Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PR All-Stars season 3?  Will it happen?

Did you see this online voting opportunity?  (Forgive my lateness to the subject, but, hey, I'm still in the hospital, cut me some slack.   Better still, send flowers and balloon bouquets!  Okay, tens and twenties will suffice.)


Well, I guess that answers my question as to whether PRASs3 will come around.   =o(

Do you vote for toilet dresses and bowling ball looks?  Do you vote for zipper dresses and napkin outfits?  Do you vote for old school prom dresses and ... old school prom dresses?

But, then, a more urgent question comes to the forefront.

Where is Shirin Askari?
C'mon, B/M, we want more Shirin!


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