Thursday, May 30, 2013

Top Chef Canada s3e9 • Chefs On Safari • 13 May 2013

Bear with me.  I've been locked up in a hospital with all kinds of tubes and wires surgically attached to me for most of the year.  I just could not let this one pass without a snide comment.

Did her parents not THINK of the things people would DO to her name?  It would have been better if she had been named "__________."   Yes.  A big blank.  So, say it with me, the remaining six contestants must be thinking, you CAN fight (and beat) city hall.

Do you have a favorite from the remaining contestants?   I think this one is yummy:

 Yeah, I know, like a ruler.

Five wins as of e9, and I saw he won e10 ... he could be the winner, right?

He could be the one.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm free!

No, I'm not that kind of free.

I'm out of the hospital, woo-hoo!  I was released May 23rd.  Yes, April 12-May 23, plus some other days in February and March, and that's quite enough, thank you.  I've met my quota for the year decade, don't you think?  Here's to hoping that that's it for a long, long time.

I'm appropriating Nancy Jackson's late 1990s hit as my theme song.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If I only had the time ...

I've spent much of 2013 in the hospital.  I see some doctors tomorrow who will make a determination as to whether I can go home (the following day.)  It's too early to tell, but I would *guess* that they will grant permission for me to leave & go home.

Because I don't have enough to worry about, I started planning out my potential future schedule.  Then, I reflected back on the last few months.  Wrong move!   I've hardly done anything but watch Top Chef from start to the current episode.  Yes, I've paid bills, corresponded with friends, (barely) read the Bible, but most of the time I've been drooling.  Over what?

It wasn't the food.

Yes, I still have the gift of falling for married straight men with children.  Now if only I could figure out a decent use for said 'gift.'  I mean, when was the last time THAT skill was needed?

Well, at least he isn't looking at ME anymore.

Don't be so sure, Wayne.  One never forgets his first love — or his 853rd — even if the years of wedded bless were completely imaginary.

PR All-Stars season 3?  Will it happen?

Did you see this online voting opportunity?  (Forgive my lateness to the subject, but, hey, I'm still in the hospital, cut me some slack.   Better still, send flowers and balloon bouquets!  Okay, tens and twenties will suffice.)

Well, I guess that answers my question as to whether PRASs3 will come around.   =o(

Do you vote for toilet dresses and bowling ball looks?  Do you vote for zipper dresses and napkin outfits?  Do you vote for old school prom dresses and ... old school prom dresses?

But, then, a more urgent question comes to the forefront.

Where is Shirin Askari?
C'mon, B/M, we want more Shirin!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

RPDR s5e14 • Reunited • 6 May 2013

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race Ru took us down memory lane.  We didn't learn all that much, except that the race was too close to call.  Uh-huh.  Sure.

Oh, who am I kidding.  I don't care about that,
I can tell I am going to LOVE this episode.

Lots of Manila sightings.


It's a live reunion show, taped last week!  How do we know this?  All the spoilers regarding Detox's amazing look, which did NOT get all that much airing on the show.  Why is that?  Last week I thought this was amazing enough to get its own post.

He just don't recognize talent when he see it.

Usually that is sour grapes, but I'm almost buying it this time, Ms. Icunt.

Ru mini-interviews this season's contestants in the order they were eliminated.  Interestingly, when Ru asks what challenge they missed (by already being eliminated) that they might have shined on, they PROVE it, whether it is reading, acting in a telenovela, or impersonation for The Snatch Game.

Real highlights:  Ru has to school Lineysha Sparx, since she DOESN'T KNOW WHO DIANA ROSS IS.  This leads to a short lesson on gay icons.

Learn it, little boys.

We get a montage of the worst looks ever to rock the runway.  Santino maintains that Alyssa's outfit was still the worst, because she BROUGHT IT WITH HER, she didn't have to make it on the spot out of dubious materials, like the others did.

Detox does get a shout out for her work with Willam and Vicky Vox.  All I am saying is that VV better be on season six, or I will be quite upset.  I have no idea whether SHE wants to be on RPDR or not, but that's beside the point.

Ivy Winters won the title of Miss Congeniality.
Yeah, that's right.  And we got to see Latrice encore fois, merci Seigneur!

When the top three are interviewed Roxxxy seems to be in full damage control mode.  I guess that's better than PhiPhi's state of delusion last year, huh?

And, suddenly, we get to the end of the show and the winner is:

Congratulations, Jinkx!

Was there ever a doubt that she would win?

Why, yes there was.  Nina Flowers and Raven.  I rest my case.

At least we got to see a lot of Manila.  Manila is the point of it all.  C'est ├ža et c'est tout.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

PRs11e15 • Reunion • 2 May 2013

Last time on Project Runway we saw Michelle, Patricia and Stanley compete at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, placing in that very order.  The big surprise was not that Patricia did so well, but that Stanley was so ill-prepared, coming into Fashion Week with so much work left to do. 

Marie Clarie's Sr. Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi (I swear I thought it was Rossi all these years) joins the 16 contestants for the reunion episode.   Presumably this was taped moments after Michelle's Fashion Week win.   May I offer you a few Red Bulls, Zanna?

In my opinion, the show is quite random, and there aren't too many surprises.  There are SOME, though, so let's trudge onward.

Zanna starts out with a "Teams From Hell" segment.  Cindy & Benjamin get some air time, as do Michelle & Patricia.  Kate's identification of Michelle, Layana & Amanda as the mean girls gets a little bit of an explanation.  Kate sums it up, "at the end of this I feel like we're just one big dysfunctional family."

As they are all talking about approaching the work room with fear, Stanley shares a funny line.  "I'm like a chocolate covered razor blade."  Do you want to see a therapist about that?

Layana's and then Richard's runway meltdowns are shown in clips.  This segues to Layana's getting her way by batting her eyelashes.

Who benefited the most from teams?  Michelle states that SHE didn't.  Amanda fesses up to being carried at times.  They show a clip of Patricia being saved by Michelle & Layana.   Emily thanks Cindy for helping her on the first challenge, when she made her skirt for her.

Zanna notices that everyone was nice to everyone's face, but during the confessional interviews the nails came out.  Designers ripping on Patricia, Daniel and Richard are shown.  More of the mean girls trio hits the air.  Then, Michelle's not wanting to be touched is highlighted.

Richard being thrown under the bus on the runway by Layana, and Amanda's being thrown UTB by her entire team are revisited.  Stanley shares that Amanda is probably the nicest of the bunch.

Zanna asks them why the menswear challenge was so hard.  Samantha and others stress it was the unusual proportions involved, not that it was a menswear challenge per se.  Patricia's not wanting to do what she did is brought to light.  (Stanley told her what to do in that challenge.)  Layana's flirting with a man from TFDU is shown.  She swears her pregnancy has nothing to do with him.

Everyone affirms that PR was much harder than it seemed like it would be from just watching the show. 

Zanna mentions "Epic Meltdowns" and we go to Daniel and Michelle's "21" fight.  "These are tears of happiness."  "Really?"  Then they show Richard's being ignored on the TFDU challenge.  Layana's meltdown when working with Daniel on the art challenge ends it. 

Daniel calls Michelle fake for hugging him on camera, and then saying off camera that she was still mad.   Michelle was being 'real' but Daniel didn't think she was.  Daniel goes all "Type C" and covers up his hurt with an "It's okay" but he is called out on that by a few of the ladies.  Daniel gets to share that he has been able to help others by showing his past substance abuse issues, or surviving being bullied.  Wait a minute.  Wasn't he 49 years old on the show?  Were they talking about being bullied in grammar school?  Or on the job when he was 48?  Wow, talk about hanging on to a memory for identification.

Then, they show Michelle's evolution throughout the season.  Heidi says Lort & Taylor when she mentions Michelle has won the LorD & Taylor challenge.  Is that a European thing?  I always hear it on The Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls"  (Hear it .. .Ooooh, the West end town, the dead end worlT."

We learn that Tim Gunn was probably the reason why Michelle was kept on despite her work on the art/MC challenge.

Then we find out that Michelle almost quit when they other top 5 people flew to Europe.  Tu spoke some sense into her at the time, which she notes.  Michelle states that in the future she will work with Stanley.  She has already worked with Joe, and wants to again. 

Any regrets?  Cindy wishes she had spent more time on herself, not on helping her teammates.  Stanley's not being fully finished for Fashion Week is blamed on his sister's passing the year prior.  Really?  Her parting kept you from doing your work a full year later?

Couldn't you have cried & cut?

Daniel's elimination, placing him 4th for the season is shown.  At least he didn't punch the wall like Michael Costello in s8.

Did the judges play favorites?  Samantha knows that Zac was in her corner, and the others knew that Heidi was pro Patricia.  Stanley thought Nina appreciated his work. Michelle thought that the judges all hated her.  (But she won!)  She admits that mentor Tim Gunn was favoring her.

Mr. G. gets a little clip montage, and the designers rightly gush over him, his honesty, wisdom and warmth.

Stanley gets hit on more at the gym now.  Matthew gets picked up LESS now.

It's the outfit, honey.  Only Fabio can rock that.  And, maybe Bea Arthur.
You want something that shows off your hot body,
not something that broadens the middle.  
Or were you smuggling drugs that day?
... and would a shave kill ya?
You're better looking than the beard.  Trust me.

And, while we're at it, Tu, go back to black for the hair and the coat.  Please.

As a tireless cheerleader for PR, it saddens me to say that I've caught up to the many other bloggers and fans.  This episode was a bit boring, and I'm feeling the mood of the rest of the fans that the show is less stellar than it once was.

Maybe it was just a little glitch from it being all teams all the time.  PR12 will be much better, don't you think?  July is coming, we will know soon.

At least the right person won.