Thursday, May 30, 2013

Top Chef Canada s3e9 • Chefs On Safari • 13 May 2013

Bear with me.  I've been locked up in a hospital with all kinds of tubes and wires surgically attached to me for most of the year.  I just could not let this one pass without a snide comment.

Did her parents not THINK of the things people would DO to her name?  It would have been better if she had been named "__________."   Yes.  A big blank.  So, say it with me, the remaining six contestants must be thinking, you CAN fight (and beat) city hall.

Do you have a favorite from the remaining contestants?   I think this one is yummy:

 Yeah, I know, like a ruler.

Five wins as of e9, and I saw he won e10 ... he could be the winner, right?

He could be the one.


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