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PR12e02 • Million Dollar Runway • 25 July 2013

Last time on Project Runway we met 15 new and one returning designer on an airplane runway.  Skydivers jumped from a plane in the sky to land right in front of the 16 contestants.  They were tasked to create outfits showcasing their own point of view using a parachute as the main material.  They had additional similar fabrics in black & white.  They had TWO days for the challenge.

Angela Bacskocky applauds Bradon McDonald's win.
Is Bradon trying to appropriate the Tim Gunn prayer power position?

You *have* noticed this before, yes?
That's what Tim does whenever he is
about to make an important point.
Or summon his super powers.

Miranda was originally in the top three.  When the judges learn she used the addition materials as the main source, and the parachute hardly at all, she was demoted to the bottom four.  Angela, Timothy and Sandro were the bottom three, due to an incomplete look, a burn victim in the woods and a slutty cat toy, or something like that.  Sandro's taste was questioned, but nothing is said by the judges of showcasing the good china, what's up with that?  Is that the new open back or zipper abuse?  Is that a "thing" now?  Timothy's reliance on sustainability without actually following through or believing in it was noticed, but Angela's simple shortened trench coat was deemed the worst.  Fans everywhere would have preferred Timothy to have gone home over Angela, and I'm with them.

It's all the more reason for there to be a Project Runway All-Stars (Almost-Stars?) where the contestants are all those who were eliminated in the first and second episodes of past seasons.  Ari Fish for the win!  Oh, who am I kidding, Malan Breton for the win.

Before we begin (on the fourth paragraph you're now beginning?) how do you like the new theme music?  I prefer the new "Faux Trance Dance" in D to the "Pseudo Trip-Hop Rock" in E that we've had forever and a day.  It was nice in December 2004, but I'm SO over it.  Whomever was in charge of that song being replaced, THANK YOU.

Okay, deep breath.  As the designers wait at the runway, serious security guards show up.  Wait, as opposed to playful, skipping security guards?  Soon we see Heidi Klum's silhouette, holding the infamous button bag.   HK comes out with a vague hint, and then the models come out, adorned with over 300 million dollars of diamonds.  The challenge is to create an outfit that will showcase not only their aesthetic and the model, but the jewelry as well.  It's a plain & simple concept, but not everybody gets it.  Remember that.

Bradon (who selected his model first since he won last time) keeps his model from before.  Kate goes with a different model, for the jewelry.  The editing doesn't really emphasize who keeps the same model and who switches it up, but there is some of each. This is as opposed to s7e2 and s8e4 where it was stressed who switched, usually with an explanation.  Oh well, I'll go along with it.  They have ONE day for the challenge.  Of course, we knew that two days per challenge couldn't last.

"I'm not inspired by the jewelry.
I'm not inspired by money.
We have to pick the prettiest diamond
and I think that that's very superficial."

Wait, so pretty is the new ugly?  And you're better than these stinkin' challenges?  No, wait, I got a better one:  I'm not into fashion for 'the pretty.'

You buyin' it?  How does one shop for Timothy at Christmas or for his birthday?  Is he the next Clarence Rounds?

I ain't buyin' it either.  Love don't come for free.

Over at Mood Tim Gunn explains that they have $4,000 for the entire season, and that he will offer a suggested budget for each challenge.  The suggested amount this time is $300.  Prepare to be entertained with how much the contestants deviate from that.

It's during the Mood trip that I am struck by something.  Bear with me, we're going off on a tangent.  Bring snacks, it'll be a while.

I'll try not to bore you TOO much, Swatch.

Q. What comes to mind when you see Alexander Pope?

He's a nice contestant.  Or the Pope, I guess.
Certainly not a guinea pig on his head.  Nuh-uh.

Yes, I get that he is wearing the wrong colors, he should be surrounded by vivid Autumn leaf colors like brick red, chartreuse, gold, mustard yellow, chocolate brown, orange, something along those lines.  He shouldn't be in Heidi's black, silver, gray and white.  But that's not where I was going

The eyebrows!  No, that's not it either.  They are just different enough to notice, but they aren't overpowering.  Try again.

Maybe I've seen "Truly, Madly, Deeply" and "Bend It Like Beckham" too many times.  All I can see is British actress Juliet Stevenson.

And, that, of course, reminds me of Austin Scarlett.

But, Alexander and Austin don't look alike. They BOTH look like Juliet.  How can that be?  Argh!  My brain is bleeding.

You can't say that, that's MY line!

Fine.  Go harass your namesake.

Back at Mood, Timothy immediately decides to look in the trash and discard bins.  Say hello to Fabio Costa for us, alright?

The editing makes a point of focusing on Timothy's sustainINability, but look who else is there to the right — Ken!  Remember THAT.

We get back to the work room and the contestants plunge into their work.  Soon Sandro & Ken are fighting in the sewing room, not with the sewing machines, but with each other.  It's not clear who started it, but Justin endears himself even more to us by removing his hearing device.  Smart man!

Oh, did you get a load of Ken's scrunchy face reactions?

This seasons' "Drink when CS says 'Fierce'" or "Drink when RL cries" or "Drink when they abuse MC" has to be "Drink when KL makes a face," eh?  

On the Tim-thru, Tim fears Dom's work will read Palm Springs pool-side.   I am suddenly reminded of Carol Hannah's s6e10 Uli-inspred look.  Mr. Gunn doesn't understand Alexandria's trim.    Tim wants Justin to simplify in the interest of time.  Justin goes with his gut instead.   Bradon shares that his fabric is cheap curtain fabric.   He's got immunity, merci Seigneur.  Both he & Tim are concerned about his ability to go too old.  When Tim gets to Kahindo it hits me:  He has asked Sue and Kahindo if he can see their jewels, but he doesn't ask to see the boys' jewels.  Pourquoi pas?   Kahindo tells Tim she never used Silk Charmeuse before.   Tim wishes she hadn't purchased it.  They figure out a way to mitigate the effect.  The mentor can see that Kate's looks like a Kate dress with the structured bodice.  Alexander Pope calls her out for copying Dame Vivienne Westwood.  Tim is concerned that Sandro's look is too retro.  Tim worries that Helen won't have enough time to make her outfit.  Alexander is exuding chiffon.  Tim sees 'granny.'  Tim says Timothy's outfit doesn't make sense, and that there is no design.  Mr. Westbrook seems lost, but is soon enough onto another design.  Inspired by Tim, Helen goes around the work room sharing her thoughts.  It's not as bad as Guadalupe Vidal in s2, but who wants unsolicited advice? 

Judging along with Heidi, Zac and Nina is returning guest judge Eric Daman.  Remember PRASs1e3, "Patterning For Piggy?"  He'll have to flirt with Tim Gunn this time instead of Miss Piggy.  Mais ce n'est pas la même chose!

Dom Streater

Justin LeBlanc

Ken Laurence

Kahindo Mateene

Alexandria Von Bromssen

Miranda Levy

Alexander Pope
I don't know if I hear Pomp & Circumstance in F
or if I see a stray singer from the Andrae Crouch Choir
backing up Madonna on "Like A Prayer."
Wait, that's in F, too.  They both work.  =op

Either way, that's sporting some robe/gown realness, eh?

Kate Pankoke

Timothy Westbrook

Karen Batts 

Jeremy Brandrick

Sandro Masmanidi

Helen Castillo

Didn't you just melt for Helen, and like how Sandro and Tim attended to her?
Now, why does Alexandria look pissed off?
Is she thinking, "just shut up and get eliminated already! " ???

Sue Waller

Bradon McDonald

Did you notice that Ken only spent $75? And, Miranda $90?  Even Timothy spent more than them at $120.  Only Justin and Alexandria went over the suggested $300, each spending $365.  I am eager to see how this self-budgeting plays out.

Heidi calls out Dom, Sandro, Timothy, Kahindo, Helen and Kate.  We just KNOW that these are the top and bottom.  Heidi declares the rest as safe, and sends them to the waiting room in the back.

Nina loves that Dom made her look young.  Heidi likes it the best.  She and Zac hate the hairband.

Timothy explains his choice of blue velvet (inspired by jewelry in a box.)  Heidi rips on him for no hair product.  Timothy gushes over the fabric being found from cast-offs.  Zac states it was a return from HIS studio.  Ha!  Zac & Nina can't over the backwards look of the racerback on the front of her.  Eric and the others don't like that the jewelry does NOT pop, but is almost hidden, by the design.  The model looks good in the colors, but the jewelry fades away.

Heidi recognized Kate's dress as being hers.  Nina is beaming over the fabric color and great design.  Zac says it is editorial, as in a perfume ad.  Eric admires that she had a concept, a story, and that the jewelry pops. 

Sandro is accused of putting too much into his outfit again, but Heidi thinks it works this time around.  Eric doesn't like the lace in the back.  Nina likes that it wasn't too long.  She and Zac enjoy the atypical fabric choice.  Zac sees trashiness with the fit, but likes the openness at the waist.

Heidi accuses Kahindo of not doing enough, it's simple and boring.  Kahindo did choose colors that complimented the model, but it made the jewelry completely fade away.  Nina says it is nice, which is Nina-speak for yawnapalooza.

Meltdown Helen explains that she never did cups before, which Heidi states are pretty bad.  The judges urge her to manage her time better.  Nina goes out of her way to compliment the design, and rip on the execution.  Nina states that she admires her passion.  What blackmail does Helen have on Nina?

Sandro, with Heidi's instigation, emotes that Helen tried so hard.  I think he means that she should stay.  Does he mean that someone didn't try their hardest and should go?  He didn't say that.  Why do they show Timothy with such a face at this point?  And why is he suddenly reminding me of Alaska Thunderfuck with glasses?  I think it is just the face shape.

Sandro is safe.  Kate wins!  Dom is a strong 2nd place safe.

Helen is safe.  It's down to Timothy and Kahindo.  We know the score, boring is worse than busy bad ideas poorly made.  Each of the bottom two managed to somehow make the expensive diamonds disappear.  Both the model AND the jewelry were to be on display.

 Kahindo places fifteenth for the season.

Next week it's Zac Posen's favorite regular challenge of the season, the Coney Island challenge.

Will Irina guest judge?



  1. Although Heidi and Nina pronounced it "razorback," the term is "racerback." A razorback is a wild Arkansas hog.

    1. Thanks, MoHub, you always teach me something. I must have had shaving my head on my mind.

  2. Kahindo's dress was considered for elimination for being too boring. In the end the dress was not rejected for being boring. The judges were obviously swayed in their decisions by the inside fabric. The judges imagined a hideous dress that did not exist.

    Meanwhile the hideous dresses that did exist were not eliminated because it could be imagined they could be better. The judges are using way too much imagination all around.

    Let's see more of Kahindo. Vote for Kahindo going to SOURCING at MAGIC in Las Vegas. Click the link below.