Friday, May 3, 2013

PR All-Stars season 3?  Will it happen?

My dream cast for PRASs3, consisting of people who have NOT participated in the other seasons of PRAS, nor in the special from 2009:

No, I don't want Honey Boo-Boo and Miley Cyrus to be the new host & mentor (mentor & host?)
I am just cynical as to who will be on the show next in those positions.
I am predicting that the next host & mentor will not be as good as who they have had in the past.
Are my picks for the next crop of All-Stars reasonable?  ... believable?  I doubt they would ever let Maya come back.  I have noticed that they have more people from the last few seasons than from the Bravo years, but I can only come up with one from s11.  That's sad, huh?

I wish they had a cast of the people who were eliminated the 1st & 2nd episodes from every season.  THAT would be fun.  Would Ari Fish take the title?  Malan?  Jerry Tam?  Hey, he had a POV, si?


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