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PR12e5 • You Choose Your Material! • 15 August 2013

Last time on Project Runway the designers were in a Farfalle frenzy as they were inspired by Jesse Tyler Ferguson bow ties.  Their task was to create women's looks incorporating the bow ties in an atypical manner.  Love was in the air as winner Bradon proposed to his partner Josh, Nice Nina evolved from Meana Godzilla, Jeremy paid tribute to a beloved family member, and even Sandro drew close to a cameraman.
Well, almost.

Morning in Manhattan and the designers are not missing Sandro too much.  On the runway Heidi sends the gang over to Tim and a guest in the meatpacking district.  Then they are told to proceed with caution.  Why?  Is Sandro waiting at the door with a gun?

 Karen, just between us, a redhead should never
wear too much aluminum foil on the head.

It ends up looking like this.
Hell, maybe everyone should avoid it.

Tim Gunn and Brian Bolain, Corporate Marketing Manager for Lexus, welcome the designers to Gansevoort Plaza.  Four 2014 Lexus IS Sedans await, each will take them to their shopping destinations.  First Tim divides them into four teams of three:

• Ken, Alexandria & Sue                   • Kate, Jeremy & Karen
• Justin, Dom & Helen          • Alexander, Miranda & Bradon

Each team is to create a luxurious, high end mini-collection of three looks.  Each person is responsible for an individual outfit.  They do not have to use the vehicles as inspiration, although it is suggested.  Now, when has ignoring a suggestion on PR ever helped?  One person spends a suggested $1,500 for the 3-man team, and the other two will reimburse him later in the day.  The global positioning systems in each car has 3 destinations set up, they are to choose two of the three:  Second Hand Rose, a vintage wallpaper store, Garden of Eden, a specialty food store, and Surprise! Surprise!, a combination home goods & party store.

Surprise!  Surprise!

Hey!  Where's MY reference?  I'm MUCH more culturally significant.
Sure, Ken, oops, I mean, Barbra.

Another unconventional materials challenge!

(Dear Santa, it is early, but I know what I want for Christmas, it's at Surprise! Surprise!)

Wait, he didn't say GPS, he said navigation systems.  These aren't the cars that drive themselves, are they?  Tim spews that they will all come back safely to Parsons after shopping.   Are he and Heidi nervous because they will be driving in Manhattan, or because they will be in a Lexus?  Or, are THEY just bad drivers?

Shopping isn't all that much different from what you'd imagine.  Most of the contestants are getting along famously, whether they are having success in obtaining materials or not.  There is one glaring exception.

I'm living a nightmare.

Well, almost.  You ARE the nightmare.  Alexandria & Sue are living in fear, dear diva.  You are the reason why.  Over at the Surprise! Surprise! store, Ken is such a team player that he blurts out:

I need a gun.

I don't need a gun. 

A quick thinking Karen Batts saves the day.   She sends laser beams out of her aluminum foil headband to Ken's head and kills him right on the spot.  Everyone else erupts into applause.

Back in the work room, Tim Gunn brings in Sandro.  You know the drill, when a designer meets an untimely unscheduled death, they bring back the last eliminated contestant.

If only.  Tim brings in Sandro to say goodbye.  Sandro apologizes for making everyone uncomfortable.  Good on you, Sandro.  It's hard to understand him (sorry!) but he seems to be saying that when he lost Helen's friendship, he decided to leave.  Hmmm ... maybe 20 more listens will make it understandable  Geez, I could never be a court stenographer.

Then Helen says to Dom that Sandro did a 360.  Um, 180, да?  Or are you saying the more things change the more they stay the same?

Tim's eager to do a walk-thru.  Something must be in his Resource water.

Alexander, Bradon & Miranda impress Tim with how much they have manipulated and transformed their materials.  Tim cries out that he is "ecstatic!  It's a great collaboration, I feel it!"

Tim initially likes the work of Jeremy, Karen & Kate.  That they only used a small portion of their materials scares him.   He thinks they haven't taken it nearly far enough.

Jeremy and Kate seem to be paying attention to Tim, but why is Karen petting the mannequin with her finger?   Is she that bored, or is the mannequin a living, breathing pet to her?

Dom, Helen & Justin only spend $600 of the suggested $1,500.  Tim and Justin are both worried about the lack of different materials available to them.  Tim exclaims, "Why did you do that to yourselves?"

Alexandria and Sue start explaining to Tim what they are doing, and Ken smirks and says they are saying too much.   Sue's use of a curtain sends Tim into a tailspin.

This makes me sick!

When Tim asks if they've SEEN Project Runway, it's a bizarre moment indeed.  Tim takes Ken to task for laughing at Sue's misfortune.  Thank you, Tim.  Mr. Gunn ends by saying the looks are NOT cohesive.

On runway morning the "never before in the history of Project Runway" moment is ...

Sue's model isn't wearing Sue's outfit.  Wonder why?

Not really.

(It will be explained, never fear.)

Joining Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, and Nina Garcia is guest judge stylist June Ambrose.

Let's take a look at the runway, shall we?

Alexander, Miranda
& Bradon

Dom, Helen
& Justin

Alexandria, Ken
& Sue

Jeremy, Karen
& Kate

Heidi states that the judges were blown away by the looks.  The winning team is Jeremy, Karen & Kate.  Alexandria, Ken and Sue are the bottom team.  The rest are safe, but Bradon, Miranda and Alexander are called out for being a very close #2 team.

Kate explains that they were inspired by the gray Lexus, with a fairly futuristic theme.  Their materials included place mats, draw liners, shower curtain packaging, poppy seeds, coconut shavings, rice and glitter.  Jeremy is praised for going younger this week.  Kate is acknowledged for stepping outside of her typical comfort zone again.  Nina sees the car inspiration.

Heidi has to ask the losing team to expand and speak up when they share their vision for the mini-collection.  The three used draw liners, place mats, duct tape and vinyl curtain covers. Zac criticizes the materials, the sewing and the taste on all three.  They aren't cohesive.  Nina feels like it is all haphazard and random.  Soon Ken says Sue can't sew or pattern.  Ken complains that he and Alexandria had to leave their work and do Sue's work.  Nina states that while they all gang up on Sue, that ALL of the work is "bad, weird, funky, ugly."   Zac wants them all to go home.  Ken then mentions that Sue's model had to sew her own outfit at the last minute when they left the work room.  Ken wants Sue to go home.  Alexandria is torn because she finds working with bitchy Ken difficult, although he was a better seamster than Sue.

Back in the waiting room Ken continues to bitch at the others. Tim shares that the model was sewing in the bathroom right before the runway.

No model should have to walk nude.
Well, okay, maybe on a see-thru challenge? 

Zac does see decent construction on Alexandria's outfit.  Ken's is really fabric covered with duct tape.  The judges fawn all over the winning teams looks, rightly so.  Kate's fit and Jeremy's interpretation are praised, along with Karen's luxe mod look.

Jeremy is the winner!
I guess he was onto something when he was stating in
interview all through the show, "I could win this one!"

Onto the bottom three, Sue is auf'd right off the bat.  Alexandria is in.  Ken is left alone on stage to endure the drama drums for several hours, I mean seconds.  Finally he is told it is his lucky day and he is in.


Lucky me.

Lucky, lucky, lucky.

I think he is still indignant that he had to share the experience with Sue, and even share the work room and the other challenges with Sandro, because, well, they are all beneath him.

My #### don't stink, and shut up, because I am talking.

Next week they are going ... glamping?  Will it be another unconventional materials challenge?

Now all I can think of is THIS.



  1. Kate's "outside her comfort zone" look struck me as pure streetwalker wear. I simply don't get the judges' effusive praise for it.

    Except, of course, that Kate seems to be the predesignated winner this season.

  2. The last picture...Project Runway Canada? Iman was a pretty good host.

  3. Yes, that was PR Canada, s2.

    One might say she was the "Ultimate" host.