Friday, June 28, 2013

PR12 • Pre-Show ShenanigansBeat Meet The Contestants

The information has been out there for a week, so I've had some time to arrive at some irrational conclusions.  Let's take a look!

Because all PR contestants must be the exact same height.
And what's with all the wasted space up on top? 
They had time to photograph everyone individually,
but they couldn't be bothered to take one group pic?

Wait a minute.  Remember these?
Sing it with me.  Pleeeeease.  You know you want to I want you to.

♪  If it seems a little time is needed 
♫  Decisions to be made 
♪  Hey Heeeeeey Hey

... and these?

I still don't forgive you for season four.

Now all I can see is: 
I don't know, I'm still playing with it.
Maybe it needs some flying scissors, rulers, and mannequins?
Not to mention either Ra'mon, Valerie or Kate.
If Ra'mon is the one to get on s12, maybe I can
make one with flying toilets and bowling bags, eh?

I better stop this before I start getting inspired by the Yes video "Leave It."

Project Runway s12
Premiers 9p
Thursday, July 18

Alright, will there be a pre-show at 8p with ZRR?  Let me look on the schedule.  Hmmm ....

I See Nothing!

Nothing is scheduled for Thursday, July 18th, over on the site.  That will probably change soon, and I will update and edit as things progress.

11 July 2013, edited to add:  There WILL be a Road To The Runway at 8p E, with the first challenge episode airing at 9p, and again at 10:30p.

Folks, we know 15 of the 16 contestants.  And, we know the three hopefuls for the last slot, we just won't know exactly which person got it until July 18th.  Do the other two get thrown onto PR All Stars s3?  Do you think it will be Ra'mon, Valerie or Kate?  And will Alison, Shirin, Carol Hannah, Maya or Elena make it onto PRAS?

Do you have a favorite yet?  Over on mylifetime's fan favorite voting, Justin is way out in the lead, with Timothy, Ken, Miranda and Bradon following.  What do you think?

I don't know.  In the last few seasons, I've been impressed with someone's portfolio, only to see them make poor decisions early on and get eliminated quickly.  No need to get TOO invested until the show starts.

Okay, that was a line of bull.  I've got my favorites already.

I'm going back to singing along with The Human League.  Maybe they even need a keyboard player?

Ah, a better use of my time:  I'm going to fast and pray for better scripts for Glee this season.  They need it, eh?  Oh, and for contestants Angela and Sue.  They don't even seem to be getting their family and friends to vote for them as fan favorite yet.  (Their numbers are tragic.)  No need to get a complex, girls.  Just keep your head down, ass up and you'll be fine.


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