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Face Off s5e2 Future Frankenstein 20 August 2013

Last time on the season premier of Face Off season five, we learned that eight prior contestants would compete again, along with eight newcomers.  Veteran Tate won the Foundation Challenge, which was to use a fellow party-goer's masquerade outfit as inspiration for an original make up.   This earned him immunity for the Spotlight Challenge:  Each eight member team created five fantasy looks:  Faun, Ogre, Pixie, Troll and Witch.  Miranda won, and Tolin was sent packing.

It's morning in L.A. and the 15 remaining contestants are waking up.  Alana affirms Adolfo and Eddie after the latter two were in the bottom three last challenge. There's yet another reason to adore Alana.

The make up artists meet up with McKenzie Westmore at Universal's House of Horrors.  This week's Spotlight Challenge?  (Aw, no Foundation challenge?) Well, it's to create their own Frankenstein and accompanying bride, set in the future, complete with back-story.  

The previously determined yet arbitrary pairings are:

Alana, Laney & Laura
Eddie, Miranda & Sam
Scott, Adolfo & Roy
Frank, Eric & Rick
RJ, Lima & Tate

Then Kevin Grevioux ("Underworld") is introduced as a guest judge, and offers some advice:  Don't lose the monster aspect, do use the technology available for the (future) era.  Man, that voice — such Harvey Weinstein Fierstein realness, eh?  Sorry, too much PR on the brain. 

The winner's looks will be used for Universal's Hollywood Horror Nights.  The artists begin sketching right inside the House of Horrors.  Then they head over to the work room for sculpting.  It's a typical 3-day challenge.

Miranda, Eddie & Sam are still playing with ideas as the rest get to work.  Sam interviews that she doesn't understand Miranda's concept, but will be a team player.  What?  How can one be a team player without a decent amount of understanding?  That's not good!  Eddie interviews that his team didn't finish their sculpting that day.  Could be a red herring, this is normal on Face Off, eh?

On day 2, Laura & Alana are buggin' over a big crack in their mold.  No, that's not entirely true, they are just working with it, plugging along.

It's Westmore-thru time!  Wow, those smiles are the same, eh?

Rick explains the concept of only the hands remaining and  reconstructing from DNA in the near future. Mr. W. advises Eric to make sure his brain looks moist.

Miranda shares how their duo want to be immortalized, but end up instead being cloned multiple times to fight in war.  Michael Westmore thinks their paint concept is going to be too muddy.

Mr. W. is impressed with Tate's (or is it Lyma's and RJ's too?) sculpting.  Lyma has a patchwork concept (the creature is made from different people, so this makes sense.)  Michael Westmore tells her to play up the variations in parts.

Laura discusses the symbiotic nature of the energy between their two characters.  Mr. Westmore likes Alana's work on the hands glowing when they touch.

Roy is advised to not do *another* exposed brain.  (Why aren't the others told that?)  The talk about different means to show brain surgery (construction?) without showing the brain.

Laura convinces Tate to let her make a hand mold, as Alana wants to use it as "body parts are accessories" when their creatures exist, 300 years in the future.   Will PETA have trouble with that, or only if it is animal parts?  Tate shares that he is eager to get Laura to return the favor (for help in general) dow the road.

 Sam struggles with a nose breaking off of their work.  Miranda grabs Frank for some advice.  Eddie saves the day, though, with some putty.

On day three, Tate calls out Lyma for airbrushing when she should have more attention to detail.  She interviews that that isn't her strong suit, but, isn't that what these challenges are all about? The more accurate, precise and correct, the better, right?

Eric runs out of time and doesn't put the bolts onto his Frankenstein.  This can't bode well.

Let's see how they did.

Alana, Laney & Laura

Eddie, Miranda & Sam

Adolfo, Roy & Scott

Eric, Frank & Rick

Lyma, RJ & Tate

Glenn & Ve are impressed with their paint jobs.   Kevin likes how they explained their concept.  No bad words, nice!

Kevin is not impressed with their story.  He says they all missed an opportunity to be creative.  (Oooh, snap!)   Kevin also thinks it relies to heavily on the Borg influence.  Ve hates the hand work on the "bride" which turns out to be Sam's work.  Glenn likes Miranda's work on the "Frankenstein" but not on the "bride."

Ve loves the rationale behind their work.  Kevin likes the tubing.  Glenn says it's a mixed bag.  Ah, the judges aren't all on the same page again.

(Doesn't Tate look upset?)  Glenn likes the sculpting work on the guy, but hates it on the girl, and especially hates the paint there.   Ve calls out Sam on the airpainting look of the "bride."

Ve rips on Frank for the guy's jaw piece.  Eric forgot to put the rivets on the "Frankenstein" and Glenn also hates the sculpt of it, that he looks bewildered, confused and sad.

It's pretty clear which team is going to win.  Glenn says that there is only one top team.  

 The judges deem Alana the ultimate sole winner

... which seems to surprise her. 

Sam, Eric and Lyma are called out as the bottom there, and the rest are sent to the waiting room in the back.

Bad sculpt, not enough work.

 Bad paint job.

Bad eye sculpt, forgot rivets on head.

Glenn is very complimentary as they eliminate Sam.  That doesn't happen every episode.

Wow, what a difference from the other competitive reality shows, huh?  They are all supportive of each other, and genuinely want each other to succeed.    I haven't heard any throwing under the bus references this season on Face Off at all.   How refreshing!


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