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PR12e00 • Road To The Runway • 18 July 2013
PR12e01 • Sky's The Limit • 18 July 2013

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Hey, Sandro brought it up.

This past April on Project Runway we saw Michelle Lesniak (then also Franklin) beat out Patricia Michaels and Stanley Hudson to win season 11.  In January on PR All-Stars Anthony Ryan Auld edged out Emilio Thotha and Uli Herzner to nab the season three All-Stars title.  Last December on PR Australia Christina Exie trounced Tristan Melle, Leah Da Gloria and Jamie Ashkar to win season four.

Don't you worry, dear reader, there is no such thing as a saturation point when it comes to Project Runway.  I'd watch and blog on PR Vietnam and any others if I could get access on a consistent basis.   I *adore* the Philippines and Korea editions, and am trying to find the latest seasons of each.

So, were you excited about the return?  Did you know of any spoilers going into it?  For the past few weeks I've been alternating in my mind between The Fifth Dimension and The Parachute Club.

 They're BOTH just so fun to sing!

Oh, yeah, there was this comment at the beginning of PR6e7 by Shirin, eh?

"I don't know what it's going to be.
We could be making garments out of
big beautiful parachutes for all I know."

Well, sort of, Shirin.  You were only off by a few years.

I know that they already filmed PRAS3, but, please, dear God, make Shirin be on the show.  And as long as I'm asking for the moon, let's have some stars, too.  Dear God, make Maya Luz be on the show, too.

Well, what did Zanna Roberts Rassi do to be kicked out of the way to make room for Tim Gunn, Nick Verreos and Michelle Lesniak as hosts for "The Road To The Runway?"  She was still at the casting for some of the contestants, I swear I saw her on the left, all in black, 'cept the blond hair.  The pre-show did enlighten us to the crazy of Sandro, but mostly it was just a quick flurry of "this is my aesthetic, and this is why l should win" nonsense.  They did explain how Tim will have a bigger presence on the show, and they told us how he'll be able to save an auf'd designer (once a season.)  Then ...


KATE came back?

No, not THAT Kate.

Okay, I can't bet on PR anymore.  I was sure ZRR (from the planet Omicron Persei 8?) was going to host RTTR, and then I was convinced that Ra'mon would be coming back, but if not him, then surely Valerie.

Ah, Bunim/Murray, I can hang my hat on at least one thing in this world.  You will always shove the winner & loser edits down my throat long before I even think I might be curious as to who will win or get eliminated.

Right away Angela and Bradon got the edits, back to back, so all we have to do is figure out which is which.  Yet, the entire time I swore it was a fake out, because I kept thinking ...  this one's outfit is worse than Angela's, and that one there didn't honor the challenge, so that one will be disqualified, no?

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.  HK & TG give the challenge, as 16 parachuters plummet to their death land in front of the designers.  They are told to grab one of the parachutes, and everyone seems to get what they want.

Kate interviews that she *has* to have the yellow, and gets it, but not before Timothy seemingly trips her.  Deliberate sabotage?

Some points to ponder:

How did Timothy DO that with his fingers?  Ouch!

Helen interviews how she is overwhelmed by the prize package, and that $20 is a lot to her.  So, when Tim Gunn plugs the Go Bank card as the means for them handling their finances at Mood, didn't you think Helen was going to only spend half the allowance for each challenge and snag & save the other half for herself?  I expert her to be at the corner of Parsons, dark sunglasses on, with a cup outstretched so she can have coins thrown at her.

What was that fake out of Sue not being able to use the sewing machine?  Was that a trick?  Or was she getting a Stacey Estrella edit?

Aaaah, let's get to the runway:

Nina is beaming over this one.  Has to be top 3.  It honored the fabric (the play with the volume) and yet looks couture, no?

Is the back end too literal of a parachute?  You can see the inspiration from a mile away.  The front is nice, though.

Nice detail on the pants, but ... is the shirt just the 'extra' material, and not from the parachute?  Does that meet the brief?


Nice work.  This is what I was expecting from everyone, tailoring on some level, taming the untame-able fabric.


I gotta stop right here.  

Doesn't it seem like Sandro JUST found out that the outfit didn't go down far enough?  Like it was FINE in the workroom?

Somewhere Zulema Griffin is speechless and Rachael Hartzog is saying, "Welcome to the club!"

Again, isn't there too much white / NON parachute material?  Otherwise, I do like it, though.


It looks like her aesthetic, plus, while it is short, it's not TOO short.  That seems to be a rare skill this week.

Not liking how the white is lining up in the front, er, how it is NOT lining up in the front.  The basic idea is alright.

How long did it take you to call B*lls*it! on Timothy Westbrook's sustainability aesthetic?  Ya know, whether I thought it was smart or not, I at least BELIEVED that Leanne & Gretchen were serious about their commitment to it (although Leanne had me questioning a bit during s5e2.)  

He has a store.  The electricity is NOT powered by solar panelts, I bet you it's not.  Don't you get the idea that he is just 'playing' with the aesthetic?  I'm ready to name him Faux Tim.  Or, Moth for being a pyro.  TiMOTHy.  Sorry, it's all I got.  And the poor model didn't even get to wear make up, or shoes, while HE grabbed some shoes off of the Belk wall.  Not right!  Timothy, I'm disappointed in  you almost as much as Mitchell during s6e1-3.   Wait, I got one more:  Mothra.  For being a BIG jerk to his model.  

I swear I am going to slip and call it the Belkin wall.  


Okay, Justin, I'm pulling for you.  This does NOT look like a joke.  That puts you in the top half automatically.  I want to see more.


At least Kate returned with a decent outfit.   Just, no more open backs, please?
Zac's annoyed look says it all, huh?  I didn't think it was the worst of the bunch, but it was too short, sorta kinda plain, and not perfectly executed.  I seem to be on the right track, the fans didn't think she was the worst either.   I will say this, she didn't argue it right on the runway.

TinTin with the funny eyebrows didn't hit it out of the park for me.  Alexander didn't like how the front flap kept retreating between the model's legs.  I didn't like all of the volume on the shoulders, it reminds me of football player's shoulder pads.

Dom's outfit looks too boxy to me.  I like the idea, that she did an extra piece (a coat) in addition to a top and a skirt.  Not sure how much of a pass I should give for the rumpled effect.

The model looks like her waist is as big as her hips, and the extra material on top diminishes her chest.  When was the last time a woman thought, "Gee, my waist isn't big enough, and I want to get rid of my chest?"  I thought that he would have been bottom three for the wacky proportions.

Not convinced when I can see so much upper frontal cleavage.   Like Justin's, and Sue's, this looks like a real outfit, not a joke.

Heidi calls out Angela, Sue, Miranda, Bradon, Sandro and Mothra Timothy, and we know that the rest of 'em are safe.

Sue and Bradon impress the judges, rightly so.  Miranda is observed to have not used enough of the parachute material, focusing mainly on the additional fabric.  Heidi threatens disqualification, but she is safe.  Timothy is taken to task for not letting the model have any makeup or shoes, and mocked for burning the fabric.  Zac is no fool!  Sandro isn't called out so much for the showing vagina, but merely for going too costumey.  What?  Oh, that's right,  Zulema stayed on when her outfit was too short, too.

Did you agree with the win for Bradon?  I would have given it to Sue, but he did good work.

Did you agree with Angela leaving?  Most of the fans wanted Timothy or Sandro gone over Angela.  I agree.  I'm over Timothy.

I thought that Sandro's meltdown was going to be THIS episode, but I guess not.   I think Sue has a great point of view, but I fear it will be one-note.  Now that Miranda dishonored the challenge, or didn't bother to follow the parameters, I have taken her out of the prediction for the final three.  I'm not impressed with anyone yet, but I do think that Dom, Justin and Alexandria are going to go fairly far.

Which means they will be quitting the show next week.

If Karen can give us these kinds of shots every week, she HAS to stay!

Are they doing the Gristedes challenge a THIRD time?

Who will create the foaming vagina?  Is it inevitably Sandro?



  1. Thank you so much for the Stacey, Zulema, and Rachel references. Those are exactly the images that leapt to mind when I watched, along with Anne Slowey criticizing Emmet's ice-skating costume for showing "too much tootie."

    Which only goes to prove that the "real" Project Runway was seasons 1 through 5 on Bravo.

  2. I did love early PR, I can't lie.