurence

Alexandria Von Bromssen

Alexander Pope

Justin LeBlanc

Dom Streater

Karen Batts

Kate Pancoke

Jeremy Brandrick

Heidi calls out Dom, Braden, Kate, Helen and Miranda as safe and they head on out to the back.  Bradon and Kate are thrilled to not be grilled.  The five celebrate that they made it to the top 10.

All that stress of Bradon almost not finishing, and for what?  SAFE.  No grilling.  Boo!  No, I like his work, I guess I don't REALLY want him to be grilled, and possibly gone.

Karen discusses her vision and explains her ombred drapey dress.  Heidi sees 'trashy,'  and Nina says she was torn between different inspirations (where is she going?)  Zac sees runny eggs.   What, the leather couldn't be some bacon?

Jeremy shares on his love-letter inspiration.  "Sonnet chic!" beams Zac.  Nina loves the buttons on the side, as is Allison Williams.  Heidi declares, "Stunning."

Ken was led by the hills.  Nine spells out B-O-R-I-N-G.  The judges hate the heavy layers of fabric up over the model's upper torso.  Zac sees a squished frog.


Alexander was drawn to the trees at midnight.  Heidi loves the fit.   The judges discuss the 'oil spill' on the bottom of the dress in the back, but some like it.  Zac hates the seam placement.  Nina loves the side zipper.

Justin's dried glue as lace is a flop.  Not only the lace is troublesome, but the construction of the dress as a whole.  Zac doesn't mind the color of the fabric at the bottom.  Nina gives us her "foaming vagina" line.  Zac chimes in with "rabid."  Well, God help us if there is ever an animal-inspired challenge.

The judges LOVE Alexandria's denim jacket and white dropped crotch shorts.  Nina sees long johns (and that's a good thing!)  Heidi loved that Alexandria did separates, and Nina loves that it is modern & cool.  The judges boast that it is editorial.  Even Zac loves the 'poopy pants.'

Alexandria is the winner!  Ken runs over and gives her a big kiss and a bear hug.  Well, not quiet.

Jeremy and Alexander are safe and sent out back.  Ken is in and sent away.  This leaves Karen & Justin, the bottom two, on the runway.

Justin is out.
Karen is in and is sent to the back room.

The designers are SO supportive of Justin.  Wow, wasn't I just complaining on the last Face Off recap that they never ALL hug at the end of a PR elimination (like they do on Face Off,) and here they are.

Tim ain't havin' any!  He uses his rescue card and Justin stays in!  Tim is visibly shaking before he says it.  Wow.   Did you agree with the save?  I can't argue with it, and certainly ALL of the designers agree.  Jeremy even said, "Thank you, Tim."

So, we have 11 for the next challenge.


Omigod, shoes.

Now if only it was an unconvenetional challenge and the ENTIRE oufit had to be made from just shoes.  I do not expect Liam Kyle Sullivan to guest judge, but, hey, ya knever know.


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