Saturday, July 13, 2013

R.I.P. • Cory Montieth (Finn on Glee)

Life is hard.  Drugs don't make it better.

I'm struggling with understanding why some get that, and some don't.  Is it the feeling of being indestructible in one's youth?  Feeling stuck?  Not thinking things through?  Willful ignorance?  Is it failure to assess the situation for what it is?

I really thought that Lindsay Lohan would be dead by now.  Each time someone ELSE dies and drugs were somehow involved, I think LL must be blackmailing Satan, and really well.  How do I get THAT gig?

At this writing there is no concrete proof that drugs were involved in Montieth's passing.  Still, there has to be some effect on the body with all of that ... recreation.

Life is hard.  However, I do not want to escape and miss out on it.  Thank God I'm above ground.   And, no matter what, tomorrow is a new day.  =o)

How's THAT for an ugly earworm?

Is she celebrating life or fighting a tension headache?


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