Monday, July 29, 2013

Face Off s5 Premier
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
9p EST

Aren't you all kinds of excited?  Let's take a look, shall we?

The New Contestants
Steve Tolin, Scott Ramp, Samantha Allen and Rick Prince
Lyma Millot, Laney Parkhurst, Eddie Holecko and Adolfo Barreto Rivera

The Returning Contestants
Tate Steinsiek, Roy Wooley, RJ Haddy and Miranda Jory
Laura Tyler, Frank Ippolito, Eric Zapata and Alana Rose Schiro

I knew Eric Zapata was returning, thanks to his win on Face Off Redemption (think Top Chef's Last Chance Kitchen) last season.  I did NOT know that so many others would be returning.  Do you approve of who came back?  I'm OVER THE MOON to see Alana, Roy and Laura from s3.  I'm also glad to see Tate, and not just for someone to drool over.  Hey, speaking of which, where's my Wayne?

What?  Since when am I YOUR Wayne?
Oh, honey, since January 15, 2013.

So, who do we have?  Eight oldsters, and eight newbies.

Frank Ippolito, 35 • Burbank, CA • s1 #10
Freelance SFX make up artist.

Tate Steinsiek, 31 • Brooklyn, NY • s1 #3
SFX make up artist, owner of Illwilled Productions

Miranda Jory, 23 • Los Angeles, CA • s2 #12
Freelance make up artist.

RJ Haddy, 33 • Charleston, WV • s2 #3
SFX artist, airbrush dealer.

Alana Rose Schiro, 22 • Hollywood, CA • s3 #6
Make up artist and foam fabricator, sells "Rotten Roses."

Laura Tyler, 28 • Orlando, FL • s3 #2
Freelance SFX Makeup Artist

Roy Wooley, 47 • Tucker, GA • s3 #4
SFX make upartist.

Eric Zapata, 23 • Austin, TX • s4 #6 • won Face Off Redemption.
Make up artist

Adolfo Barreto Rivera, 32 • Las Vegas, NV
Freelance makeup artist/makeup instructor at L Makeup Institute/Professional Dancer.

Eddie Holecko, 20 • Savannah, GA
Freelance artist, visual effects student at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

Laney Parkhurst, 24 • Hollywood, CA
Freelance make up artist.

Lyma Millot, 33 • El Paso, TX
Professional make up artist

Rick Prince, 38 • Nashville, TN
Owner of Malice in Mind F/X Laboratories.

Samantha Allen, 27 • Bayville, NJ
Six Flags make up artist.

Scott Ramp, 52 • Pasadena, CA
SFX make up artist, owner of The Scream Team

Steve Tolin, 33 • Pittsburgh, PA
Owner & operator of Tolin FX

Neither Eric or Alana are the youngest, it's Eddie who is still in school at SCAD.  I still have to root for Laura, since she's from Orlando (as am I) but I want to cheer on the eldest, Rick, too.   Some of the fresh contestants have impressive credentials.   Hey, doesn't Adolfo remind you of Alexis Matteo out of drag?  Laney is sporting some Sandra Bullock realness.   Steve looks like Steven Weber from Wings, huh?    RJ sort of looks like a showered & spruced up Jerry, eh?


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