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Face Off s5e1 Going For Gold 13 August 2013

Last time, on the finale of season four, Anthony Kosar won over Wayne Anderson and Kristian Kobzina.  The eliminated contestants who did not make it to the finale competed against each other on Face Off Redemption, for one slot on season five.  Eric Zapata beat the others to return.

Well, it's been all over SyFy, so I'm sure it is not a surprise that there are 16 contestants this season, the most ever.   With eight prior contestants and eight newbies, it's being billed as "The Vets vs. The Rookies."

Teams!, I tell ya.  Teams!

Well, no, let's just wait and see if that is what they are saying.  Why don't you go look for Sandro?

In the meantime, we have half a cast to be reintroduced to, and some newcomers to meet.

McKenzie Westmore meets the eight new contestants at the Park Plaza where a masquerade ball is taking place.  Adolfo, from Las Vega, NV, is originally from Puerto Rico.  Sometimes I get Hank Azaria from him, sometimes I get Alexis Matteo.  Rick, from Nashville, TN, is self taught, but has done this line of work his entire career.  Sam is feeling sexy and free.  Well, no, it's just that she looks a lot like Jessie J of "Domino" fame.  She's really a Jersey girl and a 2012 graduate.  Steve Tolin is going by his last name.  I don't know, I'm getting a Steve Zahn meets Phillip J. Fry vibe.  20 year old Eddie is a student at SCAD, he's got to be the youngest competitor ever, yes?  Hey, it's Sandra Bullock playing the role of Punky Brewster!  Nah, that's Laney.  She works out of her garage in CA.  Scott, at 52, is the eldest newcomer.  He sells his own prosthetics.  I keep expecting him to say, "Roll that beautiful bean footage!"   Lyma (pronounced Lie-mah, not Leee-mah) is confusing me.  She says she is originally from Mexico, but says "Merci" when getting her bubbly.

You're just messing with me, n'est-ce pas, senorita?

I'd never do that!

Lyma got into this line of work through the world of dentistry.  The way she explains it makes sense, but her portfolio shots do not show any unique teeth work.

McKenzie Westmore walks in and welcomes the eight newbies.  Then she calls forth the other eight, former contestants who take off their masks as they walk forward.

Tate, Frank, RJ, Miranda, Laura, Roy, Alana and Eric Z. are on board!  McKenzie says it's veterans versus newcomers.

Plugging the new SyFy show Cosplay, McKenzie has Yaya Han explain that make up can transform a person's visage.  

I had, sniff, no idea.

It's a Foundation Challenge, woo-hoo!  They are to use the Cosplay show as inspiration and create an original character that shows their own point of view.  The winner gets immunity for the Spotlight (main) challenge.  Judging is Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight.)

Catherine loves Tate's eyebrows, Roy's commedia dell'arte which looks like a newspaper editorial cartoon and Laura's polished airbrush work.  Adolfo's old Cleopatra face is praised, but he didn't match her hands to the face.  Lyma's Hindu bride is simple and effective.  Laney's work is praised for the pointy ears.  Rick's work is called out for being too simple.

Eric, Frank, Miranda, RJ, Alana, Eddie, Tolin, Scott and Sam are all deemed the safe middle.  It's hard to tell exactly how they did, the edit is so quick.

One might think that those with the longer time shown would be top & bottom, but every one of the following had a fairly good to great review, except for Rick.

Catherine loves the eyebrows.

I'm almost seeing Detox, that's always a good thing.
He looks like a cartoon on the editorial page. 

 Catherine praises the air brushing.

 Adolfo's model uses too much Palmolive, or something.
He needed to age the hands to match the face.

 Lyma receives praise for her Hindu bride.

 Laney's elf ears peeking through a Marie Antoinette
wig get high marks from Catherine.

Rick's tribal look is the only one where we hear out and out disdain.
Too simplistic, too rudimentary.

Tate, Roy and Laura are the top three, with Tate winning the Foundation Challenge and immunity for the first Spotlight Challenge.

The contestants then get to move into their place, which is not the typical Face Off house.

All of the newbies get to share one big bedroom.

What surprises me is all of the Andy Warhol inspired art pieces of the judges.  I don't necessarily mean the vanity, although I understand that idea.  What I mean is, has there ever been a sadder cliche?  I love AW as much as the next guy, but this has been over-appropriated.  Enough. 

The next morning the contestants enter The Dolby Theatre (think Oscars,) and McKenzie makes an entrance in a fog on stage.

The Spotlight Challenge is as follows.  Each team of eight is responsible for five characters, inspired by hyper-stylized fantasy films (Narnia, Pan's Labyrinth, Avatar.)  The five to make are Ogre, Pixie, Faun, Troll and Witch.   Make up director Bill Corso is introduced to give them a bit of advice:  Be cohesive, use a visual motif, or a common textile, something.

In the work room, the rookie team thinks the veteran team's sculpture work is bigger and better.  Or maybe Rick is easily intimidated?  Adolfo and Lyma are working on their characters solo, and Lyma is concerned about that.

It's mentoring time!  Father Michael Westmore and daughter McKenzie Westmore make the rounds.  Lyma is urged to be bold with the painting of the head sculpt.  Laney and Rick are told to pay attention to the edges of the fur they use.  Adolfo's troll needs attention on the back of the neck and shoulders.  Sam and Scott are told pretty much the same thing with their witch.  The Westmores are glad that Eddie & Tolin will make the mouth on their ogre movable (it will be down on the neck of the model.)

Funny, when I see their ogre, Eddie & Tolin are making me think of

Futurama s5e01

Over with the returning artists, Michael loves that Laura is using fingers not just spikes on her witch back.  He is concerned that Roy's wood-like horns will bounce too much.  Alana and Miranda are told how to put hair onto the sculpt of their Pixie.  Wait, no looking at the other four vets?

Later on Roy and Adolfo are buggin' over their individual molds cracking.  On day 3, Sam and Scott are fighting over their paint work.  Some people look like they finished, some could use a few more hours.

How did they do?  Let's take a look.

The Veterans

OgreFrank, RJ & Eric



PixieAlana & Miranda


The Newcomers

Ogre • Eddie & Tolin

FaunLaney & Rick



Witch • Sam & Scott

Glenn praises Alana & Miranda on their pixie.  Eddie & Tolin's proportions are off.  Tolin seems to not see any of the problems.  Neville says it is substandard.  Frank, RJ & Eric's work on their troll is out of balance.  The individual pieces that they made (feet, hands, face) are alright, but that's all it seems to be, the main body of the poor guy seems to be complete missing.  Laney & Rick's work is praised.  They're impressed with Laney's design, decision making, and paint job.   Neville sees that Adolfo's work on the troll is lacking.  Ve says the eternal, "Do a good paint job!"  The judges always want the paint job to be top notch, even at the expense of the sculpting work.  Glenn likes the fresh take on Laura's work.  Ve dislikes the face paint, but likes the body work.

The Veterans are the top team.  Cohesion is the reason.  Miranda wins!  Her paint job and sculpting was admired the most.

Bottom three are Tolin, Eddie and Adolfo. 

Tolin is the first to be eliminated, placing 16th for the season.

Coming up, it looks like they will mix up the team element.  I mean, it won't always be oldsters versus youngins.  More importantly, who makes the pumpkin character?  Doesn't THAT look cool?


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