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PR12e4 • Tie The Knot • 8 August 2013

Last time on Project Runway, the designers went to Coney Island to push Yoplait Frozen Yogurt on innocent passers-by.  They gathered descriptive words from said people, and played typical fair games to win toy prizes, the source of their material.  Yes, three episodes and already two unconventional materials challenges.

The contestants worked in pairs.  Between Sandro & Sue, and Miranda & Timothy, it was a psychiatrist's dream episode.   Miranda & Timothy clearly had the worst outfit, and, well, three strikes and yer out, Timothy, friend to the unicorns.  The judges just did not like your yellow bolero.

Well, I like that he made his own textile.

But, hey, let's have some GOOD news.  Helen turned it around from a bottom three showing to a win.  She worked with Kate to construct a sombrero high fashion moment. 

It's funny.  I thought Timothy did the worst job on the 1st challenge, but he was second worst in the eyes of the judges.  I thought Timothy did a bad job again on the 2nd challenge, but, again he was second worst.  Last time, he was worst, and I wished he had stayed.  Hold that thought.

You know how we keep getting the "Sandro throws a fit and walks off the set" threats?  What if that DOES happen, and he quits, and they bring the last person back?  That would be TIMOTHY!  TIMOTHY!

It be me, me, me & Timothy.

Well, no, I don't suspect that Sandro actually disqualifies himself.  You know how the promos always fake us out, right?  Sandro probably is sent to get some balloons for Tim Gunn's surprise birthday party, or something.  Or maybe the cameraman is picking a fight with Sandro.  Okay, I don't believe that for a minute.

Maybe he is having trouble with the laundry?

But, still, Timothy could come back, couldn't he?

Or not.  My stomach was full as it could be.

I wonder how many unicorns Timothy got in the mail this past week?

Okay, before I *really* start, did ya notice that Alexandria shows writing on her hands during the intro?  "Wild Card," yes?  That better not be the one that Tim Gunn rescues.   Wait, if they are heavy handed with Winner & Loser Edits, in general, I wonder if they are setting us up to accept that?  I hate being told who will win or lose, or get saved.  Honest.  Just let me see what happens.  More Fashion Olympics, less annoying drama.  And, yes, that last phrase WAS redundant.

Ooooh, PR is getting all fancy, starting out with a bit of a flash forward, huh?  Sandro is fighting Helen, and then Ken, in the waiting room.  He walks out of the building, and then we're back to our normal timeline.  That was ... unnecessary.

Sandro interviews that he wants feedback from the judges.  Honey, they all do.  Well, unless they are certain they are the worst, then they are happy to hide in the safe middle.  I suspect that Sandro is overfocusing on the problem, and not on the big picture, to create fashion well, with his own point of view.

Jeremy interviews that his husband's maternal grandmother just passed away.  He got the news right after Timothy's elimination.

The contestants head over to Parsons where Tim Gunn is surrounded by dozens of bow ties.

No, not that kind.

Tim then introduces very special guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson (of ABC's Modern Family.)   He provided all of the bow ties, they are from his line, and proceeds go towards the fight for marriage equality.  Good on you, JTF!   

The challenge is to create any outfit of their choice, womenswear, incorporating at least one bow tie in a NON-traditional manner.  Tim gushes they can use several.   He wants them to push much farther than just wearing it tied around the neck on a button down shirt.  It's a one day challenge, and they are suggested to spend $200 at Mood.

Most designers spend just under $200, but Sue spends $400.  Remember that.

We get some MILD W/E edits, and I'm thinking, "Thank You, Bunim/Murray!"  I do appreciate it when they aren't thrown in my face.  These were so faint that they could be ignored.  What does strike me is that Karen is getting the Ben Chmura edit this season (she doesn't exist.)  It's cool for the beginning, but it doesn't always end well!  Alexandria and Alexander are fairly absent, too.  I don't even SEE Justin.  He took a vacation this week?

Oh forget it, let's just watch and wait for the Sandro melt down.

On the Tim-thru, Dom shares that her inspiration was the equals sign, which she extrapolated into stripes.  Mr. Gunn calls attention to the lines not matching in the back.  He hates pot holders as fashion, too.

Sue made two garments. 

There's nothing wrong with that!

But she spent DOUBLE the money to do it, not LESS than the suggested amount.

Oh, that's crazy.

She explains that this is just how she works, giving herself options.  I am going to make a prediction.  She won't have enough money to get to the end of the regular challenges.  Sue likes the bow ties as exoskeleton look on her long black jersey dress.  Uh-huh.  Tim is not nearly as nervous as I am.

Tim is crazy about Miranda's jacket.

I can't tell if I am seeing Mondo,

or Michael Jackson.

Jeremy interviews that he is seeing this,

Which reminds me of this,

but mostly I am thinking of this.

At any rate, Tim hates the prim fussiness of the blouse underneath the jacket.

Kate states her inspiration is hunting/equestrian, and that she is stepping out of her comfort zone.    Tim warns her not to cut up and widen her legs with the leather, but Kate on the spot comes up with a different design to not only elongate her, but also incorporate the bow tie outline.  Smart girl!

Sandro wants to call Tim "Top Gunn."  Geez, you're only 27 years late, собрат!  They go back & forth over how Sandro should treat designing, for the show, and in general.  Sandro is just too honed in on pleasing Zac Posen (who says he is overdesigned) (can't argue with that) than on being himself.  Tim convinces him to be himself.

Jeremy interviews that he isn't focused at all, due to the loss in his family.  Tim doesn't like the lace on Jeremy's look.   There's nothing on the mannequin, so I'm not sure what to think.

Tim exclaims, "Tie-apalooza!" at Bradon's bodice (a bunch of ties used as straps.)  Tim doesn't like the bottom, and suddenly Bradon goes in another direction, rightly so.

Helen is worried that her outfit is too masculine looking, but Tim takes away a bow-tie and Helen feels silly.  There are too many ripples at the seams, but this is only the Tim-thru, perhaps this will be address?

What the hell?  Dom wants a bow tie in the model's hair!

Season Three Episode Seven!  Don't do it!  I am not saying a hair bow tie can't be done well.  What I am saying is that you just don't want to remind judges of things they didn't like, and have that loathing directed at your new look.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Heidi calls out Kate, Bradon, Jeremy, Sue, Dom and Miranda.  She declares the others to be safe.  Before they are sent off, she waves a finger at Helen, so to speak.  Nina specifically says, "This was so bad that I am wondering if last time you won because you had Kate as your partner.  So, I would love to see something better for next time."

Sandro interjects, asking for comments.  Zac calls his look a walk of shame after an awards show.  He likes the construction, but the taste and vision are lacking.  Heidi reminds Sandro that he is safe.  I don't blame Sandro for wanting feedback, but he comes off a bit rude, out of line.

In the safe waiting room Helen and Sandro are yelling at each other.  Ken keeps telling Sandro that his behavior is bad  and that he is out of order.  Sandro sure can go from zero to sixty in no time at all, eh?    Just imagine if Sandro had a legitimate need to rant and rave.  His head would literally explode, right?

Oh, there he goes, he's running out of the building.

I gonna smash this camera I promise you.

That's it?  Geez, for all the build up,
I wanted him to explode, cure cancer,
scale a tall building, SOMETHING.

Meanwhile, back at the point, Bradon's thought process started with a variety of textiles.  He mentions "faggoting" which makes JTF laugh.  Nina loves the mix of fabric.  All the judges love it.

Zac gushes over Dom's work, design and construction.  Nine loves the happiness of the dress.  JTF is amazed by the bow tie in the model's head.  Well, I guess we're a long way from 2008.

Heidi was shocked by Sue's dress.  She doesn't understand it.  It's messy, amateur.  Nina says there is no effort.

Jeremy's model has gone from looking young to "madame" per Heidi.  Zac is offended by the tummy eye.  Was it hard coping in the 1990s with Shania Twain's belly button everywhere?  The construction is good, but the look is just too old, too matronly.  Appropriate for an eighty year old, not for a 20-something.

Kate is called clever by Zac, after she explains the three places where the bow tie (or idea) was incorporated.  Nina calls it "sick" (meaning very good.)

Heidi doesn't like how Miranda's bow tie is hidden.  The judges do NOT like the top being cropped so short.  Zac calls her out for only making pencil skirts.

When Tim brings out the models of the top 3 and bottom 3 for a closer look, he explains that Sandro bolted and was MIA.  But, that's it, no more information.

Bradon is proclaimed the winner.  He proposes to his Josh right there on the runway. Heidi looks into the camera, commanding, "Josh, say yes!"  Then she says she wants to be a bridesmaid.  When he goes out back to the waiting room, only a small handful of the safe middle are there.  Curious.  Dom and Kate are safe.

Drama drums, early!

The bottom three are off the hook. Sandro's behavior eliminated him from the competition.  The bottom three are all safe!  Miranda thinks it would have been her, had Sandro kept quiet and stayed in the building.

If only.

Update:  Josh & Bradon Skype, and Josh asks Bradon for his hand in marriage, before Josh ever got to see Bradon's asking him in the episode.

Next week they are in teams of three and Mr. Gunn states, "This is your unconventional materials challenge!"   The parachutes and the Coney Island toys were too normal and common?  We see the often promoted shot of Dom in a supermarket.

Tim: "This makes me sick!"

If clothing makes you sick, Tim, feel free to go nude.

Tim states that it is totally unprecedented that a model would leave not dressed.  Hmmm, didn't Casanova have such a situation with his model in s8e1?  I'll have to go look that up.

Cassanova dressed his model in the pole dancer from Dubai look AFTER they left the work room.  So, Mr. Gunn, I'm calling your bluff.

Ken gently shares "I'm speaking, so I need you to be quiet."  Alrighty, then.  Maybe YOU drove Sandro mad, huh?

Or maybe Sandro just took his passion and went back to Russia to fight gay inequality.  Now THERE is a subject worthy of his passion.  We need equality for everyone, everywhere.


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  1. Thanks again for this one, Gianni! If I recall correctly, someone else did a 'hair bow' last season, and I had the same Alison Kelly flashback running through my head.

    Also, I couldn't help but to look up one of my favorite words from the Merriam-Webster site

    Definition of CHIMERICAL
    : existing only as the product of unchecked imagination : fantastically visionary or improbable

    If Karen comes up as the runner-up in the next show and suddenly gets lots of extra screen time, then she'll really be getting the Ben Chmura edit, LOL!

    However, if nothing else, I'm looking forward to finally put Dom's 'Supermarket Sweep' clip into context (and hoping it's not merely foreshadowing a repeat of Korto and the kale :-) ) Besides, after seeing PRAus S2E7, I can't get too terribly excited about seeing a hint of vegetation on a garment, LOL!

    Excellent, excellent work as always this week, Gianni!!!