Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Moving? • 18 June 2013
It might be premature, but I believe I will be moving to a bigger place just one town away in a couple of weeks.  I'm concerned that the PR blogging will be affected.  I don't know what Internet set up I will have upon moving.  So, here's to hoping that nothing is missed and that I will be able to pre-blog and blog on time.

I've given up working on Vlogging until I am reasonably set up in the new place.  No, I haven't, but I think it is wise not to get too stressed over it.

I have a question.  Why does John Taffer have to refer to his Point Of Sale system as his POS system?  That just ain't right.  How would you like to SELL a POS system for your livelihood?

Ce n'est pas bon!


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