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Face Off s5e3  Gettin' Goosed 27 August 2013

Last time on Face Off the contestants reimagined Frankenstein's Creation & his Bride.  Alana won for her Bride's make up.  Sam was sent home for low contribution and poor choices in sculpting.  Now 14 creative make up wizards are left to compete.

It's morning in L.A and Alana, Eddie and Lyma are talking about Lyma being in the bottom (likely 2nd to last) in the previous challenge.  Lyma says she is going to take everything the judges said and "use them productively."

Hey!  There's a mini-challenge!  The Spotlight Challenge is given by host McKenzie Westmore and judge Glenn Hetrick.  The inspiration is the film "Insidious, Chapter 2."  They are to create their own personal demon that would live in the IC2 world.

IC2 director James Wan appears on the screen and says the winner & a friend will join him at the red carpet premier of IC2.  Glenn then adds that he wants them to transform their male models into FEMALE demons.  Alana laughs about it.  "(A) demon drag challenge, alright!"  They have 2 hours for the task.  Tate and Alana each dig deep into there true personal demons.  Tate thinks this is the best challenge for him.  Laura wants to make an old woman.  Eddie puts horns along the jawbone.  Frank is inspired by losing teeth.  Roy vacu-forms a female model's head cast, placing it on his male model, to achieve the female look.  Rick is inspired by a B&W gradient, but it just looks B&W, no gray in between.

There's nothing wrong with B&W! 

Glenn deems Alana's work is too cartoony, and doesn't say "demon."  Glenn loves Rick's two tone idea and decision making.  Tate's look is proclaimed complete.  Glenn understands Eddie's work, but complains that he went MORE masculine.  Roy's idea to make a copy of a female model's head is applauded.  

Rick is top 2,

and so is Roy.

Roy win!  They say nothing about immunity, so I guess he *just* gets to go to the movie premier (and gets a DVD, too.)

The next day it's the Spotlight Challenge.  They meet up with McKenzie Westmore near a carousel at Griffith Park.

When did Kim Cattrell get here?

The challenge:  To create an original whimsical character for modern times inspired by classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes.  The designers pick their own teams of 2.

They join up as follows:

Roy & RJ have "The Cat & The Fiddle."  Alana & Laney take "The Five Toes."  Frank & Laura snatch "Little Miss Muffet."  Adolfo & Lyma grab "Humpty Dumpty."

Digital Underground?  No, they don't do that ... um ... dance.

And why did I not see the resemblance between 
Greg "Shock G" Jacobs and Carla Hall until now?

Eric & Rick choose "The Crooked Sixpence."  Tate & Miranda select "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater."  I think we're going to see the look that has been promo'd a few times that I have been gushing about.  Scott & Eddie end up with "The Man In The Moon."

Andy Kaufman?

Ms. Westmore tells the contestants that it is a double elimination.  But, first, RJ interviews that she is always springing twists on them.  What?  That's a lie!  This show is straightforward, that's why I LIKE it so much.

But, Gianni, you LOVE the twists!

Fräulein, sind Sie sehr geirrt.

As they design and sketch, some seem lost as to whether they are going whimsical enough or are going too scary.

They have seven hours on the first day.  Adolfo & Lyma want to take Humpty Dumpty into Avant Garde / Lady Gaga territory.  Eddie wants to make the face rather asymmetrical, stating that that is modern.  Like Picasso?  Frank & Laura decide to do the spider, not the girl of Little Miss Muffet.

Doesn't it look like Frank is drying tiles?

Michael & McKenzie Westmore come on the first day for the mentoring.  Michael tells Eric & Rick to start with flesh tone and then highlight the bones to make them pop out more.  Frank tells Mr. W. that a curse changed the girl's suitor into a spider.  Michael says Alana's boobs are too human, and must be more pig like.  Now, there's something you don't hear every day!  The Westmores don't see any whimsy in Miranda & Tate's sketch, just scary.  What, that's not everybody.  Betcha that Roy & RJ are safe if they weren't shown being mentored.  That's the end of day one.

They have 9.5 hours on day two.  The time seems longer this time than in the past, yes?  Isn't it usually 6, 8 and 4+1?

Adolfo is having trouble with his mold coming apart.  He wants to make two different kinds, so they have choices on how to proceed.  Lyma seems to walk out while Adolfo struggles on his own.   Did Lyma say "Screw it!" meaning they'd come back to it later, or that they would give up on the mold?  Laura comes over and helps Adolfo.  Alana is making bacon accessories (a bacon bow tie is shown.)

On day three the artists are stressing, but a funny thing happens.  Some of them actually FINISH during the last looks moments.  RJ thinks hell froze over.  Heh.  Usually, they don't finish and something is left undone.  Not this time.  Does this mean that nearly everything looks well mad and finished?  Let's take a gander.

Judging tonight are Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Lyma & Adolfo
Humpty Dumpty

Alana & Laney
Five Toes

RJ & Roy
The Cat & The Fiddle

Rick & Eric
The Crooked Sixpence

Frank & Laura
Little Miss Muffet

Miranda & Tate
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Scott & Eddie
The Man In The Moon

Did Dmitry Scholokhov make McKenzie's outfit?

Roy & RJ, Eddie & Scott are declared safe and banished to the make up room in the back.  

The judges rave over Alana & Laney's snobby swine.

Ve wanted to see Miss Muffet in Frank & Laura's design, somehow.
She doesn't see whimsy either.  

Lyma & Adolfo's beauty stylized Humpty Dumpty is a major hit.

Glenn hates the idea behind Eric & Rick's design.
It's neither real or fantasy.
The arm in the back does not
look like his left arm gone awry.  

Ve says Miranda & Tate knocked it out of the park.
Glenn loves the smile on the face,
something that Michael Westmore
addressed during the mentor-thru.

Alana & Laney are top 3.

So are Tate & Miranda.

And also Lyma & Adolfo.
Glenn says it was a major
move upward for both of them.

Top team is Tate & Miranda, with Miranda winning!

Wow, that's two in 3 episodes.
I never would have predicted
THAT before season five started airing.
Good on you, Miranda!

On the bottom are Laura, Frank, Eric & Rick.

Glenn kicks off Rick right away, then he eliminates Eric.

We're down to 12.  Did you think Miranda would be in the top every week so far?  Or that Eric would go so soon after winning Face Off Redemption last season?  Man it was tough seeing home girl Laura in the bottom.  Don't do that to us again!

Its so nice to see the eliminated designers not complaining so much, but being grateful for the opportunity.  I think they get that this is, in essence, part of their resume or calling card.


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